My San Francisco Workouts – hiking & running!

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I was so lucky the past two weeks to be in two of my very favorite running cities – San Francisco and Draper, Utah (my hometown). Leading up to the trips, I told myself I wasn’t going to run the entire time I was in San Francisco to try to heal my plantar fasciitis so I could reward myself with running in Utah. I had needling and scraping the day before I flew to San Francisco, and my PT told me that unless the pain was severe, running a little would help. It’d keep my muscles loose and help them learn their new “position.” She said if I kept the runs short, wore supportive shoes around the city and kept rolling my foot, I wouldn’t make it worse. I’m glad that I was able to run a little in San Francisco and that I was really able to run in Utah.

I absolutely love running in San Francisco. When I’m there, I mostly stick to the Embarcadero, running by the Ferry Building, the AT&T stadium and Fisherman’s Wharf. I also went into Fort Mason with Anna on my last day there and I can’t wait to explore that side more. It was gorgeous!

Here’s what my workouts looked like the week of my San Francisco trip! I’ll share my Utah workouts in my next post! (It started to get really long so I broke it into two posts. 🙂 )

Running in San Francisco

M – Solo gym workout + Needling/Scraping

I didn’t really feel like working out so I picked a bunch of my favorite movements to motivate me.

  • 8×6 Deadlifts, increasing weight (95, 105, 110, 115, 125, 130#) with 90 sec rest between each set
  • 15 minute AMRAP – I got through 8 rounds, I think?
    • 6 deadlifts (95#)
    • 9 dumbbell thrusters (10# in each hand)
    • 12 slamballs (10# ball)
    • 15 leg lowers (what the heck are those things called? legs move up and down for ab work?) haha

T – REST (I flew to SF this day)


Th – 4.4 miles; 8:27 pace

This run felt really hard; I blamed jet lag! But at least it was beautiful!

F – 4 miles; 8:50 pace

My plantar fasciitis felt the best it had in a LONG time. When I got needled and scraped on Monday, my PT said she could tell things were feeling looser and I believed her after this run!


Sa – 3.2 miles; 8:25 pace + 10 mile hike

I wasn’t planning to run since I was hiking the Tomales Point Trail with Anna that afternoon, but it was a gorgeous morning and I was basically filling time before the breakfast spots opened. 🙂 I ended up getting fresh fruit, coffee and some eggs and bacon at the farmers market set up at the Ferry Building. It was a perfect post-run breakfast, overlooking the water.

running in san francisco

Su – 3 miles; 8:46 pace (I flew to SF that evening)

Anna and I got a quick run in before I met up with Courtney on my last day in the city. Anna showed me a new place to run that I can’t wait to explore on my next visit! We ran past Fisherman’s Wharf and into Fort Mason and she showed me how the trail extends all the way over to the Golden Gate Bridge (which I’ve never run over!).

running in San Francisco

TOTAL MILES: 14.7 miles

How I’m feeling: My plantar fasciitis felt about 70% better on this trip. I was still aware of it, more so when walking and standing than running. But, I rolled it on a lacrosse ball every night and morning and starting using arnica gel on it at night, massaging it into my foot to help break up scar tissue. And I really think it helps!


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    8 responses to “My San Francisco Workouts – hiking & running!”

    1. Could you do a post about running while traveling? Or in new areas? Maybe you’ve already done one, and I missed it. I’d love to know more about how you stay safe/relaxed/comfortable in unfamiliar areas, how Tommy feels when you’re out in a new place (my husband worries if I’m not with a running partner), how do you find good running spots while traveling, etc. I’m excited about your Draper workout post! Your Instagram pics were beautiful! And I wish my area had more “groomed” trails like Utah. When we visited, there was no shortage of places to run! Utah and Alaska both are my top states so far in accessibility to nice trails! Minnesota was pretty good, too! I haven’t been everywhere yet, though! ?

    2. I love running in SF too! I keep a 16 ou water bottle filled 3/4 with water in the freezer and roll my foot on it. The cold really feels good.

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    This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.