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 Hi friends! I hope you’re having a nice weekend. I started my weekend yesterday with a trip to the farmer’s market. I’ll be so sad when it closes for the season in a few weeks. Such great produce, local eggs and meat. Plus, I love the location in Old Salem.

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And check out the fall color’s! Getting even brighter!

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After I stocked up on eggs, kale, spinach and beef tips…

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I went for a run. It feels so good to be running again, but I have definitely lost some endurance and was running much slower than I was before my fall. I averaged an 8:30 pace. (The 7:29 pace showing at the bottom is just for the last lap, the last 0.22 miles. I kicked it up at the end. 🙂 )

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After my run, I headed to a hair appointment. I chopped another off 3″ and had some light auburn lowlights added and freshened up my highlights in the front. I loved my hair long, especially when I curled it, but I just thought it was starting to overwhelm my petite frame, like I was being swallowed up by hair. 

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It feels so nice to have some length off but I’m wishing I’d gone even shorter! This is how it goes with me…once I start chopping, I can’t stop! I’ve been toying with the idea of a pixie again but I have to think about it and be sure for months before I do it because it’s a serious hair commitment. 🙂 [You can see my pixie haircut – and other ‘dos here.]

Oh, by the way, I finally got some dark skinny jeans. I know, I know…what girl doesn’t own dark skinny jeans? Me. Well, I do now. I’m OBSESSED with these ones. I’ve been wearing them non-stop. They are pricey, but I had a 20% coupon which helped with the price and I used eBates, which is even more important on expensive purchases. Plus, Piperlime on Ebates was having triple cash back when I ordered. Cha-ching!

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After my hair appointment, I took a friend for a pedicure for a belated birthday present. We both went with a dark plum color for fall. 🙂 It was a lovely girly day, full of spa treatments. 

What are wardrobe must-haves that you don’t own? I don’t have a black pencil skirt (at least not one that fits), brown flats, tanks or camis, or any long-sleeved blouses. Kind of ridiculous considering I have to wear business casual every day. (I tend to dress on the dressier side of business casual.) I need to shop more often when there are sales on key pieces rather than realizing I have a long-list of items I need and have to spend a ton of money at once. Like what’s happened recently with the season changing… My shopping strategy is to buy nice items that will last a couple years, even if they’re more expensive. But I haven’t replaced some of my key pieces that have long since been tossed. I wear clothes – especially tops and shoes – into the ground and it gets kinda unprofessional when they look so worn out. Ok, sorry, I totally went off on this topic! 🙂

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    26 responses to “New Hair & New Jeans”

    1. Your hair looks great! I’ve been getting the itch to chop mine off again too… can’t seem to decide!

      We’re off to the Farmers Market today — trying to soak up every bit we can before it closes in a few weeks!

      Have a great Sunday!

    2. I don’t have a pair of brown flats either! I also would really love to own another pair of boots – because you can never have too many boots for fall!

      I am in desperate need of some sweaters too! I didn’t realize how low I was on winter/fall clothes until the temperatures just changed!

    3. I just got a new job so I’ve been trying to build my wardrobe (To the dismay of my credit card balance).I really need a pair of nude heels. I like to look at TJ Maxx and loft. Loft has the BEST sales. I never buy anything there unless I can get 40-50 percent off.

    4. I looked at all your old hair dos and I honestly don’t know anybody who looks so cute with such a variety styles. I pretty much always have the same haircut and I have never colored or even highlighted my hair (so boring) and I am too scared to try something new. Also, I love your skinny jeans.

    5. I think Banana Republic does 40% off every Wednesday, but it may be online-only. Also, if you can get on the mailing list for The Limited, they send coupons fairly regularly. Aside from those, I agree with the person who mentioned TJ Maxx – it is by far my favorite store for scoring higher-end items, even though you have to “hunt” sometimes. Right now there’s not a specific wardrobe item that I’m hunting for (I buy more than I need, as it is), but I am kind of obsessed with the Cole Haan Air line of shoes lately (though only if I can find them at a pretty deep discount) – I’m thinking some nice leather flats (maybe with some hardware?). I wish I were as brave as you with going short with my hair, but usually I regret it as soon as I chop it. Hope you had a lovely weekend!

      • I always forget about The Limited! I didn’t realize that TJ Maxx had higher end items; I’ll have to go look more often.

        I just got some Cole Haan flats that I’m obsessed with – the Astorias. So comfy and worth every penny!

        I’m lucky because my hair grows so quickly that I can cut it and not be too traumatized since it’ll grow back pretty soon!

    6. Love the boxer butt in the back of your hair picture! I was really lacking in work pants/trousers but I bought two new pairs at Loft last weekend so I feel like that part of my closet is filled out a bit more now. I think I have most of the classic wardrobe pieces!

    7. Your hair always looks great!!! I’m the same in that once I start cutting, I can’t stop, although I’ve never went quite as short as you!

      I just got a new dark pair of skinnies too and then I had to have a white flowy tunic to go with….yeah, I got that this weekend (once I get it in my mind, I have to go search it out!!)

    8. Hi. I found your interesting site when I was surfing blogs for hairstyle ideas. I’m a part-time stylist myself and I also like your healthy living approach. Your current cut is way cute ! I looked at your older postings … and your hair looks pretty at any length. It’s fun to keep changing styles. You seem to prefer the look of longer hair but the convenience of a shorter length. If so, you might want to consider an angled bob (stacked haircut) where the front and sides are left longer (a little past chin length) but the back is layered and cut a lot shorter. This asymmetrical cut is really popular right now.

    9. I bought a new pair of dark skinny jeans from Loft yesterday when they had 50% off. I wore mine all the time but dropped some weight while marathon training and the pair I had was falling off – a good problem, but a problem nonetheless. I’m so glad to have jeans that fit again!

    10. If it’s wardrobe must-have I think I have a good collection of my own, especially when it comes to Jeans (thanks to HUB Clothing). But if I have to point a finger, I probably don’t have a white men’s tee. I tried my Dad’s but it’s still too bulky for me, and I’m currently single so that’s out of question.

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