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Collagen For Her Review

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Getting older is a part of life, we all know that.  With every passing year, I notice a few more aches and pains, a grey hair, a wrinkle – especially after this past year, ha! I’m sure you can relate! But that doesn’t mean I don’t try to minimize signs of aging! I always try to support a healthy, balanced lifestyle with healthy habits. But, I like habits that are effective and sustainable. And, better yet, if I can find products that help me tackle multiple wellness issues at once, I’m all for it!

That’s where the dietary supplement collagen comes in. If you want dewey, youthful, healthy skin that recovers more quickly from damage from the sun, wind and electronics (are you screaming ‘Yes, Teri we all want that!”), collagen may be part of the answer. It may even help with strong bones and improved digestion. Collagen plays a vital role in our overall health, but we don’t get enough of it in our diet.

So, as we age, we notice wrinkles and dryness in our skin, joint pain, poor digestion, and thinning hair. Interestingly, collagen accounts for three-quarters of the dry weight of our skin. It’s essential in maintaining hydration and elasticity. Although collagen is an abundant protein in our bodies when we’re young, starting at the age of 25, our body produces 1% less collagen every year. When we have enough collagen in your body, it shows in our skin because it reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

Collagen for Her Review

Even though our body produces less collagen each year after 25, there are still ways to up your collagen. Adding collagen supplements to your diet can help replenish the collagen that our bodies need that it’s naturally losing. But, since I care about what goes in and on my body, I wanted to research the best collagen for women to get the most health bang for my buck. That’s when I discovered Collagen for Her.

Collagen For Her Review
Collagen For Her Review

Collagen For Her Review

The first thing I loved about Collagen For Her, is that it’s a women-owned company. I love using and supporting quality products that are designed by women, for women. Additionally, the founders give a portion of their profits to organizations that support empowering women. So not only is your money going to help you get glowing skin and healthy bones, but it’s also helping empower women around the world.

Collagen For Her is all about transparency with their products and emphasizes the importance of women’s health. If you visit their website, on every product page, you’ll find detailed explanations of the ingredients, how to use them, and the benefits.

I appreciate that the company understands and addresses the changes a woman goes through during the aging process and that is what makes Collagen For Her stand out compared to other brands. They don’t promise quick fixes but rather focus on a sustainable lifestyle to support longevity. They also have different products for different women’s needs – no one-size-fits-all solution!

Collagen For Her Review Collagen For Her powder Review

The Benefits of Taking Collagen

The research on the benefits of collagen includes support for hair and nails, bones, skin, and our digestive system. Below are some of the ways collagen improves your overall health and wellness. Like I mentioned earlier, who doesn’t want this…

Improved Skin Health

Collagen helps support healthier hair, skin, and nails. As I’ve said, collagen helps us keep our skin supple because it improves skin elasticity and hydration and reduces visible wrinkles. Collagen For Her contains amino acids Lysine & Methionine, which are both proven to slow the aging process.

Stronger, Longer Hair

Another thing I love about collagen is it helps in hair growth. I noticed that when I started taking Collagen for Her consistently, even my eyelashes got longer! You may notice thicker hair that grows longer, faster.

Healthier Nails

I’m not particularly eager to keep my nails long, but I do want healthy, strong nails. Since taking Collagen for Her, my nails definitely grow faster. I’ve always had sturdy nails, but if that’s not you, collagen may help them feel more robust, less brittle, with less breakage and peeling.

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Bones & Joints

A lot of people think of bone health and then think of Vitamin D. While Vitamin D plays such an important role in everyone’s bodies, collagen also helps support joint and bone health and can help ease joint pain too. While I’m glad I don’t need Collagen for Her for joint pain, I do want to help my bones become stronger.

Gut Health

Lastly, collagen also helps support healthy digestion and gut health. These proteins contain amino acids glycine, proline, and glutamine, which are beneficial for our intestinal tract. These are also important in maintaining a healthy stomach. Collagen can even help heal leaky gut. Leaky gut occurs when the lining of your intestinal tract is damaged. Just as collagen strengthens and tightens your skin, it can help repair your digestive tract. The amino acids that are abundant in collagen stimulate cell growth, which repairs your gut.

Collagen For Her powder Review
Collagen For Her Review

Collagen For Her vs Other Collagen Brands I’ve Tried:

  • The Taste: Collage For Her is nearly flavorless and tasteless. No weird smell, taste, or texture. I like that I can throw it in to any smoothie, drink, or recipe and it won’t significantly alter the flavor. I do notice a slight taste in my coffee when I add it to black coffee, but if I add creamer as well, I don’t taste the collagen at all. With other brands, the collagen taste was overwhelming no matter what I added!
  • Dissolvability: Collagen For Her dissolves instantly in hot liquids. No floating white chunks, you barely even have to stir. It will melt right into your coffee or tea. It is also great to add to smoothies or baked goods for that reason.
  • Sourcing: Collagen is an animal product, so sourcing is extremely important! Collagen For Her is grass fed, pasture raised, and each batch comes with a certificate of analysis to ensure it is safe for consumption.

I also really like Modere’s Collagen since it’s super convenient to just take a quick spoonful. The Biocell Life is the most versatile, i.e. addresses all the benefits we like from collagen, but they also have ones specific to Skin or Sport, so you can choose whichever fits your needs most. The Pure is a good versatile option too. This link will load all four to a cart for you and then you can just delete whatever ones you don’t want before checkout. (That link will also give you $10 off your first order!)

If you want to add collagen to your diet, here are some suggestions to work it into your current routine and diet.

The Best Ways to Include Collagen in Your Diet

  1. Add it to your favorite drink: You can add collagen to water, juice, coffee, and cold or hot tea. All you need to do is add one scoop of Collagen for Her, and you’re good to go! Keep in mind that it does blend most easily in hot liquid.
  2. Mix it in your breakfast: Add a scoop of collagen in overnight oats, steel cut oats, a smoothie, or even chia seed pudding!
  3. Include collagen in protein balls: As you guys know, I love making protein balls for a pre-run snack. Adding a scoop of collagen to any protein ball mix is a great way to work it into your diet!
  4. Add a scoop soups.
  5. Drink it straight from a spoon (take a shot! ;)) like you can with Modere’s.

minimize signs of aging

How Much Collagen Should A Person Consume Daily?

Most nutritionists agree that 2.5 – 15mg of collagen per day is safe and effective. For each Collagen for Her product, you’ll find the dosage instructions on the packaging and website product pages. It’s typically one scoop of powder, or three pills daily depending on which product you’re using.

Collagen For Her Products & Additional Ingredients

They have products beyond the typical collagen powder. Here’s what they make!

Unflavored Collagen Peptides

This is your straight up, go to, everyday faithful collagen in powder form. For those who want a pure collagen supplement, this is a great option. The collagen is sustainably sourced from grass-fed and pasture-raised bovine. Grass fed collagen is the way to go. You can buy a 16oz container or in individually packaged sticks.

Matcha Collagen

Get your collagen with an added superfood & caffeine boost. Matcha is green tea leaves that have been finely powdered. It’s caffeinated, and it’s also a more potent source of nutrients than steeped tea. Plus, Matcha is rich in antioxidants. It contains polyphenols which have been known to protect the heart against disease and cancer. Matcha also has catechins, which are a plant compound that act as antioxidants! I can’t wait to try this one since I love Matcha!

Marine Collagen Beauty Blend:

This specific collagen blend contains Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, and Biotin. These promote healthy hair, skin, and nails. Additionally, Vitamin C helps with collagen synthesis.

Multi-Collagen Capsules

You get five types of collage in one capsule. The capsule contains Collagen Types I, II, III, V, X, and these are sourced from bovine and fish. I love the capsules for when I’m on the go or traveling and just want to make sure I get my collagen in even when I can’t mix it into food or drinks.

Collagen Volcanic Mud Mask

Detox, cleanse, and hydrate the skin with this excellent mud mask. I love a good mask so I can’t wait to try this!

minimize signs of aging
Collagen For Her Review

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