Last Week’s Workouts

M – Top Tier CrossFit

Helen (3 rounds for time of 400m run, 21 Kettlebell swings, 12 pull-ups)
CrossFit Games Open 15.1A: 6 minutes to establish a 1 rep max clean & jerk

I finished Helen in 10:50 and beat my previous time of 11:15 (wahoo!). The last time I did it, I did Russian KBs (eye level) and this time I did American (overhead), so I was especially happy about my time given that. I HAVE to keep working on my kipping pull-ups though since it takes me forever to complete them banded. The clean and jerk work was SO hard for me. I’m terrible at cleans; I’m not even sure how I got the bar up the last time. I maxed out at 85#.

T – ran 6.25 miles (8:22 pace) + Bootcamp at Top Tier

50-40-30-20-10: Slam balls, lunges, calorie row

Holy smokes, this boot camp was one of the hardest workouts I can remember in a loooong time. (We did 50 slam balls, 50 lunges, rowed for 50 calories, then did it for 40, etc.) I was DRIPPING in sweat and finished with only 10 seconds to spare in the 25 minute time cap. Only two of us finished before the clock ran out. The calorie row was really tough and then going right into slam balls was brutal. I’m going to try to do bootcamp at Top Tier at least once a week instead of the WODs. I love lifting heavy weight but the variety is so good for well-rounded fitness! And these types of workouts force me to really push myself since I still have to go light on some of the barbell work while I keep learning the movements/proper form.

W – CrossFit

Back Squat: 10 Minute EMOM (2 reps @ 85%, 135#). I should have been able to lift more based off my back squat max but it just wasn’t happening. I barely felt like I could squat deep enough at this weight! I was SUPER sore from the previous day’s run and bootcamp!

Min 0: 2 ring dips (I used a band)
Min 1: 8 wall balls
Min 2: 4 ring dips
Min 3: 10 wall balls
Keep adding 2 reps every minute until unable to complete all the reps in the minute.

I completed 13 rounds + 18 wall balls before I missed the minute mark. My wall balls are getting better! Finally!

Th – 4 mile run (7:57 pace) + CrossFit

Skill work – Handstands. I practiced kipping handstand pushups! The coaches at Top Tier are great; I was able to do a few sets of three kipping HSPU! 

Metcon: Finished in 11:30

12 Deadlifts (Rx 125#)
50 Double Unders
9 Deadlifts
40 Double Unders
6 Deadlifts
30 Double Unders
3 Deadlifts
30 Double Unders
6 deadlifts
40 Double Unders
9 Deadlifts
50 Double Unders
12 Deadlifts 

I was so excited about this workout for a couple reasons: (1) I Rx’d the deadlift weight and since I’m still relatively new to CrossFit, that’s pretty rare. And (2) I significantly improved my double unders as the work went on. I don’t have the best luck with DUs, so I was really excited to make so much progress within one workout! I didn’t do the first set of 50 or 40 double unders (after attempting for about 1.5 minutes, the coach told me to move on and go back to deadlifts), but I finally got the hang of double unders on the first set of 30 and then I completed all the DUs from then on! 

F – 4 mile run with Tommy (our first time running together!!), I think we averaged around an 8:30 pace

S – rest day

S – 5 mile run, 7:39 pace + yoga at Top Tier

Total miles: 19.25 I’m still trying to find the right balance of my workouts between running and CrossFit, but this week felt pretty good. If I start training for a race, I’m sure I’ll have to adjust but this felt like a happy medium of decent mileage without being too hard on my body. But with the combo of running and Crossfit, I definitely need to work on mobility and stretching so I’m going to try to do yoga at least once a week (luckily my CrossFit gym offers yoga 2x a week!). And hopefully I can fit Pure Barre in regularly somehow too since I just LOVE it and nothing works my core as well.

Yoga starts in 45 minutes and I’m currently at Twin City Hive drinking green tea and wishing I had another espresso caramel dark chocolate truffle. I better scurry back to the apartment to change! Hope you’re having a great weekend!


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    5 responses to “Last Week’s Workouts”

    1. I showed my husband the deadlift/DU workout when yyou posted it on Instagram and we both agreed that it looked tough! Mainly because you have to go back up in reps, and that’s always tough mentally. I guess we’re both “count down and you’re done” kind of people. ? Also, if you’re having a bad DU day, then that’s just grueling and frustrating! I haven’t worked on my double unders in a while, but hit my longest unbroken streak Friday with 44! We had sets of 50 at a time, and I think I would have had it, but I got excited and ahead of myself. Then the next set, I was lucky to get 5 at a time. It’s funny how something can go so right or wrong & then completely the opposite moments later!

      • Man, I hope so. I’m getting so frustrated with cleans.

        I feel like dubs will be something that comes and goes. I could NOT do them at Metro but I can at Top Tier. Makes me wonder if it’s the rope??

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    This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.