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Why golf is the perfect addition to my fitness routine

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I love golfing or heading to the driving range for active recovery days when I’m sore from running and CrossFit. Bonus: I finally have cute golfing outfits and am obsessed with Adidas Golf Women’s Shoes!

When I was in high school, a lot of my friends played golf and were on our high school golf team. As a result, I spent a lot of time on golf courses without having any idea what I was doing. I don’t remember being “bad” but I remember having a really, really great time. (Although I am SURE I was terrible.) After high school, I just didn’t really have any opportunity to golf and didn’t feel confident enough to go out by myself. I went to the driving range a few times in my adulthood, but nothing really consistent.

Enter Tommy

He is an extremely talented golfer. In his words, he’s a “former scratch golfer trying to reclaim the glory days.” His actual handicap right now is 2, which tortures him a little bit ;). If you don’t know anything about golf terms, “scratch” means that you play to par (in the simplest terms, your total score equals the number of strokes you were “suppose to take” to get the ball in the hole each for all 18 holes). Anything above par makes up your handicap.There’s a whole process for getting your handicap set but we don’t need to go into that!

Anyway, he’s good. VERY good. And his whole family is good. His dad is a golf pro and his uncle played on the PGA tour. So no pressure Teri. I was a nervous WRECK the first few times we went to the driving range.

forsyth country club driving range

Why I love golfing

We’ve been together 2.5 years now, and we’ve spent a lot of time on the driving range together. (And playing a few rounds of 9 holes!) And I quickly remembered why I loved golfing so much. I LOVE being outside. And I can only run so much ;), so it’s another great way to spend time getting fresh air. I’ve also found that it’s a great activity for active recovery days. I don’t really like taking complete rest days, but if my body is feeling beat up from running or CrossFit, the driving range is a great option for a lower-impact activity.

Plus, golf courses are absolutely beautiful and the two driving ranges we frequent have the most incredible sunsets. It’s something we can do together, and we really enjoy it; it’s honestly one of my favorite things to do as a couple. (The only way it could be better is if Maizey could come!)

forsyth country club

I’ve definitely made a LOT of progress with Tommy’s help and his dad’s help, and I’ve fallen in love with the driving range for stress relief. While I love running for stress relief and can sometimes zone out, my mind is usually still “working”. But with golf, you HAVE to focus, you have to stop the constant stream of thoughts. I’ve found it’s a really great way to turn my mind off and I leave refreshed and relaxed. (Unless, of course, I was hitting it terribly that day.)

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forysth country club ladies golf

winston salem driving range

women's golf winston salem

Enter Adidas Golf!

I was THRILLED when Adidas Golf reached out and wanted to partner. I love chatting about my experience getting back into golf and and am honestly so grateful for it since it’s been a positive addition to my life for many reasons. I’m also really grateful for the the adorable clothes Adidas sent me ;)!  One thing that always stressed me out was knowing what to wear! One driving range we go to doesn’t have a dress code, but one does, so I had to buy some things. But whenever I bought golf clothes, they just didn’t fit well. FINALLY I have stuff that I actually look forward to wearing!! I seriously love all the Adidas gear. I got my Adidas golf gear free but I 100% would spend my own money on it and plan to buy some more goodies! If you or your significant other needs any golf gear, use code FOODIE20 at to get 20% off your order!

Adidas Golf Women's

Top | skirt | shoes

Adidas Golf Women's Outfit

top | skirt | shoes

I KNOW how intimidating it can be but if you’re thinking of getting into golf, do it! If you are a golfer, I’d love to know! I don’t know if many women don’t golf or if I just don’t hear about it. 🙂

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    5 responses to “Why golf is the perfect addition to my fitness routine”

    1. What a sweet line, if only Maizey could come too! I have a boxer and she is so loving. They are such a sweet member of the family! I’m feeling so inspired to hit the driving range with hubs. Thank you!

    2. I just recently started golfing (I am 37) and I love It! You are so correct, finding clothes to wear is SO hard and they aren’t cheap. But once you find the right ones, it makes everything better:) I love golfing with my husband and we are getting our daughter into it too! So I love hearing about it on your blog!

    3. When I graduated college and started working, one Friday everyone was cutting out early to go to a golf outing and I was like… hmmm, I’m pretty athletic, I’ll figure it out! I’ve been golfing ever since and although I get super frustrated, I do really enjoy it. I only go out once or twice a year, so I’m not really that great, but I’m also not bad! Most of the golf outings I’ll do now are best ball, so I just get excited if I end up having a few good hits that we use. Either way it’s better than being in the office 🙂

    4. Golf is so fun! Being outside is my favorite part. I’ve found that when I take the advice of a more experienced player, I improve. Sometimes you just have to hold the club a little differently or bend your knees more or whatever, but when you listen and actually see the ball go farther- I love that!

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    This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.