Workout Gear I Want (and may justify since it’s all on sale)

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Happy Friday y’all! I’m so ready for the weekend. I started my day off on an excellent note with a run with a new friend, Kim. We met via Instagram, but she also happens to live in my apartment, so it’s super convenient to run together. Plus, she’s a GREAT runner and super sweet. I love having so many running buds! After our run, I took Maizey on a walk – it was so cool and crisp this morning!

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This morning I saw a physical therapist for the first time in about 6 years. I had needling done, which is like acupuncture but it’s done by a licensed physical therapist and the needles go in deeper to trigger the muscles to release. I’ve been having some glute issues (I think I’ve mentioned that on the blog?) for months so I finally made an appointment after trying massage, yoga, foam rolling, and using a lacrosse ball without much relief. In short, I LOVED the needling – I already feel relief after one session. I’ll keep you guys posted as I continue treatment!

Fall Workout Gear

Now that we’re getting into cooler temperatures, I’ve been looking at fall and winter workout gear, especially pants and good layering tops. While I love Fabletics, their designs have been seriously hideous lately. And the quality of (most of) their tops is AWFUL, so I end up throwing things out fairly often. I think I need to suck it up and invest in nicer workout gear for as much as I work out. I’m a huge fan of Oiselle (especially their roga shorts), but a lot of their tops are tight through the chest on me. So I’m checking out a few different brands, and since ShopBop is having a sale right now, I’m eyeing a few things there.

Workout Bottoms

Shopbop sells Beyond Yoga leggings, which I looooove, so I think I’ll snag these with the cutest bow detailing ever. Maybe a little girly for CrossFit but I don’t care. 😉 I really love the look of the green capris too, and they look like they may fit similarly to the knickers I ran in and blogged about yesterday.

Workout Tops

I have such a bad habit of buying too many black workout tops, but I just love the way they slim and go with everything. I wear black tops with black bottoms a lot, and just spice things up with a colored sports bra that peeks out underneath. 🙂

This sweater looks soooo cozy, and I love the back of this top. The bow detail on the back of this top is so stinking cute, but I think I’d rather have the leggings than the top since the bows are more subtle on the leggings.

Sunglasses I Want

I also REALLY need new sunglasses and have for some time. I have a few $5 pairs that are too big on my face, are uncomfortable, and just pretty crappy, and I noticed Shopbop has some cute Raybans on sale. My face is kind of tiny and all glasses look huge on me, so I’m a little bit nervous to buy online, but I think these Erika ones look like they’d work!


The sale ends today so I can’t just let these sit in my cart while I stew it over (like I usually do).  I’d love your opinion on what’s in my cart to help narrow it down, and I’d love to hear other brands of high-quality workout gear that you love! And if you find anything else awesome on sale, please share! I’m going to start saving workout clothes I want on this Pinterest board so follow that board if you need more ideas!

If you go shopping yourself on Shopbop, make sure to use code MAINEVENT16 at check out and save 25% off your entire order when you spend up to $500 and 30% off when you spend over $500. And if you spend that much, I really want to hear what you get!! 😉

Happy Friday y’all!


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    6 responses to “Workout Gear I Want (and may justify since it’s all on sale)”

    1. Athleta has been my new go-to for Workout gear. The quality is incredible & what their customer service is OUT OF THIS WORLD. They send me coupons in the mail + emails!

      • oooh I haven’t looked there in forever! Thanks for reminding me!! And SO good to know they have good customer service. That makes SUCH a difference. Customer service is one of the biggest reasons I shop at Nordstrom for everything, so when I hear other companies rock with it too, I’m sold! 🙂

    2. I’m not sure that the Prana knickers are designed for running?? I’ve always thought of them as a yoga clothing line. We have their clothes at the store I work at, but I’ve never tried them on. I’ve never heard of the Beyond Yoga clothing line. I do love the Erika Rayban sunglasses though! In response to the first comment, I really like my Athleta Chaturanga capris, but I haven’t tried running in them. It is too cold for capris already! Wah! (At least in the mornings.)

      • okay, that makes me feel better that you said that about the knickers not being designed for running. I have a few pairs of capris that I love for yoga and CrossFit, but I HATE running in them and I couldn’t figure out why! Any idea what the design difference is for running-specific leggings? I thought it was all in my head!

        I looove Beyond Yoga stuff – the quality is high and it’s not too tight!

        I cannot believe it’s too cold for capris for you already. Dangit, you need to visit. How can we make this happen? 😉

      • they’re so cute! Have you tried them on? I’m trying to figure out if they’ll be enormous! I didn’t pull the trigger on the Shopbop sale but I’m hoping I can find them on sale somewhere else!

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