The Best Things in Life are Free

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Last week while I was enjoying my solo mountain getaway, I made the 30 minute drive from where I was staying to Linville Falls. It was lightly drizzling when I pulled up, but I ventured out anyway.

SAM 0827

It was a really easy hike to visit three different places along the trail – a spot at the bottom of the trail and two upper lookouts.

SAM 0829

The trail was easy but beautiful. I even saw a lady with a big ankle boot (like the kind people wear when they break their ankle) doing the hike. So it’s definitely friendly for all levels.

SAM 0855

I was absolutely giddy to be in the outdoors and hiking. I really miss the easy access to hiking that I grew up with in Utah (and totally took for granted).


SAM 0839

I was just smiling to myself as I hiked and enjoying the views. I felt so content and happy to be taking it all in. This world really is a beautiful place.
IMG 7098

Clouds were moving in and the drizzle started increasing to a steady rain. But I loved seeing how the scenery changed as the landscape filled in with clouds.


SAM 0850

And a little rain didn’t stop a selfie!

IMG 7113

I made my way up to the highest lookout, Erwin’s View.

SAM 0853

I stayed up there with a while, just amazed at the beauty and so, so happy. It was the first time I’ve seen anything in NC that reminded me of Utah with such striking beauty. NC is beautiful in its own right–I LOVE all the trees and how green it is–but there is something so dramatic and breathtaking about the mountains, meadows, trees, barren stretches, lakes, rivers, wildflowers and canyon views in Utah. But, the views on this hike were stunning.
IMG 7126

It started to rain harder so I pull amy hair up and took another selfie. I’ve got priorities people. 😉

IMG 7139

And then it started POURING. I was about a mile (maybe more?) from the parking lot, but was grinning the whole way back. I hiked for a few minutes and then started jogging. I haven’t done any trail running in years (I don’t really count Salem Lake) and I remember how much I love it. People probably thought I was crazy, running through the pouring rain (most people had umbrellas or ponchos) with a giant smile on my face. But truly, that moment with the rain falling on me as I ran and being immersed in the outdoors, relaxed me more and made me happier than my full (expensive) day at the Westglow Spa. 🙂

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    16 responses to “The Best Things in Life are Free”

    1. So glad you wrote this! I’m going to be travelling from Asheville to Blowing Rock on the Blude Ridge Parkway on Labor Day weekend which will take us right by Linville. How long did the hike take you? We’ve planned to take most of the day to make the trip stopping here & there! I’m very excited!

      • Oh yay! Perfect! It took maybe 1.5 – 2 hours?? But I took my sweet time with all of it. You could do it in an hour, easy. But I think it’d be fun to have a little picnic at Erwin’s View so you could try that if you have more time!

    2. Now I really want to go there and hike!! It looks so beautiful!! When I was visiting Hanging Rock last month, I got rained on during my hike too, but I didn’t even care because it’s just so nice to be outside enjoying the beautiful scenery! You’re right… The best things in life are free! 🙂

    3. Love, love, love running in the rain.
      Running in the rain on those beautiful trails… even better!
      Thanks for sharing those fantastic pics.

    4. Thank you for this post! I’ve been primarily strength training lately but a little elbow issue has me sidelined. I’ve been really bummed and not doing much the past week or so. I’m trying to remember how much I loved running and you’ve now reminded me that I am surrounded by natural beauty and hiking opportunities. (I live right on the Maine/New Hampshire border) I haven’t gone on a trail run all summer! That’s going to change ASAP.

    5. sounds like my favorite kind of day and those utah views you described are definitely my favorite kind 🙂

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