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The lovely folks at Wantable reached out to me recently and asked if I’d want to try one of their boxes. 

Wantable is similar to Birchbox (the monthly beauty box subscription), except you can choose among three types of boxes: accessories, high-end beauty or intimates (oooh baby!). Each box is $30 and the beauty boxes come with full-sized products (unlike Birchbox’s sample sizes). Since I a terrible at accessorizing, I selected that option immediately.

To get started with the accessory box, you fill out a profile about your style, answering questions about jewelry you like, what trends you’re drawn towards, chunky jewelry vs. delicate jewelry, etc. I admit I was a bit skeptical about the accessories I’d get and whether or not I’d like them, so I was pleasantly surprised when my box arrived. I got a necklace, a bracelet, a ring and sunglasses. 

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I’ve really been wanting some rings lately, and I LOVED this one that came in my box. It definitely looks like a Yurman knock-off, but I love it. I’ve worn it every single day since I got it. The gold has faded a little, which I’m not surprised by since it’s not super high quality, but for the price (if I had paid for it) I would be ok with that.

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I was in the market for enormous shades anyway, so I was thrilled these came in my box. And kind of surprised too–I was expecting earrings, necklaces, rings or bracelet. Sungalsses never even crossed my mind! 

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They are bigger than what I probably would have purchased on my own, but they are perfect for what I wanted. COVERAGE. I’m turning 30 this year and am getting even more OCD about sun protection, especially around my eyes. I’ve got some lovely fine lines appearing below and around my eyes so I gotta cover that delicate area up. The glasses are polarized which was a nice bonus. I asked John if they looked too big and he said, “No…besides isn’t that the style these days and what everyone wears?” I was cracking up that comment because he is totally not into fashion and trends. 

I really like the necklace I got and have worn it numerous times. The bracelet isn’t my favorite style and it’s a little big, but I think it’ll be OK to wear as a casual accessory, particularly on beach trips. You can return/exchange items and the process seemed simple enough, but I ended up keeping everything. 

So bottom line: would I spend my own money on a Wantable box? Absolutley. And I plan to. I thought it was a great value for $30. I don’t enjoy shopping for accessories, but I like having accessories, so this was perfect for me. And they nailed my style, other than the bracelet. I’d also be interested in trying the intimates box. I don’t think I’d try the beauty box since I have Birchbox and I’ve been happy with that lately, but perhaps eventually I’d give it a try just to compare.

If you want to try Wantable, here’s my affiliate link. Let me know what you think if you try it out! I’d love to hear what others get in their box and how you feel about the items, quality, style, etc. 

Questions for you:

Do you like shopping for accessories? Noooooo. Luckily I have friends that have given me about half of my jewelry (thanks Courtney, Crystal and Gracie!) 

Which box would you choose among the three? 

How do you feel about giant sunglasses? 🙂 I am usually drawn towards aviators. I have a small face so I feel like big sunglasses look extra enormous on me.

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    5 responses to “I Want(able) It”

    1. These mail order boxes are so in right now! I tried StitchFix twice and it didn’t workout, but I’m loving ipsy (think its the same as birchbox). Only problem is I’m wondering if I’m started to collect too much make up… well if there were such a thing 😉

    2. I have a small head so I feel like big sunglasses are way too big on me. I actually always have to try on sunglasses ’cause they’re often just too big and fall off my face:-(

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