A Weekend in Palm Beach with Beautycounter

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Hello from Wilmington! I’m currently here for a couple days for a quick trip, partial work, partial play, and it’s working out well as a solocation! (Here’s my post about why I take solo vacations every year!) Palm Beach already seems like so long ago, even though I was just there a week ago!

A weekend in Palm Beach

I was in Palm Beach, Florida last weekend for a Beautycounter work trip that also included a lot of downtime and play. I had never been to Palm Beach but knew I’d love it – so much so that Tommy and I already booked a trip back there in February for the two of us before I had even been, ha! It’s so nice to escape the cold temps and fly an hour south to warmer weather! (This is my go-to travel outfit in the winter!)

Beautycounter put us up at The Breakers, which was absolutely incredible. This trip was for the top performers in the company and woah, do they know how to put together an incredible weekend.

The Breakers itself was like a museum. It was beautiful, inside and out. The service was impeccable. The beds were insanely comfortable (I slept like a CHAMP) and all of the restaurants were delicious. (And they were SO accommodating with dietary restrictions – so many of us were gluten-free and/or dairy free.) I looked at rates for Tommy and me to stay there in January, and cough, it’s just a liiiiiittle bit out of our budget (~$1000/night). So I’m extra grateful for Beautycounter and how well they treat their consultants. They spoiled us rotten all weekend. (It was pretty much all expenses paid and they gave us a $100 resort credit, which I promptly spent at the Lilly Pulitzer store on site.)

the breakers palm beach

the breakers florida

palm beach florida hotels

the breakers restaurants

the breakers resort

They had three pools, all of which were gorgeous and overlooked the ocean.

palm beach luxury hotels

the breakers restaurant

seafood bar breakers

Running in Palm Beach

I ran every day I was there, the first two morning with my friends Kate and Michelle. I started my mornings by getting coffee and sitting in one of their outside patios, watching the sun rise, before heading out. On those peaceful mornings, it felt like I had the entire resort to myself! (Another reason to be a morning runner!!)

the breakers florida

palm beach florida

There is a great trail that ran along the water that made it so easy to get in some peaceful miles. I even ended up doing my 15 mile long run while I was down there since the trail was so convenient. I was planning to do it when I got back, shifting my schedule around thanks to Enoch’s help. But, it was much more enjoyable to do it in warm weather on a flat route vs. the 25 degree rainy weather I came back to (and my route at home is ALWAYS hilly)!!

lake trail palm beach

And we always came back to the most incredible views!

the breakers resort

Beautycounter Incentive Trip

In my career, I’m not typically one who is motivated by trips or gifts or freebies or promotions. If you value me, tell me I’m valued and then pay me more money. Ha! But, after experiencing the kind of events Beautycounter puts on when I went to D.C. to lobby on Capitol Hill last year — like private dinners in the National Portrait Gallery and also at the Newseum — I REALLY wanted to go on this trip. And after realizing so many of my friends would likely be going on the trip too, I worked my butt off to earn it.

On Thursday night, I had dinner with our team — there were about 30 of us there, and overall there were about 300 women on the trip. Hands down, getting to spend time with these women was the BEST part of the weekend. They are all so smart, so motivated, so kind and so fun. I’m SO grateful for this job that has given me such an amazing network of friends and women who help me grow my business, even if they have absolutely no skin in the game with my success.

breakers resort restaurant

beautycounter incentive trip

On Friday, we had a morning of training which was really good. And we got a sneak peak at some products launching later this year! After training, we had free time so I hung out at the pool and chatted with everyone and just relaxed. That night we had an amazing dinner that was supposed to be outside overlooking the ocean but the wind forced it inside. I basically ate my weight in poke bowls and plantain chips and guac that night.

beautycounter incentive trip 2019

On Saturday, I had signed up for a catamaran sail and we had SO much fun! It even warmed up enough to take in a little sunshine!

beautycounter top consultants

sailing palm beach

sailing palm beach florida

Yacht Dinner Cruise

On Saturday night, we had a dinner cruise on a yacht. It was just incredible. The night was beautiful and the whole evening was so fun. That night, I ate my weight in chocolate covered strawberries. 😉

top beautycounter consultantsOutfit details

I had so much fun hanging out with Lexi (whom I roomed with at The Breakers) all weekend. I knew who Lexi was from Instagram but being on the same Beautycounter team is how we became friends. And she is now one of my dearest friends. (We hung out in NYC last month when I was there visiting a friend and for a Beautycounter event at the SoHo store.)

lexi's clean kitchen beautycounter

I’ve made SO many dear friends through this job. Like Arsy. Kristin. Kristine. Alaena. Jenny. Cassy. Liz. Madison. The list goes on and on. And it was so good to meet some of them in person I hadn’t yet! I’m so inspired by all of these women and how hard they work. I learn so much from them and love being able to talk work and also NOT talk work, ya know? They’re all such lovely people. I could gush and gush but I’m just so grateful for this group. I came home and told Tommy that I can’t imagine a better group of women to get to work and play with.

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It was such an amazing weekend and left me feeling the most relaxed I have in MONTHS and also so grateful for this job and the women I’ve met through it. I can’t wait to see most of them in Phoenix in a few months!! Woot!

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