The Weekender: Links + Last Week’s Workouts

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As promised yesterday, here is the Weekender with my favorite links last week + a recap of my workouts. BTW, thanks for all your sweet comments about my guy – I think he’s pretty adorable too. 😉

I seriously thought all runners knew about this lacing trick with running shoes, but I’ve been seeing this video pop up all over in the past few weeks with “Wait, WHAT?!” comments, so maybe it’s not common knowledge! A running store employee showed me how to lace that way about 12 years ago – I guess I got lucky!

Sweet Chili Coconut-Lime Grilled Chicken with Coconut-Lime Cauliflower Rice. Yes please.

Check out Amanda’s tips for overcoming negative self-talk while running. I think we can all related to being too hard on ourselves.

I love this quote Gracie shared on her blog. Her accompanying post is a good read too about not overthinking everything! e514d3499c23f1f81a22a34b3df36eea_thumb[1]


The Week in Fitness

S –  ran 11 miles with my mom! 🙂 8:35 pace

M – ran 5 miles, 8 min pace

T – First visit to Metro CrossFit!
WOD–10 minute EMOM: Even Minutes: 6 pull-ups (band assisted); Odd Minutes: 30 seconds of Double Unders and rest until next minute begins

W – ran 7.3 miles, 7:40 pace

Th – CrossFit
WOD 1: toes to bar + Deadlifts. WOD 2: rowing, dumbbell step-ups and kettlebell swings. Details here. It’s a lot to stick in this post so check out that link for the exact workout! 🙂 I did both the Strength/Gymnastics and Cardio options.

F – 60 min class @ Yoga One + CrossFit
WOD: front squats (I built up to my max – failed at 155#!) and then 400 m run, 40 front rack lunges (45#), 400m run, 30 ring pushups (I did them on the ground), 400 m run, and 20 hang power cleans (45#).

S – CrossFit + 4 mile run (30 min, 7:30 pace)
WOD: “1000 ways to die” Teams of 2 people; workload could be split up in any order or rep scheme, and both partners could work at the same time. My partner, Sabrina, was awesome! Super encouraging and she worked really hard which helped motivate me when I was struggled. She carried most of the wall balls (thank goodness) and I hammered out the lunges. We split everything else pretty evenly! It was a really fun workout

  • 100 wall balls 20/14
  • 100 box jumps 24/20
  • 100 double unders
  • 100 kettlebell swings 53/35
  • 100 abmat sit ups
  • 100 pull ups
  • 100 kettlebell sumo deadlift high pull 53/35
  • 100 ring dips
  • 100 jumping jacks
  • 100 walking lunges (no weight)

And, um, yes, I am quickly becoming obsessed with CrossFit. I am really enjoying it and am trying to focus on doing workouts that sound fun instead of workouts I “should” do. Running long feels like a “should” these days, so I’m trying to get back to doing workouts I look forward to, whether it’s just a long walk with Maizey, a super easy run, yoga or alllll the CrossFit.

Do you ever feel like there are certain workouts you “should” do?

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    10 responses to “The Weekender: Links + Last Week’s Workouts”

    1. I totally hear you about feeling like I “should” run… but I just don’t really enjoy it. The workouts I should really do are lots of mobility and stretching! My shoulders are tight and I know if I don’t spend some extra time stretching them then I’m just asking to feel crappy eventually. I also should work on double unders… like every day because I’m so bad at them… but I HATE them lol.

      I’m so happy you’re loving your workouts and I love following your CF adventures 🙂

    2. I definitely get stuck thinking I “should” do cardio. But lately I’ve been taking a yoga sculpt class that gives me just 2 minutes of outright cardio yet I leave the class feeling so accomplished and like I worked hard. So that is starting to teach me that #allthecardio is not necessarily the way to go.!

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