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Hi friends! I wasn’t planning on taking such a long break from blogging, but once I decided to move back to Winston, things got really busy really fast, and then I’ve been enjoying settling into my rhythm again in Winston. So, I’m gonna do a quick catch-up post in pictures and then I’m going to get back on a regular blogging routine (hopefully!). And, I feel like I don’t tell you guys enough – THANK YOU. I have such wonderful readers and your responses to my decision to move back to Winston were so kind. I feel like I have cheerleaders in my corner who want me to be happy, and I’m so touched by your supportive comments. Truly, thank you. It means a lot.

Okay, you know how they used to do the news updates in 60 seconds?  (What show was that??) Anyway, I’m going to try to recap the month highlights so you can read it in just 60 seconds. Let me know how I did.

4th of July – Tommy and I celebrated the 4th at a party with his new coworkers. And I loved having an excuse to bust out some festive shirts (I got these from Tipsy Elves). I <3 America. unnamed (2)

Moving Day – Things went pretty smoothly with the movers (I used Two Men & a Truck Winston Salem ). Some of my dear Charlotte friends, Hilary and Jeannette, came over, with wine and gifts in hands, the night before and the morning of to send me off. I feel so incredibly lucky to have made such wonderful friends in such a short period of time in Charlotte. unnamedunnamed (1)(Thanks for the photos Jeannette!!)

Jeannette ran a 10 mile trail race and then came straight to my house to make sure everything was going smoothly with the movers and to give me and Maizey hugs good bye. (Case in point of how I have the best blog readers – she read my blog and reached out to me when I moved to Charlotte, and became a dear friend instantaneously and introduced me to others when I knew no one. Same with Hilary. I’ve been so blessed with such great friendships that have come through the blog!)IMG_5274

New place – I arrived safely in Winston and with Tommy’s help, I was unpacked in a day. I don’t have much storage in my new place, but I  somehow made everything fit! I’m living downtown and I’m OBSESSED. I love being able to walk to work, to CrossFit, to my favorite coffee shop, to yoga (I haven’t gone yet, but I’ll be headed back to Paz Yoga). I looove walking to places instead of driving so I’m in heaven.

Maizey – A number of you have asked on Instagram and Twitter how she is adjusting to the new place (which is super sweet). She’s doing great and has been getting a million walks since I don’t have a yard for her anymore, and she seems super happy about getting more walks and loves the elevator. She especially likes walks when Tommy joins us. (I like that too. 🙂 )

unnamed (3)

Workouts – Leaving Metro Crossfit in Charlotte was really, really hard. I loved the workouts there, but even more, I loved the people there. IMG_5246

I’m still doing Crossfit(I joined Top Tier Crossfit in Winston) and I’ve been back to my old Pure Barre studio in Reynolda Village. pure barre

I’ve also suddenly got my running bug back as soon as I landed back home. It’s been nice to start putting in some miles and falling in love with my city all over again. IMG_5373


And of course I’ve been back to my beloved Camino Bakery. Americano or an almond milk latte and flourless quiche. THE. BEST.


Totally longer than 60 seconds. 🙂

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    13 responses to “Playing Catching Up”

    1. So glad to hear things are going well and that you’re all settled in. You definitely do have cheerleaders who are glad to see you happy! I love seeing all your Winston pics again, too! 🙂

    2. I love this post, glad things worked out and you’re so happy! I just moved to Raleigh from Kentucky and love it so far, NC is a great place!

    3. I’ve been anxious to hear how everything went w/ the move. (I’ve used 2 Men & a Truck for 2 moves now.) I am like you as far as loving to walk places instead of drive. We live a little over a mile from my gym so as long as the weather is nice, you’ll find me running to class. 🙂 Glad to see you looking & sounding so happy. Congrats!

    4. Cheers to “new” beginnings and making changes! It’s not always easy, but it’s usually worth the effort. I have a big move (think other side of the world) happening in a month or so, so I am embracing the change and the adventure that comes with it 🙂

    5. What a happy and upbeat post! Glad you are back where you belong and hope the joy continues in your life. Happy walking! I love to walk too and it makes me feel so much more accomplished over driving to my destinations.

    6. We talk of moving back to NC one day, and this post makes me want to consider Winston! I haven’t spent much time there, but it sure looks like a great place to live:)

    7. Sorry we never got to hang out while you were in Charlotte!!! We will have to plan a trip to visit you soon! xoxo miss ya

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