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Happy Friday! The week flew by and time for blogging just got away from me. But, I’m back for a quick Friday Favorites post. Here’s what I’m loving lately!

Lush Lemony Flutter cuticle cream. I got it when I went to DC over July 4, and I’m obsessed. It smells amazing. I rub it into my cuticles and elbow and hands. Delicious. 

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Green Pans. I really needed to replace some pans because they were in rough shape (i.e. I was probably eating teflon). It’s not in the budget right now to buy a whole new set of pans, so I replaced the two sizes I use most often. I found a two-pack for $39 of a small and large sauté pan of this brand at Target that’s made with a ceramic coating that won’t peel, i.e. no more eating teflon. 🙂 I’ve been really impressed with the quality, and my omelets slide right out. 

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Lavender Anne’s Facial Clay Detox Mask. I got this at the farmer’s market and love it. It goes on a lovely dark purple color and I feel like it really pulls crap out of my skin. She also sells a charcoal soap that I love. And it was only $8 I think! (If you’re not local, I bet she’ll ship if you asked. I linked to her Facebook page above.) 

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Uinta Punk’n Pumpkin Ale. This is the first pumpkin beer I ever liked (discovered last year) and I love it even more since it’s from Utah. Having one gives me a big headache (thanks gluten), but it’s worth it. 🙂 Punk’n beer in August is like Christmas in July; Stella Brew got it in early this year, so if you’re local, don’t go. It’s all for me. heh heh. 😉

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Alright, time to eat breakfast (making eggs in my Green Pan :)) and attempt to get Maizey to eat breakfast. She’s grumpy this morning.

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What’s your favorite pumpkin beer? 

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    13 responses to “Friday Favorites”

    1. My favorite pumpkin beer is the Souther Tier Pumpkin Ale 🙂 hmmmm,,,,,falllllll Can’t wait for all things pumpkin again!

    2. i’ve never bought anything from lush but i love how it smells when i walk by! we have one right in harvard sq so i need to go soon. i don’t have a favorite pumpkin beer but i do get excited when they come out each year. 🙂

    3. My favorite so far is Harpoon Pumpkin UFO. I basically like all of the Harpoon UFOs so it’s no surprise that I like this seasonal version. I also really like Wells Banana Bread Beer. I know it’s not pumpkin but definitely makes me think of Fall whenever I have it.

    4. I am OBSESSED with Shipyard Pumpkin beer – sososososo good! It’s perfectly spiced for my palate, I can’t wait to drink some when I see it!

    5. Ohh goodness pumpkin beer! It’s here already!? I think I’m in denial that August is in full swing. I love the sound of that lemon flutter lotion – I’m going to plan a trip to Lush very soon.

    6. I don’t want to wish the summer away, but I am so excited for fall! It’s by far my favorite season! My husband is obsessed with southern tier pumpking beer. We have seen it at whole foods. If you can’t find it in WS and want to try it let me know and i’ll get you a bottle 🙂

    7. I love southern tier imperial pumking because of that ‘very high’ pumpkin flavor. It is said to be the most divisive beers and tastes like a bag of candy corn was simply melted into the batch 🙂

    8. Shipyard Pumpkinhead. And not just because the Shipyard brewpub (Federal Jack’s) was one of my very favorite restaurants when I lived in Maine.

    9. OMG! I totally used to be obsessed with lemony flutter and somehow forgot all about it until reading this! That sh*t is the bomb!!! It smells sooo good…thanks for the reminder, going to have to go buy some!

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