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Letter from TeriLyn – September 2023

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Hi friend! September was a good, low-key month, which was especially nice after the previous month felt so hard. (I shared more about that in the August Letter from TeriLyn).


I celebrated my birthday in September with a surprise party! I honestly had no idea. We had made plans to hang out with our good friends that night but when we showed up at The Mulberry Table and I saw one of our go-to babysitters, I knew something was going on. Then, I saw my brother’s family and all my church friends and all their kids and was so happy!! I had joked that I was secretly hoping Greg would cook dinner when we hung out that night and he did cook dinner – for EVERYONE. And Morgan is the ultimate party planner so it was pure perfection. I felt so loved and so grateful.

On a not so happy note, my brother was in an accident at a rodeo in Utah last month, which was really scary. He’ll need pretty extensive knee surgery but, all things considered, it could have been a LOT worse. But, thankfully I got to see him at the end of the month when I visited Utah in between my time in San Diego and Dallas. And he’s really the most positive, upbeat person I know and, per usual, he had a smile on his face when I saw him.


I went to San Diego at the end of September for the Amazon Creator Summit and then stopped in Utah for a few days to see my family before heading to Dallas for the LTK conference. It just made more sense to do that than to fly all the way back to NC for just a couple days, and it’s always nice to see my family since I don’t get to often. I was also invited to attend a Beautycounter trip in Banff, Canada, which would have been incredible, but to get from San Diego to Banff was a major haul and just didn’t make sense to do that for 2 days (especially pregnant!).

I was honestly shocked I got invited to the Amazon Creator Summit since I hadn’t really done much with Amazon influencer program until the last 6-8 months. But I’ve really enjoyed creating Amazon content since I shop so often there myself. (Here’s my Amazon Storefront.) And it’s something that has resonated with my followers too as I’ve shared weekly Amazon finds, and I am always really happy when my content helps others!

LTK Con was also a great experience, especially since I had friends this year. I didn’t know anyone last year and this year, I had a great group of friends and also knew people from the brands who were there. I actually met the Victoria Emerson team and Colleen Rothschild team at LTK Con last year and they became great partners to work with over the last year. I’d used both brands before then, but having that in-person interaction makes such a difference in working with companies.

It’s cliche and perhaps cheesy, but I have these opportunities because of YOU. Both conferences are invitation-only and they really do help my business in so many ways, and I get invited because you support by business by shopping through my links. I’m truly so grateful so thank you for reading my blog, for opening my newsletters, for following me on Instagram, for shopping in the LTK app, and for using my Amazon Storefront. It makes such a difference and there isn’t a day that goes by that I take it for granted that this is my job. I love it!

(All my outfits are linked in the LTK app!)


I’m 23 weeks along now, which is crazy. I told Tommy last night that we really need to start to get the nursery pulled together. The baby will sleep in our room for a while, but I know I’ll use the nursery for breastfeeding, changing diapers, and all the other things I’ve forgotten go along with the newborn phase so I want to have it at least cleared out of all the stuff that’s in there now. We haven’t bought a single thing but I at least have a registry for our second baby started. And I HAVE picked out the glider I want!

I’m still doing PIO shots, twice a week, which I don’t love but it’s better than the daily shots I did for the first 16 weeks. And we have another ultrasound on Monday which I’m excited about. At the first ultrasound, everything looked fine but they couldn’t get a shot of the spine, so they’re doing another one.

I keep getting asked if I plan to share the gender, and honestly, I don’t know. For so long, I was so nervous that something would go wrong (something I think is common with moms who have struggled with infertility), and even though things are looking good, I still just hesitate to share. But, if at some point that feeling goes away and I’m excited to share the gender, I will!

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