My Amazon Fashion Favorites: Vol. 8

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My Amazon Fashion Favorites: Vol.8

I know it’s early January, but after getting home from a trip to Dominica, I am CRAVING spring. It was so nice to sit in the sunshine and enjoy warmer weather. I forget how much I love the feeling of sun on my skin.

In the spirit of warm, sunshiny vibes, this Amazon round-up is going to be focused on happy colors and patterns (even if some of them are still cold weather items). I’m still wearing sweaters and jeans here in North Carolina, but a girl can dream of warmer weather, right? Even if you’re not quite ready to purchase the spring items I’ve included, you can go ahead and start saving them to your cart or wishlist for later.

And of course, I’m also adding a few favorite winter items since it is, in fact, still the dead of winter. This post is a hodge-podge of random fun finds. These leggings are first on the list since I own them, and they’re SO good.

My Amazon Fashion Favorites: Vol.8

My Amazon Fashion Favorites: Vol.8

HeyNuts Leggings

These are 90% as good as the Align leggings from Lululemon. And I do they they’re softer. I HIGHLY recommend! I just bought another pair in the Cassis color (dark red).

Summer Rattan Bag

I wore this bag on my trip to the Dominica almost every day! I used it as my beach tote as well as a purse. And I love that it’s structured but still casual. It’s lined which I didn’t realize so that makes it a little nicer.

Women’s Sherpa Puffer Jacket

This isn’t spring (at all), I know, but I can’t get over the happy color. If you’re feeling a little blah in your winter coat, consider this $37 pink coat for a little wardrobe update. I wouldn’t spend too much on a coat now that it’s already January, but I know I’d be excited to wear this one for the next month in a half (and the price is SO) good, so I added it to my cart. The sherpa mixed with puffer material is also fun and different.

Slingback Buckle Pumps Pointed Toe Mule 

This pink shoe is calling my name! It’s perfect for Valentine’s Day events, and can be worn into spring with midi dresses and jeans! I’m keeping an eye on it to see if it restocks sooner than March. These are just over $50, but they look MUCH pricer.

Lands’ End CashTouch Winter Scarf Pattern

I LOVE this rainbow stripe pattern! Scarves may seem like a winter purchase, but you can wear them into spring and summer as pashmina wraps, assuming the fabric isn’t too thick. Since this is a cashmere blend, it’s perfect for the current weather, and then also paired as a wrap for sun dresses in the early spring.

Green Raffia Rope Earrings

I love this green color! And the price, I mean sheesh!

Carter Super Soft Essential Crewneck Sweater

More pink :). This is a true winter sweater so it’ll be a bit warmer for the next couple months. I love the color, and it would also be perfect for all things Valentine’s Day. Just pair with blue jeans and you have a perfect outfit.

Butterluxe Cropped Slim Fit Workout Jacket

Are you catching a theme this week? Something about this hot pink is just making me so happy. These tight fitting workout jackets are perfect for wearing over a cropped sports bra for Pilates classes. I love to wear high waisted leggings and a sports bra for classes like that, but often wear my long-sleeved top for the first 5-10 minutes as I warm up. Plus, if I need to run an errand afterwards, I always need a jacket. This is cute and fun, and the reviews are great.

Matte Faux Leather Leggings

Another workout item I’m eyeing. These matte faux leather leggings are super cute and would be really fun for pilates. I used to wear whatever I had in my closet for working out, but over the last few years, I’ve started to really appreciate cute workout gear. It makes me happy, and even just putting it on gets me in workout mode.

Smartish Cable Wrangler

Totally unrelated to fashion, but isn’t this charger “wrangler” so smart? I HATE reaching for my charging cord from bed, and this would just be a nice thing to have. It’d be a perfect small Valentine’s Day gift for teenagers too.

Open Toe Slippers with Cozy Lining

Maybe these will be my “spring” slippers? They’re super cute, and I love the birkenstock style.

TKEES Foundations Flip Flops

I got these flip flops from another retailer last spring, and while they’re too flat to wear all day (I need a more supportive shoe), they’re the PERFECT pool or beach sandals. I took them to Dominica! They’re leather, which means that they break in with wear. They’re super feminine and flattering with the very thin thong straps. And the nude skin tones is very flattering too (as long as you have a pedicure ;)).

That’s all I’ve got today. Happy shopping!

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