I love chatting with friends on their podcasts! Here’s where you can find my episodes.

Strong Is She

I spoke with my friend Bess about my winding career path, training for the Boston Marathon, and my experience going from heartbreaks to happiness. Listen here!

The Rambling Runner

I chatted about ALL things Boston Marathon 2019! This was the race where I set a 10 minute PR (right after having food poisoning the night before). Listen here!

For The Long Run

I spoke with Jonathan about my tips for finding enjoyment and fun in the process of training for a big goal, even if you’re far away. We talked about what it was like for me to leave corporate American after 13 years to run my own business. We also talked about how important racing something like a 5k can be, for the lessons you can learn in running and in life in general. Listen here!

C Tolle Run

I spoke with my friend Carrie about family, fashion, follicles, food, finances, staying fit, and so much more! Listen here.

Liz Talks

I chatted with Liz about my REAL review of the SNOO; we talked baby sleep and my journey through severe postpartum anxiety (and why I chose medication). We also talked about my passion for running!  Listen here.