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Happy Friday! This week has been nuts – I’ve had stuff every night this week (’tis the season!) and I’m so excited to have zero plans tonight. Tommy’s work party was last night. I LOVE his coworkers so it was a really fun night.

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Camisole (I had a warm sweater cardigan on but I got so hot upstairs and I kept blushing at the Dirty Santa gifts!) 

We have holiday parties this Saturday and Sunday, both of which will be fun, but it’ll be nice to have some time tonight with just the two of us. (Ahem, three of us. Sorry Maizey, we love you too.)

Alright, let’s get onto Friday Favorites including a bunch of new skin care stuff and a new coat.

Friday Favorites

Since I got hooked on Beautycounter’s tinted moisturizer, I’ve made a conscious effort to switch to safer skincare products as I run out of my current items. I placed a Beautycounter order a few weeks ago for a number of things and I’m absolutely LOVING most of the things I got. I’m not 100% sold on their eye shadow, but maybe I picked crappy colors? And I’m still not ready to give up my retinol, but I can take baby steps, right??

Body Wash

This stuff smells AMAZING and a little goes a long way. Enough said.

beautycounter body wash

Body Lotion

For some reason, body lotion was the product that I was freaked out about the most. Every time I was slathering on my Vaseline body lotion, I just felt so uneasy about all the harmful stuff in it that I was putting on my ENTIRE body. I don’t think I’m one to get all hung up on stuff like that, but I’ve been amazed at the peace of mind that’s come from switching to Beautycounter’s body lotion. Plus, it smells great and isn’t greasy at all.

beautycounter body lotion

Eye cream

I’m super picky about eye cream and was NOT expecting to like this. Well, I was wrong. I got the Rejuvenating Eye Cream and it instantly brightens my dark circles (even after a very late night at the holiday party last night!).

beautycounter Rejuvenating Eye Cream

Lip Conditioner in Peppermint

THIS STUFF IS AMAZING. It smells (and tastes!) great and it keeps my lips super hydrated. I have horrrribly dry lips in the winter (don’t we all?), and I always feel like other brands of chapsticks or balm dry my lips out more. This seems to actually help the dryness rather than just mask it.

beautycounter peppermint lip conditioner

I’m going to place an order today with a bunch of these for some post-holiday gifts! I like giving presents to friends after Christmas for a little post-Christmas pick-me-up/Happy New Year’s surprise. Plus, it allows me to be a little behind the game.

Hope you have a great weekend! Stay warm out there!

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    10 responses to “Beautycounter Lip Balm”

    1. I am loving Beautycounter too! The dew skin is the best. I’m curious which eye shadow colors you tried that you’re not crazy about? I was wanting to order some soon. ?

      • I got the Pearl/Champagne + Shell/Malt. None of them had any pigment to them so you couldn’t really see them except the lightest color (Pearl) which just didn’t look great. :/ Let me know if you try any you love!

    2. I started using Beautycounter products in June and love all the products that I have tried! But, I haven’t tried the lip balm yet. You may have talked me into it. Thanks

    3. Does that retinal cream make you break out? My dermatologist recommended I use one, but the one she recommended actually made me break out. (Proven by spot test).
      I randomly chose another brand, and it did the same thing! I think since it’s supposed to help with wrinkles, a lot of it comes in a really thick lotion…which my skin hates.

      I’m dying to try beauty counter!

      • Nope, it didn’t make me break out! I found when I very first started using retinol, it made me breakout for about 2 weeks and then it was smooth sailing from there. I actually think it’s key for helping me prevent breakouts now because it keeps my pores clear. Not sure how long you tried it before giving up?

        Maybe try a serum instead of a retinol? I love the Mandelic Acid serum but it looks like it’s currently sold out. I bet the Age Renewal Super Serum is awesome too. http://rstyle.me/n/b94cfw4k3w

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