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Last Week’s Workouts + Boston Marathon Training Plan

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Training for the Boston Marathon is well underway and things are going well! I hit my highest weekly mileage so far in this cycle and feel great. Enoch, my coach, made a few tweaks to my training based on how I was feeling, and it’s so nice to have a coach to help keep me from making dumb decisions and pushing through when I shouldn’t. He’ll make changes before I even realize it (like changing Saturday’s run) which helps a LOT, ha! It’s different when you can see the plan written in ink in a book – the custom approach is one of the biggest perks of having a coach. I’m still SO happy with my choice to hire one this year! (Here’s why I did and five things I learned in the first month.)

Overall, marathon training this year has stressed me out much less than it did training for the 2018 Boston Marathon AND my body feels so much better. I think part of it is adapting to higher mileage over time and part is having more easy days. More on that below!

Last week’s training for the 2019 Boston Marathon

M – 1 hour fartlek run + short upper body strength work

T – 90 minute recovery run

W – optional recovery or cross-train day

  • I debated running since my legs felt heavy (and there was freezing rain!), but I was SO glad I did. I went super easy and felt a lot better by the end – worked out some lactic acid I guess!
  • Average pace, 8:47 – my first two miles were 9:10 and I finished around 8:25. I’m a BIG fan of easing into recovery runs.

Th – 65 minute recovery run + a few strides to finish

  • I did these strides much easier than normal since my hip was feeling finicky. It felt like I had no strength to lift my leg and no power on hills. After seeing my workout notes, Enoch texted to check in and encouraged me to get into my PT asap. (He also encouraged me to order some new shoes – DONE. Hey, coach’s orders. šŸ˜‰ )

F – 45 minute recovery run + 2 strides at the end + needling/scraping

  • Thankfully I got into my PT right away since she had a cancellation. She diagnosed a mild hip strain and explained that my TFL and glutes had majorly locked up to help protect the area. After a million needles and some scraping, my leg felt dead but my hip felt SO much better the next day when running!

S – 2 hours, easy recovery pace

  • Ended up with 15.4 miles at an average 8:17 pace
  • I started at my recovery run pace  and since I felt good, I dipped into my long run pace (a little faster than recovery pace) near the last 1/4 of the run.
  • This was supposed to be a different workout with some fast repeats. But given my hip issue, Enoch adjusted my training plan to help me get healthy faster.

Su – REST. I’m hoping to do yoga this afternoon!

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Total Miles: 54.7

Each day I also have accessory work to help strengthen my core, hips, glutes and feet/ankles/calves. I’m not super consistent with the exercises, but I’m doing my best to stay on top of it since I know it help. I also try to foam roll every day which is making such a big difference!

How I’m feeling

Even though I’ve still been dealing with a some plantar fasciitis issues, it’s SO much better after a few tweaks from my coach, and we dealt with my hip right away. And I just don’t feel beat up and tired all the time like I have in previous training cycles. Even Tommy made a comment last night that I have more energy and less aches/pains than I did during training last year.

I also got a little boost meeting the race director of the Boston Marathon last night!!! He spoke at a Twin City Track Club event and it was so fun to meet him. He asked where I qualified for the 2019 race and when I told him at the 2018 Boston Marathon, he told me that was seriously impressive considering the conditions. Made. My. Night. šŸ™‚ (Oh, and he told Tommy to run a race in front of the entire audience, ha! Watch that on my Instagram stories, ha!)dave mcgillivray

New shoes for marathon trainining

  • I ordered yet another pair of Adidas Bostons (my favorite shoe – read my first review here) since my current pair have over 300 miles. I’m loving the latest version! And I can’t wait to try the Nike Vaporflys once they arrive! Let me know if you guys want a full review on either or both shoes!

adidas boston 7 women's

Next week’s training plan

This coming week I have a few doubles (!!!) which I haven’t done since college when I was running those Ragnar Relay 24 hour races every year. The second run of the day is short and I’m actually really excited for them, more from a mental aspect than anything else. Work is super intense lately and it’ll force me to take a break rather than working nonstop into the night!


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    1. Iā€™m following along with your training as I also have an April marathon – Australian so training through very different weather!

      Have you any tips or advice on what strength to do to supplement the running. Thanks!

    2. Is 300 miles standard for shoes? I usually go longer but I’m very slow and walk too!

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