Half Marathon Training Week 6

This past week’s training runs were pretty good, which was nice after a less than stellar week of training the week before

M – prescribed workout (PW): 30 minutes + 5 strides
my workout: 20 minutes w/ 5x1min intervals (2.75 miles) + full body weight training. This is one of my favorite workouts (I’ve blogged the details before here.). The intervals FLY by and leave me drenched, and the heavy weight training makes me feel like I’ve worked every part of my body. Since the run is so short, I still feel like I’m able to push on the weight training.

T – PW: 6-8 x 4 minute repeats at 10K pace with 1:30 min recovery
my workout: 9 miles, 74 minutes, 8:13 average. I did all 8 repeats, averaging a 7-7:10 min pace. I was really proud of myself!

W – 40-50 minutes, easy
my workout: skipped the run, and took a VERY hot yoga class instead. 

Th – 5 mile tempo run at goal half marathon pace + warm-up and cool-down
my workout:  61 minutes, 7.8 miles, 7:50 pace. I REALLY struggled on this workout. I was hoping to hold a 7 min pace on the tempo section and could barely hit a 7:30 pace. I was pretty frustrated. But, I made some rookie mistakes: I forgot to eat anything before I ran, and had eaten a light dinner the night before, so that was stupid. I could tell 10 minutes into my warm-up that I needed fuel. I also stayed up later than I should have the night before. It was windy that morning too, and somehow I was running into the wind on the way out AND the way back. How is that possible?! The hot yoga class may have left me more dehydrated than I realized too. Lots of factors that didn’t contribute to a great run, but oh well! That happens!

F – rest 
My workout: rest! I was definitely ready for this rest day, no qualms!

S – 40-50 minutes, easy
my workout: 50 minutes, 6.2 miles, 8:13 pace

S – PW: 13 miles
my workout: 13.9 miles, 7:55 min average pace.
I ran 12.9 and then took Maizey on an easy loop, hence the extra mile. 🙂

Week’s Total: 39.6 miles

This week will be a little bit harder to fit in my workouts, but I’ll do my best! I’m planning to get to bed early so I can get up early. It’s so hard for me to work out after work…I lose all motivation.

What “rookie” running mistakes do you make? I am terrible about remembering to eat something before morning runs. I’ve even set an alarm on my phone that says “PRE-RUN FUEL”…but since I’m inconsistent with my running start time, sometimes the alarm goes off after I’ve started running, or goes off while I’m in bed so of course I don’t see it when I slap it to snooze. I also need to be better about drinking more water after my run since I rarely hydrate mid-run.

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    3 responses to “Half Marathon Training Week 6”

    1. that looks like a really great week I totally agree with and they definitely help when it comes the treadmill especially!

      I was in Winston today and saw the signs for race 13.1 and thought of you. I did there 10K and Riley for the fourth time two weekends ago and absolutely loved it as always!
      Good luck!!

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