A Counterman review from a man with high standards

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My best bearded friend — and a skincare skeptic — tried Counterman, the men’s skin and beard care line from Beautycounter. Here’s what he thought!

I’ve got Christian back for another post! (Psssst – he’s going to be sticking around as a regular contributor…more on that soon!!!) You can see his previous posts on sports nutrition here and here!

Since Tommy uses the CounterControl line and doesn’t have a beard (nor can he really grow one), I asked Christian to try the Counterman products and share his thoughts!

Y’all know I am OBSESSED with Beautycounter’s skincare and makeup (see my exact routine here!) and while I’ve tried the Counterman face wash & shaving cream, I wanted a guy’s perspective. And Christian has high standards and will say it like it is. Perfect.

I hope this helps my male followers (I know there are a few of ya!) and helps all the ladies shop for the men in their life! Alright, over to Christian!


My requirements for men’s skincare

Even as a relative novice (that’s being generous) to skincare products, I can still say that I have pretty strong convictions around what I put on my skin. Namely these convictions fall under the purview of the following:

  • I’m a self-proclaimed, crunchy hippie. My dog is my child and I’m a vegan.

With that said, I refuse to use products that are manufactured in such a way that harm critters or the environment.

counterman beautycounter

  • I don’t use products that will harm my health long-term.

I want to know that what I am putting in and on my body is not going to have negative repercussions later in life due to “questionable” ingredients that have not been properly vetted.

  • Products cannot be greasy. Period.

This is one of the main reasons why I formerly avoided pretty much all forms of skincare products. I can’t stand feeling greasy and more so loathe looking like a road reflector when light shines on my forehead! Finding skincare products that hold true to being “non-greasy” is tough, oftentimes leading to me just doing without.

  • I’m not big on fragrance.

This mostly applies to lotions and moisturizers. I prefer for them to do their job and not leave me smelling like a bouquet of flowers or a Glade Plug-in. So, when Teri surprised me with samples of the newly launched Counterman line from Beautycounter, I was a little skeptical. Then I used them.

My Counterman Review

I started by popping the cap on the face lotion to give it a whiff. To my surprise, there was little to no fragrance. Off to a good start! Eager to use the lo-lo, I went ahead and jumped in the shower so that I could first give the daily cleanser a go.

  • Cleanser

As soon as I opened it up, I already knew I was going to like it. The bergamot and vetiver essential oils matched with the steamy goodness of a hot shower made this cleanser feel like a woodsy spa treatment. The jojoba beads provide just enough exfoliation to make the skin feel smooth and clean without being overly abrasive. Time to moisturize!

  • Moisturizer

One of the things I like the most about the lotion is that a little bit goes a long way. The light-weight and non-greasy (for real) formula absorbed right away leaving no shine or residue. The best part? No fragrance!

  • Beard Oil

And I f*$king love the Counterman Beard Oil. Teri made me take out the real word out but I feel that strongly about it. I can’t get enough of the smell and my boyfriend loves it too.

First off, the smell is very similar to the cleanser, masculine and woodsy without being over powering. I can’t get enough of the smell. I was super pumped about the similarities in scent because it basically made the “spa-like” sensation offered by the cleanser extend to outside the shower.

Secondly, it’s NOT overly shiny. Most beard oil enthusiasts know that it’s hard to find an oil that doesn’t leave your beard looking like you’ve gone swimming in bacon grease. Counterman’s beard oil, leaves your beard looking healthy and hydrated without being overly shiny or reflective.

beautycounter for men

P.S. This photo was taken up on Hawk’s Bill. Add it to your list of must-do hikes when visiting Boone!

Bottom line

So, with my skepticism thoroughly thwarted, I can say that the Counterman Daily Exfoliating Cleanser, Oil-Free Face Lotion and Conditioning Beard Oil checked all of my boxes and truly exceeded my expectations!

Plus, I loved reading that that Beautycounter never tests on animals, that they are a B-Corp, and that they offset their carbon footprint. It’s a good company that makes good products. And can we talk about the packaging?

counterman review

Looking for Teri’s skincare routine? See it here!


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