My Latest Stitch Fix: What I’m keeping + what I’m sending back

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I got another Stitch Fix and while I shared on Snapchat last night (username terilynhutchie), I wanted to post on here too before I send it back because seeing pictures always helps me decide for sure! Plus, many of you asked in my first post about Stitch Fix to share my experiences as I continued using the service. (I had one other Fix between that post and this one, so I’ll try to share that one soon too! I just spaced it!)

Here’s my most recent Fix! (I apologize for the sleepy-faced, make-up-less, iPhone photos. Fashion blogger I am not.)

Devri Lace Sleeve Detail Blouse by Daniel Rainn – definitely keeping! The fit is perfect, totally my style and I love the simplicity of it but the cute shoulder detail. (Heyyyy Maizey! Good photobomb.) It’s $64, but the material is nice and I think I’ll get a ton of wear out of it, since I can dress it up and down.


Teslow Flutter Sleeve Knit Top by Papermoon. I had mixed feelings about this at first, but I think I’m going to keep it, even though it’s a little pricey ($48). The fit is perfect, it’s really soft and stretchy (but not too tight).


The keyhole in the back is a fun touch too! Tommy said it reminds him of a top from the 90s…and he’s totally right. It’s definitely something I would have worn in the 90s, and I’m pretty sure I did have something eerily similar. But I like it! And so did he. I’m keeping it.


I really love the fluttered sleeves. Sometimes I find those unflattering on the arms, but these hit nicely. The cropped denim pants, Giatta Cropped Trouser by Kut from the Kloth, are going back. They are a little too big – the rise and waist were way off and they just weren’t comfortable. Plus they were $80. Nah.


I love love love this Kacye Dress by Collective Concepts (and would have paid the $78 for it), but it’s a tiny bit too small. The buttons on the front close, but there is still a gap over my dress. I could probably have it stitched closed, but…


…it is also too tight on the booty and doesn’t lay flat. See how it puckers out? I’m going to request that they send the larger size in my next Fix. I haven’t had success with specific requests (and they don’t do exchanges) so I’m not too hopeful that will work out. I had requested classic white jeans (not distressed!), and they said they didn’t have any…which is weird, because my friend got some great DL 1961 white jeans in her Fix.


They also sent some $60 BC Footwear Dinky Fridge sandals that I’m sending back. I’m just not a huge fan of flip flops unless I’m at the beach.Displaying IMG_4682.JPGIMG_4682
If you want to try out StitchFix, I’d love ya forever if you use my referral link. Thank you to those that have! I had a cool $55 to use towards my tops this month! thank you thank you!!

If you get StitchFix, did you get anything fun lately? My friends who get it had some hits and misses this month like I did, and I think every Fix will be like that. But as long as there is one item I want to keep, I think the service is worth it. So much better than shopping for myself.

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    12 responses to “My Latest Stitch Fix: What I’m keeping + what I’m sending back”

    1. Thank you for sharing your fixes!! 🙂 Stitch Fix actually does do exchanges! I just exchanged a pair of shoes from an 8.5 to an 8 and a shirt from an XL to an L. You just have to email them and they will check their stock. They let you hold off on checking out until they get back to you. Then you pay for and send back the wrong size. They ship out the correct size! 🙂 For future reference!

    2. Great fix! I love the floral top and dress. FYI Stitchfix does do exchanges, and they make it so easy. Just email to see if they have your preferred size, then send it in the return envelope. You get the new size very quickly! They have the best customer service!


    3. Cute fix! As a fellow Stitch Fixer who blogs about fixes, can I suggest you list the names of the items and/or show the style cards? It makes it easier to request things we like. For example I would love to pin that floral top but I don’t know what it’s called. Welcome to the obsession 🙂

    4. $60 for flip flops?! Even if I liked them, I don’t think I could justify that price! I think the most I’m willing to pay for cute, jeweled/beaded flip flops or sandals is maybe $25-$30, and even that’s probably pushing it! I love that pink top!! Very pretty!

      • I’m so glad you agree! I thought $60 for flip flops was expensive, especially fringe ones that are so trendy and I may not like forever!

        Do you have a place you like to buy sandals? I struggle every year!

    5. I really appreciate that you posted the cost of each item. I’ve often wondered how much things are when I’ve read others posts, so thanks! The pink top is my favorite. . . probably because it is something I would wear too. 🙂

    6. I adore that second top on you! Can I borrow it? 😉 Just kidding. (Not I’m not)

      Also- your hair looks awesome! Just read your newsletter in my inbox- have a wonderful time in DC!

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    This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.