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One of my blog readers, Chelsea, left a post request a week ago and I thought it was a fun post idea! She suggested a “what you’ve been …” post with what I’ve been watching, listening to, dinner or lunches I’ve been into, etc… just the the normal day to day things I’m enjoying! So here we go!

What I’ve been…

Watching: Game of Thrones (I just started…the verdict is still out), plus my usuals — Nashville, Scandal, New Girl, The Mindy Project and Revenge (I don’t even like Revenge anymjore but I can’t stop watching it!)

Listening to: Yes, Please by Amy Poehler and Bon Iver for good chill music (such good music for long plane rides!)


Eating for breakfast: steel cut oats topped with a little salt, a little maple syrup and pecans. Best comfort food on these cold mornings! (Here’s a simple how to cook steel cut oats tutorial if you’re new to them!). The sweet & salty combo with salt and maple syrup is sooo good.

Eating for lunch: leftover Thai food (see below)

Eating for dinner: Thai food. All of the Thai food. And sushi. All of the sushi. However, I finally ate something other than Thai or sushi tonight. It was a salad with spinach, arugula, roasted butternut squash, goat cheese, toasted pecans, dried bing cherries and a vinaigrette with a little olive oil, balsamic vinegar and honey. (Those are Food for Life Gluten-free English Muffins – TERRIBLE. Don’t buy them. I had to coat them in honey to make them edible.)SAM_1172

Drinking: Honey cinnamon lattes on the weekends and decaf coffee at night. It’s a nice change from hot tea when I’m winding down! I’ve also been loving bourbon now that it’s gotten so cold out! SAM_1175

Wearing: This Fabletics sweater non-stop. Maizey photobombed every picture I tried to take for you tonight. She wasn’t having it.


Loving: my friends and family. Seriously. The. Best.

Hating: the lack of daylight and colder temps

Smiling at: this little fall corner on my table. I’m not a big decorator but this just feels so cozy.IMG_9409

Working on: meditating. I’m loving the Headspace app. (If anyone decides to sign up past the free trial, let me know. I have a free one month pass to give away that I earned when I signed up for an annual membership. Yep, I paid for the annual membership – I like it that much.)

Feeling girly about: Wicked by Essie nail polish. Best dark plum color ever! wicked

Treating myself to: Ciao Bello Dark Cocoa SorbettoSAM_1141

I couldn’t believe how smooth and creamy this was for sorbetto, which I usually find to be icy.SAM_1146

What about you? What have you been ______________?

(Thanks for the suggestion Chelsea!)

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    22 responses to “What I’ve Been…”

    1. This is eerily similar to my life. I can’t quit watching Revenge even though it’s downright terrible now, I had Thai food twice last weekend and am still craving it, and decaf coffee at night is now a must (thanks to these chilly evenings). (I’m gonna have to check out that Fabletics sweatshirt. Too cute!)

    2. I could probably live on thai and sushi takeout for weeks! That salad sounds like a yummy change of pace, tho 🙂

      Friends of ours love to drink bourbon and experiment with it in different recipes. We’ve made bourbon chocolate chip cookies and a bourbon chocolate pecan pie with them…both were scrumptious! Bourbon…who knew?

      Stay warm!

    3. Wearing: Necklaces! I haven’t really worn a lot of accessories since my kids were born – I was staying home and didn’t need to dress up! But now I’m trying to give my wardrobe a little attention – mixing things up that I might not normally pair together and then adding a belt or a necklace (or both)!. I’m trying to take my very simple “style” up a notch. Bonus – it’s fun and it makes me happy!

      • That’s awesome! I have a hard time with accessorizing! I stick to simple, small items but whenever I wear bigger statement necklaces I get lots of compliments! Good for you for stepping it up, especially since it makes you happy! 😀

    4. great topic 😉
      Watching, The Newsroom. Looove it! Also the norms, scandel, greys, how to get away with murder, castle, blacklist. Also love last week tonight with john oliver. Totally have done the same thing you’re doing with Revenge. You keep watching just because you are that invested, but really just wish the show would end so you don’t have to watch. I really loved revenge in the begining, it’s too bad they really ruined it.
      Bon Iver is always playing around my house now days. He’s the best. Either his albums or the Bon Iver pandora station. So calming.
      Breakfast, I’ve been making an egg casserole on the weekend to reheat during the week. Eggs, greens, sweet potatoes, and breakfast sausage. Quick, easy, healthy.
      Drinking, coconut le croix. And coffee. Lots of coffee. But my local coffee shop has a late I’ve been really into. It has agave, little coco powder, and cayenne pepper. It gives it a bit of a spice and it’s so good!
      OPI lincoln park after dark and mrs O’Leary’s BBQ are my favorite fall colors. But I want to get a really dark green for this all.

      I recently got hunter boots after lusting after them for too long. My tau boots I had previously just started leaking so I finally made the purchase.

      • Your breakfast casserole sounds amazing!

        There is coconut le croix?!?!?! Must. Find. That latte sounds amazing too!

        I love OPI Lincoln Park and I really want Hunter Boots. So…basically we’re the same person. 😉

    5. This is such a cute post idea for life updates! I’ve been (re)watching 30 Rock on Netflix lately but I also just started watching The Mindy Project and I’m pretty hooked! I also need to buy Amy Poehler’s book ASAP! How is it so far??

    6. ooh, I’d love to try the headspace pass!

      Speaking of meditation apps, have you tried stop, think, breathe? I think that’s what it’s called…? I have yet to download it–it’s over 200MB (!!!), but I’d like to try it… I also like calm, and I’ve tried insight timer, which I didn’t like as much. And I also just downloaded digipill (not quite the same as the others, but thought I’d try it out). Any suggestions or opinions? If you hav more experience, would love a meditation app review/recommendation post!

      • I just emailed you the headspace pass!

        I’m not familiar with Stop, Think, Breathe. I tried Insight Timer and didn’t really like it – the quality of the recordings was all over the place!

    7. Honey cinnamon latte!! Are you making this or getting it somewhere? I need more details, por favor!

    8. I just ordered my first Fabletics pieces—that pullover included.I’m so excited! Thanks for the reviews–it’s so tough for me to find the courage to order clothing online, especially athletic clothing!

      • Hi TeriLyn,

        I should apologize for my beginner’s blogging comment etiquette (or lack thereof). I accidentally tapped “send” before I’d realized that I misspelled my own blog website address (doh!) and then ended up tapping “send” more than once (stupid thumbs). I apologize if I overloaded your comment queue/inbox, and for how I made it seem like wordpress.com is my website. As if.

        I’ll keep my comments limited to laptops for now, until I get better control of my smart phone motor skills 😉

        • Alex, I just stumbled upon this comment while looking for an old blog post. This cracked me up! I don’t know how I originally missed this comment but I’m so glad you left it. 😀

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