20 Fun Indoor Activities For Adults At Home

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Stuck at home or run out of options of things to do besides a walk? This post has you covered with fun things to do (some indoor and some outdoor!).

Hey AFSF readers! It’s Hannah, back again for another guest post. I work for Teri as her content manager. . I graduated from college a year ago and promptly got married to my high school sweetheart. Today’s post is a good one: activities for adults staying at home. During 2020, we all had to get creative with our indoor activities. That’s when I first wrote this post! Now that we aren’t stuck at home, there are lots of options for fun things to do out and about, but every now and then, I love to spend the weekend in. If you happen to find yourself stuck at home sick, I hope these ideas help give you a little inspiration too.

20 Fun Indoor Activities For Adults At Home

I hope these ideas help you out a little as well! Not ALL of them are indoor activities, but they they are for sure good staying-home ideas.

Active Indoor Activities For Adults

1. Games 

I wasn’t a game-player until I had to be in 2020. And while I’m not a video game person, I do love card games and board games! My sister recently introduced our family to Cardinal Mexican Train Dominoes, and we’ve loved playing together after dinner. You can buy a set here. I also learned how to play Canasta on spring break. I haven’t played since then, but it’s on my list of ideas for a rainy day. All you need are playing cards, and you can find instructions online. There are tons of other games to play on Amazon. I’d love to hear what card or board games your family plays.

2. Driveway Workout Class

I’ve been working out in my driveway and loving it. One of my friends meets me outside, and we do circuit workouts together. This has been really nice and creates great accountability. I love to use the Aaptiv app and pair my phone to a bluetooth speaker. Teri loves Peloton. It feels like we’re in a class together and gives us a morning or mid day activity! Grab your roommates, spouse, or whoever you’re quarantined with and try it. Personally, I really need accountability for workouts, so this has been my solution. See this post for more home workout ideas.

Did you know you can share your workouts with people on your Apple Watch? If you need a little extra motivation, share your workouts with your best friend so you can encourage each other when you get their updates.

3. Do some much-needed chores

Not what you expected from the title of this post, right? Yeah, yikes. For me, this has been taking my car to get serviced. That always feels SO inconvenient to me and I put it off way too often. But, I’m proud to say, I dropped mine off this morning. It doesn’t sound like an activity that would be fun for adults to do while we’re at home, but once it’s done, it will feel SO good. I actually enjoy cleaning, so I’m going to organize my closet and clean it out this week! I know that isn’t fun for everyone, but I bet it would be more fun if you listened to your new audiobook while working. 😉

Teri likes Force of Nature cleaner and I’ve been really interested in trying them. Use code AFOODIESTAYSFIT for 30% off kits and bundles.

4. Start a Garden

I started a garden with my husband in our first home. We’ve been so proud each time we get to each a tomato we’ve grown, use one of our jalapeños, or whenever we remember we have basil on hand. If you have space, even a window box could work for herbs, you could do this. This is a fun activity AND you get to reap some tasty benefits.

Creative Activities For Adults At Home

5. Themed dinners

This is an idea from a dear friend. During 2020, her family picked themes and dressed up for them! They had an Italian countryside-inspired dinner, and you can imagine how special (and delicious) that would be. If you can’t go out for Italian (or don’t want to spend the money!), have Italian in! Cook some pasta and make the whole experience happen at your home (cooking class at home!). Get dressed up and pretend it’s an actual date night out. Have a happy hour! This is the perfect time to try something like this and surprise your spouse or significant other.

I also LOVE a good charcuterie board, and that would be a fun dinner as well. Here’s a recent one I helped make. Need some more guidance? Don’t worry, Teri has a blog post all about building an amazing charcuterie board here!

20 Fun Indoor Activities For Adults At Home

6. Make Something New in the Kitchen

There’s no time like the present to cook up a storm and baking is always a great indoor activity! Teri has starting making bread from scratch more often and it’s inspiring me to try it. We’ll see how it goes. This bread recipe seems easy! Teri has hundreds of recipes that would be perfect to try. Or you know what? Try making ice cream from scratch!

I’ve been making an unnatural amount of banana bread. It’s a good gift idea too ;).

Make Something New in the Kitchen

7. Build a fort and have a Movie Marathon

Forts aren’t only for kids, and you can get creative with building a cozy one in your living room. And one of the best parts of being a kid was having time to binge watch so many movies. I’ve seen friends watching all of the Marvel movies in order, or watching really old movies they hadn’t seen in years. If you make a plan out of it, it would be something to look forward to everyday. I think the key to most of these ideas is to be intentional with how you plan them. Everything is more fun when you take the time to make it special.

In fact, a fort would be a great place for an indoor picnic too!

8. Bubble Baths

I am an avid lover of bubble baths and what my friends and I call “robe-time”. If you have a bathtub at home, create a spa night. I mean really, like the whole shebang. Cucumbers for your eyes, fruit-infused water, a bathrobe, a book, and calming music. If you’re going to try it, fully commit. I even bought an at-home manicure kit. By opening a new body scrub or starting a new book, you could make it extra special. A bath will also help you relax and stop worrying, which I think we’re all doing a little of right now.

I know Teri loves these bath salts, this body scrub and body butter set to slather on when you’re done. Or just grab this spa kit or check out Teri’s skincare and makeup page for more inspiration of other beauty treatments you can do at home! We both love the Overnight Resurfacing Peel or a face mask.

And I’m not kidding about my love for “robe-time”. I have a summer and a winter robe! Teri’s favorite cozy robe is from Lake Pajamas. 

20 Fun Indoor Activities For Adults At Home

Waffle “winter” robe

20 Fun Indoor Activities For Adults At Home


9. Use your Fire Pit

This is top of the list for fun family activities. If you have one of these, it’s a great way to have a night “out” while staying home. If you have kids, or heck, even if you don’t, make s’mores! We’ve been eating dinner outside when it’s nice and that’s been a highlight of being home. In the summer, I like a glass of rosé or a coconut la criox by the fire, and in the winter I like spiced tea or hot chocolate.

If you’re feeling REALLY inspired, try cooking over your fire pit! You could do hotdogs or s’mores. If you have kids, it would make for a magical night for them.

Use your Fire Pit

10. Pick up a New Book

This is probably something you’ve already done! If you’ve been slammed with work and need to wind down in the evenings, a new book is such a treat. It’s been a LONG time since I’ve read for fun! I especially like audiobooks. I listen to them on drives and on walks. I’ve been given a recommendation to start this podcast, too. You can see what Teri is reading here. It would also be super fun to start a virtual book club on video chat! And if you have kids around, read aloud to them!

My favorite casual reads this summer were this and this.

Pick up a New Book

Other Indoor Activities For Adults

Here are some other ideas for random at-home activities

11. Have a tea party! And don’t forget to call a friend!

12. Celebrate Christmas in July (or any other month).

13. Write thank you cards for people who mean a lot to you.

14. Break out that sidewalk chalk or old roller blades.

15. Make a time capsule to remember this season with your family and friends. Have a scavenger hunt!

16. Play Xbox or Wii with your kids or roommates

17. Have an extended family Zoom call

18. Set up a projector and have a backyard movie night

19. Re-do your Spotify/Apple Music Playlists – see Teri’s playlists here.

20. Have breakfast in bed on a weekend –– I love this tray for TV dinners or breakfast in bed.

21. Have a craft day! You can google plenty of adult craft ideas (I’d stay away from all things mod podge though…so sticky). I’d google “easy crafts for adults” haha.

22. Update your home decor. No need to buy something new, just rearrange what you have!

23. Set up an at-home escape room. This could be tricky, but so fun!

24. Go on a bike ride! Even alone, it’s always a good time.


Trust me, I know what it feels like to be a little stir crazy. We all do after 2020! I hope these ideas help inspire you weather your stuck at home sick, or just want a weekend in!

Feel free to follow me on Instagram and say hi! I love hearing from you.

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