Top 10 Things About My Seattle Trip

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10.The food and beverages, including pho (pronounced like “fu” such as “what the fuuuu” and being reminded countless times that it’s fu and not fo, such as “fo sho”)IMG_2924

and hot chocolate with pretty designs (I’m not digging coffee lately…luckily Courtney asked the baristo –is that a male barista?- to make our hot chocolates pretty)dsc_1878

and fresh donuts at Pike’s Place.dsc_1812

9. Taking the ferry to Bainbridge Island, then driving up to Port Townsend. The town was cute, the shops were fun, and the 2 hour driving time was full of great conversation.



8. Trying to take an Inspector Gadget-ish photo in our matching trenchcoats and failing epically. 2011-12-01

7. Seeing beautiful sights in the city.IMG_2868


6. Seeing Emily and baby Cullen!!dsc_1895

5. Visiting the arboretum. It healed a part of my soul that I didn’t know plants could. Cheesy yes. Also true.IMG_2905



4. Learning new household tricks, such as ironing clothes with a flat iron. Pure genius.IMG_2944

3. Seeing Courtney and Brent’s new life and home in Seattle. (No, that’s not their home pictured below but they live so close to many great restaurants! And um, sorry there are no pictures of you Brent. 😉 )IMG_2883

2. Instead of going out on Friday night, staying in for cereal and PJs and chatting about life. IMG_2942

1. This girl. She is the best friend a gal could ask for.IMG_2937



 I can’t wait to go back.

(Disclosure: if it’s a good picture, Courtney took it and edited it.)

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    47 responses to “Top 10 Things About My Seattle Trip”

    1. That picture of you in the arboretum – you look like a supermodel. Gorgeous! So glad you had fun!

      • Courtney kind of is a professional photographer! She did a master’s program in photography! 🙂

    2. holy cowwww! these are amaaazing pictures!! And I love everything about the picture of you touching the flowers while looking back, and the one with you looking at Courtney towards the end….Seriously, what a fun time you girls had~ 🙂

    3. I’ve never had pho, and have been pronouncing it wrong! What a great trip. Looks like you guys did so much! Also, I taught Chris the flat iron-shirt trick and I think it’s hilarious when he does it! You look gorgeous in these photos and so glad you got to see Em + the babe!

    4. You’re so pretty!

      And Courtney is SUCH a good photographer. Where’s her blog!?

    5. Looks like a great trip! I’ve always wanted to visit Seattle. Now I’ve got to make a point of it just so I can get pretty coffee and hot chocolate too! 😉

      I love your purse in the flower picture by the way!

      • I seriously LOVE Seattle! i hope you can go there soon!

        And thanks, I love that purse too! It was my first fancy purse – a Kate Spade!

        • I love that you call it a fancy purse. 😉 I’m dying for something namebrand, and Kate Spade is on the top of my list!

    6. I love love love Seattle! I’m glad you had a good time. AND I also got the lecture about Pho (Fu vs. foe). I’m calling you this week! It’s been way too long!

    7. I’ve never been to Seattle but it looks awesome!

      That pic of you in the yellow flowers is GORGeous!! You’re very pretty! And you two seem like such fun friends 🙂

      I want hot cocoa now. Thanks. heh.

      • Oooh, what’s the weather like in January??

        Thanks from both me and Courntey about that picture! 🙂

    8. 1. Why are you so gorgeous?

      2. Why is Courtney so gorgeous?

      3. I need to go to the arboretum.

      4. I LOVED SEEING YOU!!!!


      • 1. You are so nice!
        2. She’s got good genes and her personality is just as gorgeous.
        3. Yes you do.
        4. Me too!!!!!!!!!

      • I just started using a flat iron a few months ago and LOVE it. It takes some practice though!

    9. I grew up in Seattle. Port Townsend is a super cute place. Lots of memories of that place!

    10. sounds like a great trip! Seattle is a great place, I have been there but Michelle has not. I loved it out there 🙂
      Yum fresh donuts sound great right about now. And you look sooooo beautiful in all those shots – you could be a model. Love it!!! and Love you!!

    11. I live in Seattle and I recognize that restaurant with lots of candles – Barrio in Capitol Hill, I believe! Glad you had a fun time in Seattle 🙂

    12. We did a girls trip to Seattle at the end of September and it was fantastic. Savor Food tour of Pike’s Place was amazing. Must try! I also had my first Pho…and I’m a fan. Glad you enjoyed, loved the photos

    13. Count me in on tge next girl’s trip! Especially if all we do is eat + look like j.crew sponsored street models.

    14. Thanks for coming to visit me!! I had such a fun time, even in rainy/freeeezing Port Townsend! I can’t wait for you to come back so we can do all the things we never got around to this time…Discovery Park Loop is #1 on the list for SURE.

      And like everyone else already said, you are super duper cute in all these pics <3 (oh, and again, Brent wants credit for the ones he took, what a drama queen).

      love ya! hurry back!!

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