Friday Favorites: Spring Fashion Picks!

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Happy Friday! I woke up this morning to crazy thunderstorms, which I personally love and Maizey personally hates. Poor little pup has been hiding in the kitchen for about an hour. I find spring and summer storms so cozy, and I’m so happy that spring has finally arrived! I’m especially happy to start rotating in some spring items into my wardrobe! I’ve got my eye on a few new items, and I’m really drawn to blush and pastels right now.

Here are some spring fashion picks I’m loving!

This blouse by Pleione. I love the front knot and the fun detail it adds to an otherwise standard blouse. I have another knot shirt (similar to this one) that I love and wear all the time. The knot just makes the outfit look like I put a little more effort into it. 🙂

This knot t-shirt. This top looks just like the other knot shirt I have but short sleeved. Plus, it’s only $22! Gotta have it.

This J.Crew skirt. I looooove this skirt. I have very few skirts in my closet because, ahem, I overpurged a couple years ago. (This is a recurring theme.) I love how feminine and flowy it is, and I think it could be dressed up or down.

This purse by Tory Burch. My very first “nice” purse was a cream Kate Spade purse that I bought for my birthday about 5 years ago. I wore that thing into the GROUND; it went with everything. It’s time to replace it and I really like Tory Burch purses right now. They’re an investment to be sure, but fantastic quality. Since I don’t own many purses, I prefer quality over quantity for sure. (PSA, I just realized that Kate Spade is having 25% off… I may need to look at their purses. Use the code DEAREST.)

These Dr. Scholl’s sneakers. Since I live in an apartment, I walk Maizey a LOT. I also have concrete floors which isn’t great for feet. Having comfy, cushioned shoes is key. These sneakers are so cute, and I feel like they’d go with jeans, shorts and dresses. I LOVE my Nike Zoom Trainers and wear those to walk her a lot, but they definitely can’t be dressed up.

These wedges. I’m the rare girl that doesn’t really like wedges. I hate wedge booties and am really picky about wedge sandals. They just always feel and look so blocky to me. These look a bit more manageable. And wedges really are a must for spring and summer when I’m spending more time outside – they’re just more practical for backyard and outdoor parties on grass. I’m also eyeing some flat sandals (I’ll share some favorites soon), but I love heels with dresses so I opt for wedges.

Hope you have a great weekend, and I hope that spring weather is coming your way soon!

What are you eyeing for spring? You can see more of my spring wishlist items here!

P.S. I’m still searching for a crossbody purse I like! I looooove this one but I’m worried it’s not timeless or versatile enough, and man, that’s expensive for something I can’t use for years. Or…maybe it’s unique enough that I could use it for years. Thoughts?? This feels safer, but isn’t nearly as fun.


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    5 responses to “Friday Favorites: Spring Fashion Picks!”

    1. Let me add a sensible but annoying comment… DO NOT buy that purse lol. It is beautiful… but so unpractical. Also I’m cheap.

      You’re welcome 😉

      • bahahaha, see this is why I asked. I wanted someone to tell me it was absurd. My strategy with any big purchases is to stick it on my Wishlist page and if I still love it 2-3 weeks later, then I consider buying it. It’s only been on that page for about a day so I probably would have come to the same conclusion! 😉

    2. I am right there with you with the overpurging. I want to get rid of half of my tops in my wardrobe, but then I wouldn’t have much of anything. To be honest I didn’t love the purse in the PS section–it didn’t seem as classic as you usually dress.

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    This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.