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A Quick Trip to North Myrtle Beach: Day 1

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This past weekend, I headed down to North Myrtle Beach for a quick weekend getaway. Some friends have a house down there so when they extended the offer for a visit, I jumped. It was a bit chilly but still beautiful.

IMG 7994We started out the weekend Saturday morning with a solid session at the gym – my friends work out HARD. They were so inspiring! It was awesome that they all wanted to hit up the gym while vacationing too. After our workout, we had an early lunch, then we took a long walk on the beach.

IMG 7996

In the afternoon, we went to a local vineyard La Belle Amie do to a tasting and stumbled upon a wine festival!


Live music and dancing galore. Still a bit chilly but still fun!


It was a pretty place. I loved their porch! So did that mister apparently.


Their wines all had funny names. hehe


We sat outside and enjoyed wine, music, great conversation, and lots of laughter.


SUCH a Southern saying:  Bless her heart!

IMG 7968

I left with a big smile, slightly blue lips from the cold and slightly purple teeth from the wine.


Later that evening we went to a local joint, Steven’s Oyster & Sea Food Restaurant, for fresh oysters. I love traveling with people who know all the hidden gems.


Seriously the BEST oysters I’ve ever ever had. They were huge!



Now you see them, now you don’t!

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Lots of collateral damage.


After a day of beaching, oysters, a little shopping, and a lot of wine, we all crashed into bed. We ran a race on Sunday and needed to rest up – but more on that later!

Do you like oysters? I had them for the first time a few years ago and was kind of meh. But I really think they are something that grows on you. Now I LOOOOOVE them. Especially when they are crazy fresh like that.

What’s the BEST beach you have ever been to?


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    12 responses to “A Quick Trip to North Myrtle Beach: Day 1”

    1. That sounds like a really fun day, even if it was chilly! That’s a great picture of you in the car – you look so pretty and radiant 🙂 I think the best beach I’ve ever been to was Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman. But I like all beaches – I just love being by the water!

    2. So fun! I love Myrtle Beach. We used to vacay there every year as a kid. Glad you got to do a nice little getaway.

    3. Wow that looks like my idea of a perfect weekend! I always stereotyped Myrtle beach as completely different from how you experienced it, north myrtle actually looks lovely!!

      I love friends who love working out as much as me, wohoo!

      And raw oysters… Heveanly!

    4. That picture of the older gentleman on the porch warmed my heart! 🙂 ha! My favorite US beach may very well be Folly- I loved it there for our girls’ weekend! Very laidback and chill. We go to the OBX with Russ’ family (usually Kill Devil Hills or Nags Head), and it’s beautiful, but not much to do and not great restaurants (in my opinion).

    5. love it! looks like such fun.. i need to come visit you and then we can go to the beach 🙂 so glad you are coming in august! my mom went to pago today and i thought of you when i told her to go there! xoxo

    6. This looks like such a perfect weekend! Now I want to plan a beach vacation…
      One of my favorite beaches in Bethany Beach in Delaware. My family went there every summer when I was growing up. In contrast to North Carolina summers, Bethany Beach was never humid, even in the middle of July!

    7. Oooh I love oysters, I am heading down next month to the North Myrtle Beach resorts and I cannot wait to try out Steven’s. Thanks for that tip!

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