Gluten Free Angel Food Cake

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You guys, it’s the last day of summer! It’s hard to believe, except for the fact that it’s been in the mid 80s this week. While I want to be craving fall food and making pumpkin bread and soups while wearing cozy cardigans or my favorite hoodie, in reality, I’m still craving lighter meals and even lighter desserts.

So, if we can’t make fall come, we can still make the best of the hotter temperatures with extending summer. And is there a better way to extend summer than with gluten free angel food cake? I think not. Especially when the recipe comes from one of my favorite food bloggers, Laurel from Southern Parm. Laurel also lives in Winston-Salem and makes me drool with all of her recipes. I reached out and asked if she would do a recipe post for me since (a) her recipes always look amazing and (b) her photos are 1000x better than mine. 🙂 She asked what my favorite dessert is and I told her I would kill for a gluten free angel food cake. She accepted the challenge and nailed it.

So, today I’m handing over the blog to Laurel and I’m planning to make this cake this weekend. And when it cools down, I want to experiment pairing angel food cake with fall and winter fruit, like fresh figs, cinnamon baked apples and pomegranate. Because who says we can’t have angel food cake year round?  (I think we should also have Laurel’s Maple Bacon Whiskey Cupcakes year round too.)

Hey everyone! My name is Laurel & I am a food blogger from Winston-Salem, NC. I have had a passion for cooking for as long as I can remember. While it was mainly cooking ramen & hamburger helper…after I graduated college my body started to beg for real unprocessed food so I began cooking for myself. My cooking style is what I like to call “healthy-ish” – essentially I attempt to make the foods I love into their healthier versions. It is all about living in moderation! Now let’s get onto the dessert recipe that Teri requested – gluten free angel food cake!


Gluten Free Angel Food Cake

Every Fourth of July growing up we made a red, white & blue angel food cake flag. Now as an adult I love having angel food cake after a delicious meal with friends. It is sweet enough to satisfy my dessert cravings & light enough to not make me feel overly full. Making angel food cake is much easier than you would think; there are a few simple steps you need to follow to ensure that your cake comes out with that light spongy texture that makes it so delicious!

gluten free angel food cake

Hands down the best gluten free baking flour? Bobs 1:1! It has xanthan gum already incorporated into it flour so you don’t have to worry about calculating the conversion or how much gum to add in to your recipe!

The key to making sure you do not get any clumps in your batter is to sift your flour multiple times. Yes, it takes a minute to do but it is worth it for the airy cake in the end!

What is the key to a perfect meringue? Room temperature eggs! Anytime you are baking you want to make sure that your dairy products are room temperature to avoid awkward air pockets in your cake.


gluten free angel food cake

You can’t physically see it but these little cakes were crispy on the edges & beautifully spongy on the inside! Because I am all about portion control (and mini cakes are adorable) I use this baking tin from Wilton.

gluten free angel food cake

Top your little cakes with whipped cream & fresh fruit before serving! These mini angel food cakes are perfect for parties & get together with friends. They also work great for a just because dessert, because you deserve it!

gluten free angel food cake recipe



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    1. Is angel cream gluten free? I used it in place if cream of tartar

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