Improve Your Running Before The New Year

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Don’t wait for 2023 to start, resume or improve your running. Get a head start on your running goals before January 1 and you’ll feel better — physically and emotionally — during the holidays.

Over the years as I’ve shared my running journey online (I’ve had a running blog for over 15 years!!), blog readers, family and friends have reached out for advice about running. And I started realizing I get the same questions over and over. So even though I have hundreds of running articles, people still weren’t quite sure where or how to start.

One of my goals with this blog has always been to help others find the joy in running that I do, so I set a goal a few years ago to create an online running course. I wanted to put all my best running advice in a consolidated, easy-to-access spot and really elaborate on the most commonly asked questions.

I wanted to help new runners feel like they had some tangible steps to get started without feeling overwhelmed. And I wanted runners with more experience to learn from the things I’ve learned along the way to keep improving. I also wanted to create a community for runners to help each other stay motivated and help support one another. Fast forward through three years of work, and The Rookie Runner Program was born.

Improve Your Running Before The New Year

Improve Your Running Before the New Year

The holiday season is stressful for lots of people. Even people who LOVE the holidays can get overwhelmed by the chaos. Running can help you enjoy the season more, heck just getting your heart rate up will make you feel better! You don’t have to wait for the New Year, which is just some arbitrary date, to get started with your running goals. I honestly think now is a BETTER time to kick that off. You deserve to enjoy the holidays even during the chaos!

If you want to stay healthy during the holiday season, running is a great way to do so. The Rookie Runner Program is PERFECT for you if you want to start or improve running but aren’t quite sure you can stick with it or you don’t even know what kind of shoes to buy or how to actually start running when you can’t run a mile. Most people get too focused on the nuances of advanced training – like running economy, running technique, high intensity interval training, etc. – when it’s the basics they need to focus on first. And after the basics, there are a few things you can do to improve your long runs and your running speed without needing to hire a monthly running coach. That’s how The Rookie Runner Program can help you get started and improve for years to come.

What is The Rookie Runner Program?

The Rookie Runner Program is an online running course that you can complete at your own speed. It’s a lifetime membership (no recurring charges!), so even after you’ve finished, you can return to it at any point.

When you join The Rookie Runner Program, you’ll have access to:

  • 8 hours of video lessons, covering everything from getting started, warming up, getting faster, choosing the right shoes, fueling and more! The lessons are short and can be accessed in an app to listen on the go.
  • Six training plans, from 5K to Half Marathon, designed for beginner or intermediate runners
  • A Running Dictionary so you can understand and speak the lingo
  • Virtual training group to get direct access to me to ask questions, along with support a group of like-minded women.

You can watch the videos from your laptop or in the app. Since many of the lessons are easy to listen to without watching, you can put in your headphones and listen while you do other things! You could even listen while you ran ;).

Join The Rookie Runner Program here

TeriLyn Adams smiling and sharing how to Improve Your Running Before The New Year

Running is one of the things that makes me happiest, helps my anxiety, keeps me healthy, and makes me a better friend, wife, and mom.

I’ve been a runner though lots of different seasons of life (including pregnancy and now postpartum!), and have 20+ years of running experience. I’ve even run more than 50 races, from 5Ks to marathons to 24 hours relay races. Whether it’s running the roads around my house or doing a trail run in Boone, I simply love running.

So in my running course, we talk about everything that’s helped me stay consistent and make improvements both short and long-term. And I mean everything: gear, terminology, injuries, motivation, race plans, choosing the right shoes, warming up, fueling, and more. I also host live classes where you can ask your questions directly since everyone’s training is a little different!

One of the unique things about The Rookie Runner Program is that although it’s called “Rookie Runner”, it started as a course for runners with all sorts of experience. The content is helpful for runners who’ve been training for years, and want to hone in on their skills in new ways. I talk about running form and how it relates to your running shoes, how to reduce your risk of injury by proper fueling, the right gear, and the right recovery.

In The Rookie Runner Program, I walk you through what you need to know about shoes, starting to run from scratch (even if you’ve never run more than 30 seconds), how to warm up and cool down, what to eat before, during and after a run, how to get faster and increase your mileage, and MUCH more.

The lessons are videos I’ve recorded, and you can listen on the go at any time!

You can think of me as your personal running coach (but for a fraction of the cost).

Is The Rookie Runner Program right for you?

Good question! Ask yourself these things:

  • Do you start and stop running a lot? There is a lesson on how to stay motivated and consistent!
  • Do you want to start running but don’t even know where to start since you can’t even run for 5 minutes? I explain exactly how to start from day one with no running experience!
  • Does the terminology around running shoes overwhelm you? Neutral, stability, heel drop, toe box, gah! I explain it all and how it applies to choosing the right shoes for you!
  • Do you want to run faster, but aren’t sure why you can’t, even if you’ve been running for a while? I have a whole lesson dedicated to tips to run faster, with the EXACT things I did to cut 30+ minutes off my half marathon time! I’ll help you increase your running speed and run fast without as much pain.
  • Curious what the best recovery tools are, how to warm up, and what stretches to do? I shared all of my go-to’s with videos on each!
  • Are you unsure of what to eat before, during and after a run? I have a lesson on fueling, with input from a registered dietitian with a Ph.D. in sports nutrition!
  • Does the lingo scare you away? What the heck are tempo runs, are the different than long run, what is speed work or interval training? I created a runner’s dictionary that you can save and print, to reference whenever you need to!
  • Do you wish you had someone to ask all your running questions to? You’ll be able to ask any questions during the live classes!

If your answer to any of those questions was yes, I really believe this course will be helpful for you. Click here to get started. 

TeriLyn Adams tying her shoes and sharing how to Improve Your Running Before The New Year

The Rookie Runner Program Reviews

Here’s what others have said about it!

“The Rookie Runner Program is an essential course for all runners rather you are a beginner or have been running for a while. Teri is very knowledgeable and covers everything from training plans, to gear and shoes, to fueling for your run. I feel so much more confident after completing her course and I am making substantial progress in my training. The course is amazing and offered at an incredible value. Thank you Teri!” -Leah, Minnesota

“Teri’s course is great, it covers everything deeply and the information is serious and reliable. I’ve been running for years and I learned a ton, definitely recommend.” -Leticia, Brazil

“The Rookie Runner Program is great! I used to be a runner but it’s been years and the course has helped me make a plan to get started again from just walking all the way up to running a half marathon again. It’s complete with learning what gear/shoes I’ll need to warmups/stretching to nutrition. The courses are easy to watch and not too long that I could watch them at my leisure without feeling like it was taking too much of my day. The Rookie Runner Program has gotten me motivated and excited to run again!” – Alissa, Colorado

“Had some unexpected free time this morning so I just finished the shoe section on your running course! Soooo helpful! I’ve read so many different articles about finding the best running shoes but it makes so much more sense after seeing the visuals throughout the video! Excited to add some more shoes to my rotation!” –– Erika

Jump on the train before the New Year!

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