Benefits of Drinking Fresh Ginger & Lemon Tea

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I’m so glad you guys enjoyed the post about my mom’s bread. Let me know if you make it or if you have any questions when making it!

When I was in Charlotte for a blogger dinner, Michelle from Pure2Raw told me about some of the benefits of fresh ginger and consequently she wrote a post about some of the benefits of incorporating fresh ginger into your diet. Since then I’ve been trying to have fresh ginger more often (I love the flavor!), and the easiest way for me is through fresh ginger tea.

It’s simple. All you need is fresh ginger, a lemon and water.

  • 1/2 to 1.5 teaspoon fresh ginger, grated – it’s potent stuff so I add according to my bravery that day
  • juice of 1/2 lemon, or to taste
  • 1-2 cups water, depending on how much you want to drink

First, I use a spoon to scape off some of the brown “skin” of the ginger. Then I use my zester to grate some ginger into a mug, usually about half to a full teaspoon. I add 1 to 1.5 cups of water and stick it in the microwave until hot. I like microwaving the ginger in the water since I feel like it helps the flavor permeate better.ginger tea-15

Next, squeeze in your lemon juice.ginger tea-16

Get some juicing help to get all the goodness out of the lemon.ginger tea-17

And enjoy.ginger tea-18

Research shows that ginger can help with digestive woes (including indigestion and nausea), morning sickness (really??) and relieving cramps. Obviously I’m not an MD, so if you’re growing a baby, don’t go downing loads of ginger without checking with your doc, but I love finding natural cures to some of life’s unpleasantries.

I’ve been starting my day with this for the past week or so, drinking it before I have breakfast and I’ve enjoyed it more than coffee lately. [My coffee mug is OK with this.] I feel like it gives me a good, clean start to the day. And no, I’m not using it to treat morning sickness.

Do you like the flavor of ginger?

Do you have any homemade teas you like?

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    46 responses to “Benefits of Drinking Fresh Ginger & Lemon Tea”

    1. Love this! I love Ginger and lemon so it looks like a delicious combination. It really does help with nausea and ginger really is one of the biggest recommendations for morning sickness (not that I’d know from experience…just from my job). I’ll definitely have to try this!

    2. I am starting to love the taste of Ginger too!

      In school we zest the Ginger with the skin on and take all the pieces and put in a cheese cloth or towel and SQUEEZE the juice out.

      You would be surprised how much juice comes out and this would warm up better in the microwave and you wouldn’t have to watch for the chunks in your tea 😉

      • I just got that mug and it was the first time I’ve used it. I think I’ll probably use it for other things besides hot drinks too because it’s so big!

    3. I’m so glad you posted this! I was sick all last week and was just so disgusted by all the teas I have in my house and was thinking I probably should make something with ginger and lemon. I didn’t because I thought it was to complicated or something (or maybe I was being lazy!?!). I will definitely be making this soon, sick or not! Ginger is an amazing root 🙂

    4. I LOVE ginger. My mom has a recipe for cranberry sauce that adds ginger to it and it definitely gives it a great kick. It has the ability to convert non-cranberry sauce eaters 😉

    5. mmmm, this looks like a tea that I might actually like! I’m not a huge fan, but I love ginger and lemon. This reminds me of being in Fiji on my volunteer trip…my “family” in our neighboring village wanted so badly to give me something hot to drink and when I had politely turned down coffee and some kind of store-bought tea, she got this excited look on her face and ran outside. She came back in bearing a leaf from her lemon tree and made me tea with it! Haha. It was actually really good, though I couldn’t appreciate it much at the time because I was sweating buckets already!!

      Oh, and that is such a cute reamer!! 😉

      • REAMER! that’s what it’s called! I couldn’t remember the name when I was writing the post. ha!

        Have we made mojitos together since you got me all my new goodies??

    6. I haven’t tried fresh ginger… but I do have to say that it totally helps with nausea/morning sickness. I have ginger essential oils that I’ve used and it works wonders!

    7. I’ve had this flavored water before, mmm
      1/2 Cucumber
      1 knuckle Ginger
      1/2 cup mint leaves or 2 mint tea bags
      1 lemon juiced
      1 gallon water
      Never homemade teas, maybe I should start! I have really been liking trader joes mint green tea (seasonal)

      • that sounds AWESOME. i actually have a bunch of mint in the fridge that I need to use up, so I’m going to buy a cuke tomorrow and make this!

    8. I’ve been doing lemon water for about two weeks now. And I was a cup of coffee type of girl. Okay, a three cups of coffee type of girl. While I used to dread my sour cup of tepid water, I now look forward to it.

      But I bet ginger makes it better!

    9. Perfect way to start the day! I actually for the first time tonight boiled some water with fresh ginger slices…loved it. Now I just need to do it with lemon, which usually my normally way of starting my day. So happy to hear you love ginger as much as I do!!! Actually last year Lori and I tried to grow our own because we heard it was easy. Well not so much for us, haha It sure would save us some money!

      • Yes, thank you for getting me hooked on ginger! I’ve been adding it to smoothies like crazy. I never thought of doing that before you told me you did it!

        ha! Whenever someone says something is easy to grow, it never proves to be the case for me.

    10. Love ginger!
      I have read that it keeps really well if you store it in the freezer.
      You can peel the skin off and put it in a plastic zip bag and
      just pop a chunk out whenever you need it.

    11. As soon as I read this I got up and made myself this “tea”. It’s sooooo good. It warmed me up perfectly. I used about 1/2 tsp of ginger and it was tangy but not too much for me. I will make this again but I have a problem with lemon 🙁 I have very sensitive teeth and am not supposed to have citrus. Guess I won’t be able to make this every morning. Anyone have ideas for a ginger tea without citrus?

    12. I drink hot water with lemon almost every morning – I love the taste so much! I am going to have to try adding some ginger to it, as I love ginger, too.

      I DOWNED candied ginger during my first trimester in an attempt to relieve some nausea, but I had no luck. Maybe I should have tried it raw!!

    13. wow , that sounds really tasty- as does your mom’s white bread.

      thanks for the good recipes 🙂

    14. Mmm, this sounds delicious and easy! I love ginger, but have never used it to make tea. I’ve also been steering more towards tea instead of coffee lately… my tummy seems to like it better.

    15. I made this first thing this morning. I let it steep for 8 minutes before drinking and it was so delicious! I might need to keep some fresh ginger at work so I can after this after lunch.

    16. I’ve just accidentally made 1 and a half litres og ginger tea. Can reheat it the next day?

    17. Try juicing ginger and adding the liquid to hot water with a little honey. It is potent so just a small amount per cup.

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