The Weekender: Last Week’s Workouts + Favorite Links

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I had a great week of workouts. While I’m still following my general weekly workout structure, I don’t have any set distance or speed for my runs going into them. After following a very prescriptive half marathon training program, it’s refreshing (mentally and physically!) to just listen to what my body is craving.


M – 2.66 miles, 20 minutes, 7:31 pace (treadmill) + weight training

T – 6.75 miles, 50 minutes, 7:24 pace (treadmill) – interval run, 6×4 minute repeats @ 6:40 pace with 90 seconds recovery jog + warm-up and cool down

W – 2 miles, 16 minutes, 8:00 pace (treadmill) + weight training

Th – 7 miles, 54 minutes, 7:42 pace (treadmill)

F – rest day!

S – 6.71 miles, 51 minutes, 7:38 pace

S – 17.12, 2 hours, 17 min, 8:00 pace

Total Mileage: 42 miles
How I feel:
Great! Nothing hurts or is achy. My right quad got a little tight after doing a lot of squats on Wednesday, so I was glad for a rest day on Friday and then just eased into Saturday’s run until it loosened up. I’m going to try to get in for a massage on Tuesday since I have the day off work.

After Saturday’s run, I took Maizey on a nice long walk while talking to a far-away friend on the phone, stopping at the Krankies airstream along the way for an almond milk latte. During the week I drink black coffee, but I’ve been treating myself to almond milk honey cinnamon lattes on my Friday (favorite!) rest days and after my weekend runs. It’s a great way to reward myself for all the hard work I put in during the week, both at my job and in my workouts. And I really enjoy catching up with friends and family on the phone while walking.IMG_9266

Favorite reads

PSA: Lucy is having 30% off everything today. I love their Hatha leggings and if I wasn’t overflowing in leggings because of my Fabletics addiction, I’d get another pair.

What’s so bad about gluten?  This was a super interesting read. It’s long but if you’re remotely interested in this topic, it’s fascinating and definitely worth the time. (Thanks for sharing Jenn!)

7 Common Excuses for Not Practicing Yoga I’m guilty of #3 lately. When I think about yoga, running sounds more appealing, but I know I need yoga to keep running strong (i.e. it’s one of the 5 ways I stopped getting injuries).

Sesame Ginger Orange Tempeh. I really wish soy didn’t make me break out like crazy because I miss tempeh and this simple recipe sounds amazing.

Did you find any good articles or blog posts this week? Share the links! And don’t be shy about your own blog posts; if you had one you particularly liked, share it with us!

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      • Thanks for sharing! I love personality stuff too! I’m a introvert too, and this quote from the article is soooo true for me: “introverts may let calls go to voicemail so they can return them when they have the proper energy and attention to dedicate to the conversation.”

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