Staying hydrated all day (and all year!) long with Primo Water

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It’s 2018!!! I still can’t believe it even though we’re a month in. It’s going to take a while before I get used to saying it and writing it. And how is it already February?

With a new year comes new goals, and one of mine this year is to drink more water. Having a  Primo Water dispenser in my home is definitely helping with this goal. (You can see my previous blog posts about Primo Water here.)

Drinking a lot of water doesn’t come easily for me since I tend to favor coffee or kombucha over plain water. Here’s how I’m hoping to be better about staying hydrated.


  • Staying hydrated throughout the day. Rather than chug 1-2 glasses when I remember to (which is my typical approach – ha!), I want to be more consistent with drinking water all day long. I especially struggle to drink water in the evenings – I’m great about it in the mornings since I’m usually diligent to rehydrate after a run and I’m pretty good about it during the day since I just mindlessly drink water while working if my water bottle is full. But I really struggle to remember to drink water in the evenings, which means I often go to bed dehydrated and wake up dehydrated…which isn’t a great way to start my morning run.
  • Staying hydrated to improve my running. Staying hydrated is hugely important while I’m in marathon training mode. And it’s especially important to be diligent about drinking water during the colder months since I tend to not feel thirsty like I do in the hotter months.
  • Drink less coffee and replace it with water. For those of you who know me, you’re probably thinking this is impossible, but I CAN DO IT! ;))
  • Drink warm water more often. Part of the reason I don’t want to drink water is because I’m cold all the dang time. But, considering my Primo Water dispenser has a hot water dispenser, I can easily drink water which is more palatable when it’s cold.
  • Keep a water bottle by me at all times. At my desk. In the living room. In the kitchen. In the car.

Something about having the ease of a water dispenser makes it SO much easier to drink more water. And having home delivery is AMAZING. If you’re local, you text Primo Water when you’re out and they pick up your empty bottles and leave full ones. (More on that in an upcoming post!)

But, if you’re not local, it’s easy to drop off your empty bottles and get a full one (and you get a discount ticket when you return your empty bottle). You can also refill the bottle you have. It just depends which refill location you go to and what option is at any given store – but they’re easy to find. Walmart, Lowes, and lots of grocery stores across the US have refill locations.

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How do you make sure you stay hydrated throughout the day? Leave me a comment with your ideas so I can incorporate them into my life! 🙂

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