What I Wore Lately + Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale Picks + Tommy’s FAVORITE jeans (finally)

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A round-up of my recent winter outfits + my picks from the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale! I also shared my husband’s FAVORITE jeans for his muscular thighs!

Hey guys! I hope you had a WONDERFUL Christmas! We spent the weekend in Boone with Tommy’s family. It was FREEZING (15 degress + 20mph winds) but it was still beautiful and fun to all be together.

My jeans | booties | sweater | similar coat | beanie | similar sunglasses || Tommy’s jeans | boots | coat (33% off)

I’ve posted a lot of outfit pictures on Instagram lately (and in my stories), but haven’t rounded them up on the blog in a while. The Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale is also going on right now, so I included a few sale picks from that. And I included some details about Tommy’s favorite pants and jeans since I often get asked what brand he wears.

You can always shop my outfits as soon as I post them on Instagram by using the LikeToKnow.It app. It’s a free download and free to use. Follow me on there (@afoodiestaysfit) and anytime you like or screenshot my Instagram pictures, the details will be saved in that app for you to shop anytime. Easy peasy, fancy schmancy.

In other sale news, some of Beautycounter best-selling makeup is 30% off right now with promo code WINTERSALE. (My full skincare and make-up routine is posted here.) I sent out a newsletter today with the Beautycounter sale details, which you can view here. And if you’re not on my Beautycounter newsletter and want to be, sign up here!

Okay, onto the outfits & sale picks! Oh, and because I always get asked, here’s a post about how I curl my hair. Okay, NOW onto the outfits! 🙂

Recent Outfits

Click here to repin any of these outfits to save for later!

I wore this on Christmas Day. I love this velvet skirt and am newly obsessed with black hose. (It makes me feel so old saying that but it makes me feel so polished vs. tights.) And I refuse to wear anything else but this hose from now on. It’s so flipping comfortable and doesn’t slide. I find regular hose so uncomfortable and I swear it comes up to my sternum, and I don’t actually dread wearing these!

skirt | turtleneck | hose | shoes | similar scarf | similar coat | beanie | Dog not for sale

Not exactly a full outfit picture, but I got a lot of questions on Instagram stories about what I wore in this picture!

 Coat: similar here & here | sweater | necklace: similar here

I am obsessed with this plaid shirt from J.Crew Factory. It’s so soft and layers well under sweaters, like in the picture above.

shirt | jeans | booties | necklace

I seriously wear this sweater at least two times a week. It’s so soft and flattering and easy to throw on and feel put together. And it’s on sale for $27 right now!!

Sweater | jeans | booties | earrings

It’s hard for me to find sweaters that don’t itch and this one 100% passes the test. Sweater | jeans | booties

I wore this to the Nutcracker. While I would have preferred to wear a dress, it was FREEZING so I stuck with jeans paired with a black top & boots to feel a little dressier.

 Sweater: similar here & here | pants | boots | earrings

I love love love this dress. I found an identical one online in black and really want that one too!

Dress: similar here, here & here | shoes | earrings

Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale Picks

They have so many great things on sale right now!



Tommy’s Favorite Pants + Jeans

This isn’t part of the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale, but we FINALLY found jeans and pants that work well for Tommy (and they happen to be on sale right now too). He has big quads and glutes from CrossFit and the J.Crew Factory Sutton jeans and chinos fit him PERFECTLY. We’ve ordered him everything from Levi’s to multiple brands of designer jeans, and these are by far the best. AND they go on sale all the time. We just stocked up since they’re all on sale for less than $30 right now! Below are all the ones we ordered and he tried them on last night and loved them. I’m especially excited about the red pants – if anyone can pull that look off, it’s him. 😉


I’m planning to drag myself out for a run tonight. I have been in SUCH a running funk with the hamstring issue + being sick + cold weather, but I’ve got to pull myself together since Boston Marathon training kicks off next week. I’ve significantly reduced my mileage since the Mistletoe half marathon in early December to give my body a break. And I got a massage last night and was needled again this morning so my hamstring is starting to feel better. But, motivation is seriously lacking. If I didn’t have the marathon, I would just do more CrossFit since that’s what I’m craving but I’m registered for Boston so I gotta train!!

Fellow runners – Any suggestions for getting out of a running funk?


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    5 responses to “What I Wore Lately + Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale Picks + Tommy’s FAVORITE jeans (finally)”

    1. I’ve been meeting up with friends more to run… I just talk and enjoy my time and it gets it done. I’ve “trained” for so much of my life the base isn’t gone and I’ve learned to trust it and ease off sometimes. My Aunt has been running for 40+ years and she tells me to relax sometimes and back off, trust your base.

      • Thanks for the suggestion to run with friends. I ran with new people 2x this past week and it was SO much better. My speed isn’t there, but that’s great advice to relax and trust my base. Thank you to you and your aunt!!

    2. Hey Teri,

      Where did you get the green dress from and whose the designer? It’s my favorite color, emerald green, and I’m green with envy?. I have to find it, lol.

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    Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *

    This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.