Last week’s marathon training: a 60 mile week!

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My highest week of mileage EVER is in the books, and the Boston Marathon is 10 weeks out! I’m feeling really good about things today, but to be totally honest, I was a little frustrated last week after a horrible midweek run, hip issues, calf issues and then an angry achilles. I was discouraged when my coach altered my training for the week, even though that’s EXACTLY why I hired a coach in the first place. Ecoch does what’s best for me when I’m not rational about it.

I was so happy about my 20 mile run on Saturday since I went into it without a lot of confidence in my body. But I felt SO strong by the end and hit my strides easily. While my hip, calf and Achilles are still a little grumpy, they’re all doing doing so much better. (Seeing my physical therapist definitely helped with that!) It’s funny how backing off makes it so much easier to make progress. 🙂

I do think I slacked a bit on my recovery last week, not foam rolling enough and probably didn’t also fuel well enough. And I definitely wasn’t sleeping enough (until Saturday night!). And work was super stressful at times. So, I’m working to get back in the habit of taking even 5 minutes to foam roll since I realized I actually do like it! 😉

marathon training schedule

Being consistent with the little things is just as important as being consistent with training! And on that note, here’s what last week’s training looked like!

Last week’s marathon training

M – 65 min recovery run (AM) and 32 min easy run (PM) + quick strength gym session

  • I noticed a calf knot on this run, and should have addressed it with my R8 and stretching. But I ignored it. 🙂

T – 95 minute easy recovery run

  • My calf cramped up like crazy and I had to stop a few times to stretch and walk it out. I really should have just stopped this run early.

W – total REST

  • I paid the price for being the dumb the day before and my coach, Enoch, adjusted the rest of my schedule for the week, removing a hard Thursday workout and another double run day — both of which I was looking forward to.

Th – 70 minute easy run

  • I hit the treadmill to avoid hills that irritate my hip and calf and to be able to quit just in case my calf acted up! I didn’t feel great but I got through it without pain and kept the pace slow!

F – 50 minute easy run

S – 20 miles, easy with 6 strides near the end

  • I was sluggish at first and started to get really tired by the end, but when I started my strides around mile 18, I felt GREAT and finished feeling so happy and strong.

Su – 30 minute recovery run

  • I slept TEN hours on Saturday night!! This run was great — the sun was shining, it was 50 degrees and I was just so happy!

Total miles for the week: 60.6 miles!

marathon training schedule

After my Sunday morning run, I wore compression socks for a few hours. They felt soooo good! I need to get back in the habit of using them!

And can I brag about how good my hair looked AFTER I ran on Friday? I ran at lunch and honestly didn’t want to since I was having such a good hair day. But MAN, I was happy when I got back. I think the key is dry shampoo (I use primally pure) + lots of hairspray (which I don’t use often) + a low ponytail and no headband.

I hope you have a GREAT week ahead of you and if you have any tips for being consistent with the little things like stretching, foam rolling, sleep, etc. I’d love to hear it!! Leave a comment and share!


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    1. I am a peloton junkie (just use the app) but they have wonderful ore andbpist run stretches that I just build into my workout time

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