Charlotte Dining & Eating Gluten Again

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Hi friends! I hope you are staying warm and bundled up if you are impacted by all this nasty weather. And if you’re in Utah and enjoying 60 degree temperatures, I hate you a little. Juuust kidding…but man, I really should have visited my family this month. The roads are a sheet of ice and that’s covered with snow, soooo I won’t be leaving my house anytime soon. The roads are a mess. At least Maizey is enjoying it. IMG_1630

I can’t wait for warmer temperatures so I can enjoy all the awesome outdoor dining options in Charlotte – it seems like there are a lot. I’ve still been able to try some great places out despite my wanting to hibernate until all this cold weather and the dark evenings are gone. These are the places I’ve checked out so far. (I apologize in advance for all the iPhone photos; I really need to start taking my nice camera with me. I have no excuse except laziness for the at-home dining photos.)

Peculiar Rabbit: I’ve been here twice and ordered the exact same thing: a burger with guacamole, jalapeños and bacon and herb fries. I went on a lunch date the second time I visited, and apparently they only serve that burger at dinner, but the chef was nice enough to make it at lunch. Their charcuterie plate is awesome too (Crystal and I shared that when she helped me on moving weekend), and they also have a great draft beer selection. The Bird Song MexiCali Stout and NoDa Jam Session are gooooood. IMG_1059


Vivace: I went to brunch here a couple weekends ago and I don’t think a day has gone by that I haven’t thought about the brussels sprouts, bacon and poached egg appetizer I got. So dang good. I was too busy inhaling my food to take a picture.

Carpe Diem: I went here with a coworker before we went to the Ingrid Michaelson concert (which was amazing – that woman is so talented and hilarious). Their wine selection was great and I wanted to lick my entrée plate clean; I got their scallops with a beet puree. IMG_1374

Three Amigos: I ordered from this place solely because they deliver. And it’s a double win because it’s awesome Mexican food. Their mole is a definite winner. Their al pastor tacos were good too, but I’d go for the mole over those.IMG_1203

Akahana: My neighborhood has an app where you can post questions, ask for recommendations, sell things, notify other about suspicious activity in the area, etc. (Yes, it’s awesome.) I posted asking for Thai and sushi recommendations and got about 50 responses within 24 hours! I can’t wait to check out everything that was recommended. Anyway, I tried Akahana because it’s about 5 minutes from my house. I was nervous because they offer buy-one-get-one-free rolls which I wouldn’t think bodes well, but lots of people vouched for it being a solid option. Not the best sushi in town I’m sure, but definitely good enough for weeknight take-out. I loved their Furious Dragon Roll with eel, jalapeño, avocado and shrimp.IMG_1590

Thai Taste: Lots of people raved about this place, but it had a HIGH bar to live up to since you know how much I love my beloved Teeter Thai in Winston. I got the green curry because they didn’t have yellow curry (they lose a star simply for that). It was fine. Not amazing, but fine. I wonder if they have an equivalent dish to Teeter Thai’s “spicy noodle” (#33 on the menu)…I’m not sure what the Thai name is for that. Anyone know so I could find it on another menu?? Two other negatives against Thai Taste: their portion sizes were half the sizes of Teeter Thai and their fresh rolls were terrrrrrible. Even watching Scandal and drinking wine while eating couldn’t improve upon those.SAM_1552

Zada Jane’s: I had been here a few times before moving to Charlotte and it never disappoints. My friend Carolyn (the one who owns Pure Barre in Winston-Salem and Clemmons) visited me from WS for a Charlotte brunch outing, and I was excited to take her here. The East Side Hasher and Bunny Rancheros are two favorites. They also have gluten-free pancakes. IMG_1411

Speaking of gluten-free, I’ve been experimenting adding gluten back into my diet on a limited basis (see burger bun above). My ex-boyfriend had Celiac so that was the main reason I cut out gluten, and truthfully, I did feel better. I don’t think I’ll eat gluten on a daily basis since I do have a reaction (super super bloated and I seem to put on weight overnight when I eat it…like seriously 4-5 pounds – I REALIZE THIS SOUNDS CRAZY so you don’t need to tell me). But since most of the time I don’t get sick or experience pain when I have gluten, it’s not something I want to swear off of for life. And hell, sometimes a little gluten bloat is worth it…especially since I now live about 5 minutes from an authentic French bakery.

Speaking of said French bakery… Amelie’s is freaking amazing. Great coffee, great fruit tarts, and breakfast sandwiches on croissants that make all my dreams come true. (Hmmm I’m now wondering if they are open today in this snowy mess….)

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    18 responses to “Charlotte Dining & Eating Gluten Again”

    1. Not crazy… I definitely bloat up like a balloon when I eat gluten. I’m not necessarily allergic, but I can tell when I eat it and it’s not a good thing haha. That burger looks outrageous. NOM.

    2. I love seeing you try out some of my favorite local spots! I didn’t know that 3 Amigos delivers – that is amazing news! Have you had the salted caramel brownie from Amelie’s yet? It is to die for.

    3. we have a Vivace in Raleigh and I adore it!
      I’m rather picky about Italian but Vivace fits the bill!

      That’s awesome you have discovered so much fabulous dining already!

    4. Love it, those are great Charlotte spots. Some other favorites are Sushi Guru, Fern, Wine Shop at Foxcroft, Bistro La Bon, Good Food, Roasting Company, Ru Rus!

    5. We live in the same neighborhood! Pacos Tacos is a favorite of my husbands (South Park area) and Midwood BBQ is another. Both a gluten-free friendly as he has Celiacs. Customshop is another good restaurant and I bed you’d LOVE Luna’s Living Kitchen. Also check out 7th Street Market – Pure Pizza and lots of other good choices in there (including a brewery)! Good luck and happy eating!

      • aw that’s awesome neighbor!! We should meet up for coffee sometime!

        Thanks for the recommendations! I’ve been to Luna’s once before when visiting Charlotte on a work trip – it is amazing! I need to get back there ASAP!

    6. scallops with a beet puree?! this makes me want to fly down immediately and play with you and danielle! i don’t think you’re crazy at all with the gluten issues. i would often be painfully full after eating, but since whole30 i have been bloated TWICE. once from too many brussels sprouts (like duh) and one from what i suspect may have been gluten. i’ll know more when i add it back in next week. i’m nervous and curious to see how it goes.

      • i am dyyyyying for you to visit!!! please please please please please!

        This makes me feel more sane that others have random gluten issues too. Can’t wait to read how it goes when you add it back in. I’m super impressed by your Whole30 dedication!


    7. Lots of new places for me try when I come visit again! But Amelie’s HAS to be one of them <3

    8. So happy you are enjoying Charlotte so far!!

      I think my new favorite place for Thai is Thai Orchid in South Park (Thai Taste has gone down hill, but I do love their lunch special so much). I love Akahana too (so quick and easy and I used to live down the street), but for creative and super delicious rolls, check out Soul in Plaza Midwood or New Zealand Cafe (its a bit of a hike but so worth it). I haven’t had great experience at Peculiar Rabbit (but I really enjoy a beer on their rooftop patio) so it sounds like I need to go back soon and order some food!

      And Zada Jane’s is always a winner. Bunny rancheros, yum!

    9. Teri: So glad you’re loving Charlotte so far! I’m a huge Peculiar Rabbit fan. On the Thai food front, is there a Drunken Noodle option on the menu? That will be similar to Spicy Noodles, if so!

    10. Looks like you have tons of great food options in Charlotte! Oddly enough, I have a friend from grade school who works at Amelie’s! I really want to try those spicy noodles you love from Thai Sawatdee! I’m thinking they may be similar to the drunken noodles on other Thai menus. And as for the gluten, I’ve been having some strange things happening lately and thought my body was falling apart, but then I figured out that it might be gluten bothering me. I haven’t cut it out completely, but I’m trying to eat less of it. I really think it does make a difference with the bloated feeling especially. Ugh!!

    11. I was looking around Pinterest and found your site. We are headed to St John in June. I read your posts and got some great info. Did you ever post on the dining in St John?

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