Last week’s workouts + Oiselle Promo Code to save $20! (my favorite brand of running clothes!)

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A recap of last week’s workouts plus my referral link to save $20 on your first Oiselle purchase! I love their running clothes more than any other brand.

Happy Monday y’all! This weekend was nice and low key, especially yesterday. I’ve been fighting what I thought was allergies for a week but I’m preeeetty sure it’s a cold. Usually working out makes me feel better with allergies but on Sunday, it made things a lot worse. I was just exhausted yesterday and I ended up laying on the couch for 2+ hours watching the Great British Baking Show. (I’m newly obsessed and am watching season 2 by myself, usually when I’m on the elliptical, and then Tommy and I watch the latest season together after dinner.) I NEVER sit and just watch TV – if I have the TV on, it’s just background noise while I’m cooking or working/blogging, but I just had NO energy. I slept 8 hours last night since it was thankfully cooler in our bedroom now that the temps have dropped. (We STILL don’t have our upstairs AC fixed so we’ve either been sleeping on couches downstairs or in an 80 degree bedroom. Oof. BUT they’re coming tomorrow to replace it!)

ANYWAY, all that to say that my workouts the last week just haven’t felt great. I pushed harder than I should have, thinking I had allergies, and probably should have been resting a lot more. But, on the plus side, my foot is feeling SO much better. I had a minor setback where my plantar fasciitis was a little worse after Ireland, probably from not running while I was there. (Tons of rest wasn’t helping but increasing the # of days I was running has helped, as long as I don’t run very far. My PT thinks it may have just been getting too tight between runs and that she does see some patients do better with a little running once it’s a little under control.) If you missed my post about how I’ve been treating plantar fasciitis, read that here.

Last week’s workouts

M – Elliptical + upper body weights

T – 6.5 miles; 8:14 pace with Kelli

W- 4.2 miles; 8:46 pace. I felt TERRIBLE on this run. My back has REALLY been bothering me for a few weeks. Looking back, I should have turned around and just not run.

Th – massage

F – 5 miles; 8:19 pace, ran with Kelli and Clare – this run felt a million times better after my back got loosened up at my massage!

Sa – 5.8 miles; 8:08 pace with Christian. We both were struggling and thought we were running MUCH slower than we were! And I love that we reverse matched our outfits. 🙂

Su – 30 min elliptical, attempting to sweat out allergies.. and then admitting I have a cold, coming home and laying on the couch.

In other workout news, I stocked up on some new running shorts and long-sleeved tees with the Oiselle What the Fall sale last week. I’ve decided that my Lululemon speed shorts are just too dang short for me. So I sold them on Poshmark and am buying Oiselle Rogas instead. 🙂 The Oiselle fall sale is still going so don’t miss it! If you use my Oiselle referral link, you’ll get $20 towards your order! Rogas don’t often go on sale so snag them!!! I got three pairs – ha! I hope it lets you layer it with the latest Oiselle Promo Code WTF25. Let me know if you try!

I’m wearing Oiselle Rogas and the Flyout Tank in this pictures. I wear a size 4 in Oiselle, for reference.

oiselle promo codeshoes: Nike Zoom Elites | earrings: Gorjana Kellen Studs (50% off! I wear these for all my workouts!)


Total Miles: 21.5

How I’m feeling: I really wanted to hit 25 miles but I’m also trying to get healthy before I start really building mileage. It seems like Boston Marathon training is a long ways off, but I definitely want to be healthy when that kicks up.  I am hoping to have a stronger base (~40 miles per week) by January but we’ll see. It’s better to be patient and let my body heal than push it and continue to struggle.

Click here for a Oiselle Promo Code to save $20

Have a great Monday!!

P.S. If you missed it, I reviewed my Apple Airpods for running and other types of workouts! Read that post here.

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    1. Just used the promo code. Thanks so much! I’m totally going to follow your blog (as a fellow foodie runner).

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