October’s Fabletics Picks

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I know it’s November, but I realized I never blogged my October Fabletics picks and I got one of my favorite-ever items so I have to share! (What’s Fabletics and how does it work? <– I tell you there.) I ordered the Lima Capri, Eureka Top and Davis Jacket.

I am OBSESED with the Lima Capri. They fit perfectly – I like them better than two pairs of Lululemon WunderUnder crops that I own and they cost WAY less. They are a thick material, compress in all the right spots, aren’t too tight, and are comfortable for running. (I don’t like running in WunderUnders, but they’re great for yoga.) I love the Dark Plum color too.IMG_8844

I have mixed feelings on the Eureka Top (pictured above). I love the material and I love how it fits, but when I run, it rides up which I can’t stand. However, I wore it as a layer on Sunday’s cold run and it was great as a base layer. So, if you need a good base layer shirt, this is it, but I can’t give it a good recommendation as a stand-alone running shirt. Has anyone else had this issue with the Eureka Top?

I also have mixed feelings on the Davis Jacket. I love the asymmetrical zipper and I like the thumb holes and cuffins on the inside of the sleep that you can slide your fingers in for extra warmth. They’re smart additions to the design. But it just fits kind of funny through the torso. It feels too baggy and like it flares out when it should be fitted through the waist and hips. Maybe it’d be solved if I sized down? (The pants I’m wearing are three years old from Lululemon.)davis jacket

So, the Lima Capris are a definite winner and I highly recommend them. I want to get another pair since I’m always reaching for them and doing laundry more often to keep them clean. 🙂

I’m super excited about my November picks – the Kingston Pullover and Hamilton Sweatpant. Both look so cozy! I’ll let you know what I think when they arrive.

If you decide to sign up for Fabletics, please use my referral link (so I can justify another pair of Lima Capris!) And if you’re a Fabletics fan already, share what items you love (or don’t love!).

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    13 responses to “October’s Fabletics Picks”

    1. The colour of those Lima Capri’s are awesome! Are they a nice deep purple?

      I’m not a fan of the Wunder Under pants at Lululemon but I tried on the cotton ones (that are roll down… or …. roll up depending on how much you want covered) and they’re AMAZING.

    2. Ok, I didn’t place my order last month like I said but now I think I need these Lima Capris. I love the color of the Eureka top but know what you mean about things riding up. The worst! As far as the Davis jacket goes, yeah, I think it looks too big on you. Your figure is too cute and that’s hiding it. Can’t wait to see next month!!

    3. Sadly we don’t have quite the same product selection in Canada but I am LOVING Fabletics too and just ordered the dark plum leggings in my next order. I got the salar leggings before and LOVED THEM. The quality is just so good and they are super soft and I don’t know if you noticed this since Maizey’s dog hairs are dark but our cat Websters hairs do not stick to the fabletics leggings as much as they stick to lululemon – I swear! And that’s a huge win in my books. I did find the tank top I ordered in my last order also rides up a little bit so maybe it’s something about their tops?

      • I love the Salar Leggings too!! I’ve noticed that too that her dog hair doesn’t stick to them as much – so weird.

        Which tank did you get? I want to make sure I don’t order it! I’ve loved my Adventura and Embra tanks!

    4. Yep! Wore that shirt or a similar one for the urbanathalon two weeks ago and it rode up into a belly shirt for thru whole race- noooo fun!

    5. Yesss, the Lima capri! My first ever Fabletics purchase, and definitely one of my favorites. Looking forward to hearing what you think of the Kingston Pullover and Hamilton sweats — I almost bought that outfit, but since I’ve been running a lot lately I went with a simple pair of Salar leggings and the Leon tank (both of which I already own and love for runs). Also grabbed the Zaza long sleeve top since it was on clearance. With cold weather coming on, I’ve realized I have pretty much ZERO long-sleeved tops for running. Let me know if you have any recommendations for that, and thanks for helping me rule out the Eureka!

    6. I have the same purple capris and asymmetrical jacket (we must have chosen the same outfit last month). It might be worth sizing down on the jacket–I had better luck with the fit and really like it!

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