Last Week’s Workouts (including PRs in my front squat & deadlift!!)

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A recap of last week’s workouts, including training for the Mistletoe Half Marathon while still going to CrossFit, and how I’m trying to balance both.

Last week felt kind of weird, workout wise. I was expecting to feel more refreshed on my runs since it was a down week in training after last week’s 45 mile week. But none of my runs felt great (except my Sunday long run, which felt amazing). I was getting plenty of sleep and eating well, so I think maybe my body was just in repair mode? Who knows. Maybe I was just in a funk.

But, on the bright side, I hit two PR’s at CrossFit! I PR’d my front squat and my deadlift. And considering that I’ve backed off on CrossFit substantially to accommodate more running, I was super happy to see that I haven’t lost strength. (At least not in my lower body! Let’s not talk about my pull-ups. ;)).

Last Week’s Workouts

M – CrossFit. This was supposed to be a rest day, but I really wanted to do front squats to make sure I keep the strength I’ve worked so hard to gain. I wasn’t planning to stay for the metcon, but since it was only 7 minutes, I decided to do it and just not go crazy all-out.

  • Front Squats: 5×5, increasing weight. I did 85, 95, 105, 115, 125#, which was a PR!
  • Metcon, 7 minutes, AMRAP. I got through the 12 clean & jerks. I used 65# (RX was 95#, no thank you)
    • 3 clean & jerks, 3 toes to bar
    • 6 clean & jerks, 6 toes to bar
    • 9 & 9
    • 12 & 12, etc.

T – 5.7 miles, average 8:30 pace, with Kate (who PR’d this weekend at the Myrtle Beach Half!! Good work Kate!)

W – yoga

Th – 6.3 miles, average 7:55 pace. This was a tempo run, with 3 miles at 6:55-7:05 pace + warm-up and cool-down. It was pretty challenging, but I reminded myself that a tempo run isn’t supposed to feel easy.

F – CrossFit

  • Deadlifts (my favorite!), 5×4, increasing weight. I did 175, 195, 215, 225, and finished at 235#, which was a PR for me!
  • Metcon: 10, 9, 8…1 reps for time. I finished in 8:42.
    • Box jump overs
    • Slam balls (20# balls)
    • Sit-ups with the slam ball

top tier crossfit winston salem

Sa – 4.1 miles, easy, 8:30 pace

Su – 11.5 miles, easy, average 8:05 pace, with last 20 minutes @ 7:05-7:10 pace. My training plan prescribed the last minute minutes as “a bit faster”; my long runs need to be anywhere from 7:45-9:00 minute miles, so I figured I would try to hit 7:45. When I picked up the pace, I couldn’t believe how good I felt, so I just went with the pace since it felt pretty darn easy. Needless to say, I was thrilled!

Mistletoe Half Marathon

New Running Shoes

My new shoes felt great too! It’s rare that I’ll take a brand new pair of shoes out on a long run, but I did 4 in them on Saturday and they felt perfect so I wasn’t worried. They’re my second pair of Adidas Adizero Boston Boosts, and if you missed it, I just wrote a review of the shoe with pros & cons.


Post-Long Run Ritual

And…this is what I look like after every long run.
crate and barrel Penarth Walnut Oval Wall Mirror

I come home, put on my favorite hooded Yukon dress from Fabletics, hook my Garmin up to my computer, and sit and drink coffee while I look at my splits on Strava. I usually end up leaving my compression socks on for about 30 minutes and then peel them off while sitting down. And then eventually I’ll shower. 🙂

I love having something warm and easy to put on after a long run, and a long-sleeve dress is so cozy in the cooler months. If you’re not a member of Fabletics, this dress looks identical and is only $10 more.



Total weekly miles: 27.7


What’s your post-long run ritual? And can someone please tell me some tricks to getting compression sleeves on and off??!

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      • I’m…not sure. 🙂 This training plan is for a half marathon, but it’s a pretty high mileage plan for a half so I’m toying with the idea of extending training for a full!

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