Last Week’s Workouts: Week 1 of Half Marathon Training

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Well, I’m doing it…I’m officially training for a half marathon (I wrote about my hesitation here). I decided to try the Strava Half Marathon Training Plans, which is a service that comes with a Strava premium membership. While I’m currently using a free trial of a Premium membership, after one week of training, I think the $6 monthly fee is well worth the cost and I’ll sign up once that trial ends. I get a weekly training overview every Sunday, as well as a daily email with more details about training for the day, plus a tip for training overall (related to sleep, nutrition, etc.).

(Note, this isn’t sponsored and Strava doesn’t know I exist; I think they offer trial premium memberships to all Strava members…I know my friend Anna got it too.)

strava half marathon training plans

Last week was Week 1 of training. I’ve bolded what type of workout was prescribed for each day, and then gave a little more detail about what I actually did.

Last Week’s Workouts

M – REST. Tommy and I went to the driving range so I was able to have a little activity and get outside. It’s been gorgeous lately!

forsyth country club winston salem

T – 7.3 miles, 7:50 pace (planned fartlek run, abandoned that plan after 2 miles. Legs just didn’t have it in them.)

W – Rest or Optional Easy Run. I went to Yoga. I went to the yoga class at Top Tier Crossfit and it was exactly what I needed. Not too intense, tons of hip openers, hamstring stretches and twists. It felt amazing. While I love a good, hard yoga class, I don’t need another hard workout in my routine right now, so I was really happy this class was more restorative.

Th – 7.8 miles, 7:53 pace, cruise intervals with Kate, a new running bud! (warm-up + 6 x 1/2 mile repeats at 7:00-7:10ish pace with 2 min recovery between each + cooldown) + CrossFit.

  • Front Squats: 6×2 (105, 125, 135, 145, 150#) – This was a PR for me! The last time I attempted 2 x 145#, I failed on the second rep. I was able to hit 145 2x and also 150 1x (I dropped the bar on the second rep of 150).
  • Metcon: 14 min AMRAP – 1 round of DT, 1 round of Cindy; 2 rounds of DT, 2 rounds of Cindy; 3 rounds of DT, 3 rounds of Cindy…etc. (I used 65# for DT.)
    • I got into the 3 round set, and got through 2 full rounds of DT before the clock was up.

F – 4 miles, 8:20 pace (solo recovery)

Sa – 6.9 miles, 8:28 pace (easy, with the ol’ running crew).

Su – 11 miles, 8:36 pace (solo long run). I definitely need to keep fuel in the car for when I finish long runs. By the time I got home and changed out of my sweaty clothes, I was not functioning. Tommy called me about something about the time I got home, and I could barely form a coherent sentence and was (ahem) not very nice either. (I’m sorry my love!) I barely remember the conversation and felt nauseous and lightheaded. Not good.

Total Miles: 37.2

How I feel:

Really good. I’m pretty sure this is the highest mileage I’ve done in about two years and nothing hurts. I’m paying attention to my body and focusing on going easy when I’m supposed to go easy so that I can do the quality workouts that will make me a stronger runner. The Thursday and Sunday runs are the key runs in this training program, so I had to force myself to skip CrossFit Wednesday night, even though the workout was SO good. (But I ended up being able to do the Wednesday workout on Thursday so it all worked out!)

I’m also making sure I focus on recovery, which means more time in compression socks, more time on the foam roller and lacrosse ball, more sleep, more epsom salt baths and better + more frequent fueling.

fall salad rumble roller

I ran in my compression socks on Friday; Maizey told me I shouldn’t leave the house looking like this. 😉swiftwick compression socks

I post throughout the week on Snapchat (terilynhutchie) and Instagram (@afoodiestaysfit) about my runs and eats and recovery, so be sure to follow along there!

I think I’ll only be able to do CrossFit 1-2x a week while I’m training, but I’m okay with that.

Are you training for any races right now? I’d love to hear what races y’all are doing!

What is your favorite recovery activity – foam rolling or epsom salt baths? I kind of love foam rolling, once I actually get started!

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    2 responses to “Last Week’s Workouts: Week 1 of Half Marathon Training”

    1. Hi!! Love love your blog!! Thanks for being so authentic and fun!
      Question: what is Strava?I used to have race goals, but now with 2 kids under 2… I try to get out there every other day for everyone’s well being! ? Would Strava benefit a casual runner like myself? Also…how do you find running friends? That may sound like a silly question (sorry), but I have never found anyone to run with. Partly my fault, as I never know if I’ll be slower/faster/too talkative/not enough talking, etc.
      one more then I’m done, promise! How’s Run Fast Eat Slow cookbook? I’m thinking about ordering it but want to make sure it’s legit and doesn’t call for any crazy expensive (and random) ingredients!
      Thanks so much!!

      • Aw, thanks Molly!!! Your kind comments mean a lot!

        Strava is an online tool that tracks your runs (and rides, if you bike). It’s kind of like social media for runners where you can see other people’s runs. It’s a free tool, but you can pay $6 a month for a premium account. I used the free version for 8 months and loved it! I think it would definitely benefit a casual runner! It’s very motivating, and it helps to discover new routes in your are. AND, it’s a great way to meet other runners!!

        It’s not a silly question at all – I should blog about it because it takes work to find running partners. I joined my local track club, which is full of casual and more serious runners, and join up with some group runs. And I also search hashtags on instagram for other local runners and eventually, I just send messages to runners who seem cool if they want to run together! Maybe creepy, but it’s always worked out. ha! 🙂 Hope this helps!

        Run Fast Eat Slow is soooooooo good! No crazy/random/expensive ingredients at all. You will not regret buying it!! Go buy it now 😉 –> http://amzn.to/2dQ7AJw

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    This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.