Last Week’s Workouts: Progression run + Back Squat PR + Golf

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Last week’s workouts included a 35 mile week, a back squat PR at CrossFit, and some time at the driving range for an active recovery day. I still don’t know if I’ll run my race after all my travel or not, but I’m going to keep training as if I will since I’m enjoying the plan!

Last Week’s Workouts

M – 10 mile progression run, first 5 with Ali, finished solo. I averaged an 8:20 pace and ran the last 20 minutes at 7:00-7:10 min/mile pace

T – 4.3 mile run with Kate, 8:30 pace (my legs were super tired this day – I struggled) + Pure Barre. This was the first time I’d been to Pure Barre in months! It was a great ab workout, per usual.

W – CrossFit

  • Back Squats: 4×8 @ 125#. This was challenging but I think I could have gone heavier, which made me really excited!
  • 11 min. AMRAP with double unders, kettle bell swings, and pull-ups. Exact workout here!

Nike Metcon2 Women's

Nike Metcon 2 shoes | Fabletics capris + similar here and heregym bag + similar cheaper option

Th – 7.5 miles, 8:22 pace. I was supposed to do a tempo run, but there was no way that was happening after back squats the night before. I rarely run the morning after Crossfit since my legs are toast, but I tried anyway. Oops.


Sa – 13.2 miles, average 7:48 pace. This run felt amazing! It was a Long Run Fast Finish, where the first half was run at an easy pace (around 8:30) and then I did 4 miles at my goal half marathon pace (7:10) and finished the last few miles as fast as I could (I ran around 6:50 min/miles).
Mistletoe Half Marathon Training Plan

I felt amazing on my long run, especially considering I rolled my ankle after 7 miles in when I slipped on an acorn (graceful lady here). I stopped and shook it out for a few minutes and walked until I was sure it was okay. Somehow I was able to run without any pain and it’s totally fine 2 days later. I credit CrossFit for my sturdy joints!

Su – REST. Tommy and I went to the driving range again; I’m loving this for my rest days! It’s nice to still be active and to get to spend time with him. The sunset is always gorgeous out there too.

Forsyth Country Club

Similar pants | exact shoes | similar jacket | similar shirt | similar glove | similar clubs

Total weekly miles: 35.1

How I feel

I feel like I have tired legs a lot on my easy days and that it takes me a lot of time to warm up on any run. But I think that’s okay since on my “quality works” I’m able to hit my goal paces – most of the time anyway! Running on tired legs teaches your body to push through. But, I definitely pay attention to my body and somedays, I just have to call it in and run easy instead of doing the prescribed workout.

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