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When I run, I almost always listen to music (my Spotify running playlist) or a podcast, if it’s a long, slow run. Since I use my iPhone for both of those, I’m always on the hunt to find the BEST thing for carrying it (plus my keys, fuel, etc. when necessary). I have a good friend who has raved about the SPIbelt for years, but in typical fashion, I ignored the advice.

But when SPIbelt offered to send me a free belt to try out, I was totally game. I just take a little convincing sometimes and freebies don’t hurt. 😉

I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical. It fits a bit like a fanny pack (super seksi) with a clip-closure, stretchy waistband. I didn’t think there was a chance in hellll that this thing wouldn’t bounce. SAMSUNG CSC

I was wrong.

Seriously, the thing doesn’t move! I ran 6 miles, including some intense intervals, with my iPhone stored in it, and I never had to adjust it once. I honestly forgot I had it on. It gets two VERY enthusiastic thumbs up, and it’s definitely a product I would spend my own money on. I’ve also used it when lifting weights and it’s great for that too.

SPIBelt offered to give one of my readers a SPIbelt. (I picked out the coral for you guys; I hope you like it!). SAMSUNG CSC

To enter, just leave a comment telling me what you love most about running. And if you hate running, you can say that too and/or tell me what workout you would like to use it for! I’ll announce the winner on Sunday. [GIVEAWAY CLOSED]


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    96 responses to “SPIBelt Review”

    1. I love that running gives me time for reflection as well as growth. I usually catch up on some podcasts when running.

    2. I love that running gives me the chance to spend time with friends while staying healthy.

    3. I love running at night or in the cold. I am a very hot runner, so the cool air makes me feel so alive and fresh! I

    4. I love that running allows me to explore where I live and the places that I travel to in a way that seeing these areas through a car window (or never seeing them) doesn’t.

    5. I love that I can zone out and whatever problems or issues I may have had earlier that day aren’t as bad by the end of my run.

    6. I love that run shows how far I can push myself. Running shows my that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.

    7. My favorite thing about running and bicycling is feeling free. At the same time, I can only feel really free knowing I have my phone with me to call for help if needed. I would love this band and coral is my favorite color. Merry Christmas Terri!

    8. I love that running lets me be outside on a regular basis, with time to just soak in the outdoors. I also love that my husband and I are the same speed, and that we can use running as a time to connect.

    9. I love that I can just go out, clear my head, and forget about everything going on. I feel like I can breathe and let everything go.

    10. I don’t always love running, but I ALWAYS love the way I feel after I run!! Hoping to get faster in 2015! 🙂

    11. I have yet to find a running belt I have liked :(. I’d love to try this one out. It looks awesome!

    12. What I love most varies daily 🙂 but today it is that it makes me feel like I can breathe again after a very tough work day. I would love this SPIBelt.

    13. Will it fit an iphone 6? I have a marika belt now, but it doesn’t stay tight around my waist. Even my RunKeeper app is off due to some bouncing 🙁 If this will fit my iphone, then I’m psyched to try it out!

      I just wrote a post regarding a running challenge for 2015. This is all I’ll say: the high, the release, the benefits…spill over into everything else 🙂

    14. I love that feeling of freedom and that no matter what I’m dealing with, in that moment, its just me and the pavement. I’m able to go anywhere and conquer anything on my own two feet.

    15. I love how clear it makes everything seem after.
      Do you like the SPIbelt better than the flipbelt?

      • I actually DO like it better than my FlipBelt and I’ve really loved that. But, I’ve had issues with it riding up a lot lately. I compared it to my mom’s FlipBelt when I was visiting her (we have the same size) and mine was wayyyy bigger so I think it just got stretched out. Granted, I had it for a few years, so I suppose that makes sense, but I like that the SPIBelt has an adjustable waist band to help address that issue.

    16. I love the way running makes me feel! Relaxed, refreshed, ready to overcome whatever life throws at me next!

    17. I love the way I feel after I really give it my all during a speed workout!

    18. I love the feeling of escaping when I’m running. And I love the feeling of accomplishment after I’m done!

    19. I love how strong it makes me feel. Not necessarily in the physical sense of the word !

    20. Despite having run a few races, I don’t love running. 🙁 I love working out in general, though, and it’s a goal of mine to learn to love running. I’m trying to become more consistent with it, because I do love that it’s something you can do almost anywhere, and that it has easily measurable achievements.

    21. What I love most is how it clears my head. I can feel super stressed but after a good run I just feel SO much better!

    22. On the days when nothing seems to go right. I lace up my sneakers and just RUN. Running always feels right!!

    23. I love running because it is really the only time I have to myself. Love my kids, but everyone’s gotta have some time for themselves 🙂

    24. I don’t like to run but would give this to my wonderful daughter if I won!

    25. I love how running can sometimes make me feel totally badass 😉 And how it always makes me feel strong!

      And just out of curiosity, where on your hips/waist did you wear it so it wouldn’t bounce?


    26. Honestly, I hate running and the only way I can do it is if I’m listening to music!

    27. I love that running helps me clear my head. Whenever I am stressed, a run always helps!

    28. I love how strong and invincible I feel after a good run. Makes me feel alive!

    29. I have had my eye on a running belt for the past year! I’m working back into it from a hip flexor injury, and would love some extra motivation in the form of NEW GEAR!

    30. I like running because I think it’s a good way to exercise outdoors, plus I always feel so accomplished afterwards.

    31. After running my first marathon in November, I’m taking a break from running right now (until January 1st!). I love running because I love seeing myself get stronger and faster, and I love how it’s something I can do alone, to think, or something I can do with friends, to gossip. 🙂

    32. I just took up running a little over a year ago. I have always been super active & love to exercise, but running just wasn’t for me. I totally didn’t think I could do it. So I guess what I love about it most is the sense of accomplishment I feel after a run (not to mention all those extra calories burned!). 😉

    33. I love running as a way for me to think through decisions or reflect on my life. No one can bother me and it’s “me” time.

    34. I love that running challenges me and keeps me motivated. It’s weird, I can’t say that I totally love running, but it’s so addicting. I am running my second half marathon in January and contemplating signing up for my first full marathon.

    35. I love that no matter what else happens that day, I can finish the day knowing that I did something great for my body, mind, and spirit. Unlike everything else that may come my way that day, I am in complete control of bringing that sense of accomplishment, satisfaction, and pride for myself.

    36. I love running because I always do it with my best running buddy, my dog 🙂 It gives me a nice mental break after a long day of work and tires the dog out as well, which I’m sure you know a tried dog is a happy dog! The SPIbelt would be great for me because I am often short on pockets after carrying dog bags, phone, keys and carrying a leash.

    37. I love that running is so free. I just go out the door and run, with no one telling me how long, how far, or where. It’s just me and nature and the fresh air. Racing and training are also addicting!

    38. I love running because it lets me explore all the trails and parks near my house and lets me spend time outdoors with my oh-so-energetic pooch.

    39. I love the sense of accomplishment you get after a good run – I used to run ALL of the time (before f&*@!%& law school) and am trying to get back into it – running a half one month from today! I would love a little Spibelt!

    40. Love how running clears my head. Need it to stay sane! And I love the coral color! Thanks for the chance to win!

    41. The runner’s high I get, followed closely by the runner’s high my dogs get.

    42. The alone time! I have 4 kids and work full-time, and sometimes mama just needs a break. Running clears my head, helps me decompress, and keeps me sane. I love running!!!

    43. I’ve just started to get into running more in the past year, and I love the feeling I get when I can go just a little further or faster than I am used to. The fresh air isn’t too bad either! 🙂

    44. Love love love running because I need those endorphins to help keep me sane with my kids. Also love how my glutes feels after a long run, can’t beat that! I would use the spibelt as I train for and run my first marathon next year!

    45. I love running because it can either be a relaxing way to get moving or a really tough workout depending on what a person’s mood is!

    46. I need to try this, no bounce = awesome.

      Love running for ME time. Get lost in my thoughts and ponder what’s troubling me.

    47. I love discovering new places near home, like a cute little garden or an interesting building I’ve never noticed before!

    48. What I LOVE about running is that it has become my go-to for overcoming fears and anxieties… tiny ones, big ones, all of them… running conquers either the fear of the run itself, or it serves as the hourlong endorphine-fueled distraction I need while I conquer whatever bogus nonsense is clogging my head at the moment. There’s nothing like approaching your doorstep and realizing that here you are, on the other side of your run! And what it took to get you here is what it takes to get through anything tough: time passing, and a pile of small steps, one at a time.

    49. Pick me!! I need it to carry my big fat call pager 🙂 I love running so I can eat all the food, and by that I mean the 4 bourbon balls I ate last night!

    50. I love that I feel better in so many ways when I run on a regular schedule. My spirits are up, I feel pretty bas@$$ after a good run, and I’m still glad I went if it wasn’t a great run.

    51. After an injured knee and a three years hiatus, I am back. I am in serious need of the “runners high”.

    52. What I love about running is the confidence it gives me. I spent so many years thinking I was not athletic and would never be. I took up running to help me deal with a stressful period in my life, but ended up feeling super empowered and wonderful. I was slow (I still am) but every time I finish a run I feel like Super Woman reborn.

    53. I love running because it’s the only time I really feel like have with my own thoughts…it’s my zen time!

    54. I LOVE running! So hard to explain that to non-runners. I just love being outside and taking in the views.

    55. I love running because it is amazing therapy for my mind! No music ever. Just me and my thoughts.

    56. I was very heavy most of my life. About two years ago, I started making the journey to fitness. To date, I have lost about 90 pounds. I love the utter freedom that comes with running!! I am free of the emotional baggage and physical baggage that accompanied all that weight! Every time I run, I am reminded of how far I’ve come, and how wonderful my life has become since I started taking care of myself first. Running is an affirmation that I am worth every ache, pain, and ignored craving to get to this point!

    57. I love challenging myself and how amazing I feel after a run, whether it was a good run or a bad run. Running really makes any day better.

    58. I love running outdoors because it makes me feel one with nature, which reenergizes me so I can go be super mom later!

    59. I love how a good run can clear my mind and energize me after a hard day at work.

    60. I love running because it lets me leave all my daily worries and frustrations behind. When I’m running I’m not a coworker, a daughter or a friend; I’m just me.

    61. I love running. I go first thing in the morning and love that it sets a positive tone for my day.

    62. I love running because it gives me a chance to clear my head and I always feel great afterwards.

    63. I love running because it always makes me feel accomplished and proud of myself!

    64. I love the stress release of running. Puts everything into perspective and helps me get the antsy-ness out after a work day!!!

    65. I just participated in my first half marathon on Sunday 12/14. It was exhilarating and now what I love most about running is knowing I can do it even if I’m in the “just keep going” group. It felt amazing!

    66. You can take me out of the running (I have two Spibelts already!!), but I love running because it’s something I truly thought that I could never do. I managed to avoid it for a good two and a half decades with excuses, and when I finally realized that I could go far without having to go fast (and take as many walk breaks as I needed), I felt liberated. There is *no one way to run*. Now that I’ve done a marathon, I may in fact try to get a little bit faster 🙂

    67. I love how running clears my mind. I can have the worst day ever, and after a good run, I immediately feel better. It gives me a sense of accomplishment. I don’t run as much as I used to, but I have been focusing on weights, and I think a SPIBelt would be awesome for the gym!!

    68. i love that you can run anywhere and it’s my favorite way to enjoy the outdoors!

    69. sanity. Running gives me sanity and everything else is icing on the cake.

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