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hiiiii! Happy Saturday! This was a doozy of a week for me, so I’m grateful for a low-key weekend on the agenda. I slept in until 7:30 and then took my sweet time getting out the door for my run (6.75 miles). I came home and made a huge salad, did some laundry, and took Maizey on a nice long walk. It’s been a good day so far!

I haven’t done an outfits post in a loooong time so I have a ton of pictures for you. I debated breaking it up into multiple posts, but this way you can see how I restyle pieces. And, you can watch my hair grow up and then get chopped off again. ha! 

I didn’t include links to every piece of clothing since some are pretty old, but I did link to ones I bought recently. But let me know if you want details on any specific items; sometimes I can hunt them down!

None of the links to clothing are affiliates, but if you shop online (especially as the holidays are coming!), be sure to sign up for eBates so you get cash back on your purchases. I just got a $75 check from eBates – mostly funded by a double cash back day when I bought boots and a leather jacket from Nordstrom! 🙂 (And FYI, those eBates links are affiliates. I get a $5 bonus if friends use my referral link.)

Ok, onto the outfits!

I was in Phoenix for work in early October so I got to enjoy wearing a sleeveless tank! Jeans are Joe Brand from Nordstrom.


I got this J.Crew Boyfriend Fatigue jacket for Christmas last year after lusting after it for a looong time. It’s one of my most-worn jackets. Highly recommend! And it’s on sale right now! I love the Sam Edelmen booties too. Super comfy. Those are also on sale!IMG_8435

I mixed patterns here with the shoes and scarf. I think I like it? The flats are from Target. I really wanted them to be comfy but they’re not. I’ve gotten really picky about shoes lately. I just have no patience for discomfort.IMG_8339

These are Cole Haan flats that I invested in last year. And I mean invested; I paid $200. I never ever ever buy shoes that expensive and never pay full price for clothes. But I had been looking for black flats for not-even-kidding, a year. They’ve been great, but suddenly they are way too tight! AGH!IMG_8355

These Banana Republic Alani D’Orsay flats are a relatively new purchase and I love the d’orsay look. Promise me you’ll never pay full price at Banana. Ever. Things always go on sale. I got the shoes for 40% off. I love the bagginess of the sweater paired with the fitted jeans; I got the sweater for $10 (marked down from $90!) at a going out of business sale at a local clothing boutique.IMG_8600

I didn’t really like how this look came together. I think the booties were a little too rugged for the dressier sweater. (I know it’s hard to see the booties.) Or maybe I just really don’t like that sweater anymore; I’ve had it for a few years.IMG_9040

I’m also not sure how I felt about this one. I’m noticing a theme that I have a hard time styling sweaters with boots. What do you guys think? Does it work?? It just feels like a disconnect between casual and nice.IMG_9077

I AM OBSESSED WITH THESE PANTS AND HEELS AND SCARF. Yes, all caps kind of love. The scarf is Tilo, the pants are Banana Republic Sloan Fit Zip Pants, and the heels are Halogen ‘Garda’ from Nordstrom (on sale right now). For a 4” heel, they are surprisingly comfortable. I really think the height listed is wrong because I rarely can deal with 4” heels. IMG_9119(Look how long and poofy my hair had gotten since the first pic! I have to get tons of my hair chopped out because it’s super thick and my stylist spends a lot of time thinning it and texturizing it at each appointment.)

I almost got rid of these suede booties last year and now I love them. When I have items that are a bit pricier, I never get rid of them in-season because typically when the next year rolls around, I like them again. And that was the case with these. IMG_9134

So this outfit doesn’t work for me AT ALL. Blech. I hate even looking at it. I love the jeans though. I’ve been wanting a pair of gray jeans for a long time and got these for $40 at Madewell, so that was a great purchase. But they need to be hemmed, the top doesn’t work with the look, and again, I hate the booties. I think I need to ditch these black booties – I hated them by the end of last year too. Oh, and see my new haircut? Chop!


I rarely wear anything but skinny jeans; because I’m so petite (5’1”) I find that skinny jeans look best on my small frame. But I tossed on this old pair of bootcut jeans just so I’d stop wearing my Joe jeans allll the time. (Remember when you guys had to talk me into keeping those Joe jeans on Instagram since they’re so similar to another pair I have? Yeah, thanks for saving me and making me keep them.) IMG_9198

Alright, that’s all I’ve got! Let me know what ideas you have about the boots & sweater combo. Something just isn’t working! And I’m in the market for a good deal on black jeans, black flats, a peacoat (or some sort of dressy warm coat), new black ankle booties (I just added that after seeing in this post how much I hate mine!), and some warmer pants for work. Let me know if you have suggestions for any of those!

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    11 responses to “Recent Outfits”

    1. Maybe the sweaters should be a little longer? I think all of those outfits are cute, but I’m going through this weird stage where I don’t like any of my sweaters unless they fully cover my butt/front of my jeans.

      And speaking of jeans, I just got a black pair (matchstick ankle length) from JCrew and I love them. I think they’re having another 25% code this weekend too.

    2. I love all of your outfits! I have a hard time with black booties. I’m not sure why. I guess I feel like they just don’t go with my style or height or something. I actually bought the Sam Edelman booties a few weeks ago after seeing them in your Instagram post. Seriously, such a cute outfit. I really need to get a field jacket or something from JCrew. Just keep putting it off. 🙂

    3. I love your style! I always have, but this post sealed the deal. 🙂
      I just bought this jacket from Old Navy and I love it. I wish they showed it unbuttoned a little, and with something other than jeans, because I’ve worn it with both jeans and leggings + a skirt and it’s totally dress-upable! Also, really affordable! Also picked up these booties and have literally tried to find a way to wear them every single day. They’re super adorable but will admit they’re not the most comfortable.

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