Friday Favorites: 50 Shades of Gray (workout gear, jeans, purses)

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Today’s Friday Favorites includes all lovely gray things, including the best gray jeans, gray purses, gray drinks, a gray workout top, and gray skies.

I keep a list throughout the week of thing I’m loving to share with you in a Friday Favorites post. As I looked at this week’s list, I realized that literally everything I’m loving is gray. I’m also loving the moody gray skies today. Fall decided to come back and I’m quite happy about it. (Tommy probably won’t love those skies so much if it starts raining…he’s playing in a golf tournament this weekend. Good luck my love!)

Alright, onto all the gray things I’m loving lately!


Seriously obsessed. These gray Madewell jeans fit beautifully, even over my muscular thighs and glutes, and the color goes with everything; I’m especially loving gray + cognac lately. And yes, I’m still wearing these booties about every other day. I’m basically alternating between the booties in the picture below and these block lace-up heels, which are insanely comfortable and somehow go with every single outfit. (I wish they came in gray. 😉 )

madewell gray jeans

Charcoal Lemonade

This is so dang tasty. The Honeydrop people sent it to me, but they have a store locator online. Sadly, no place close to me carries it, but luckily our local juice shop Village Juice has a similar drink! And now I’ll be brave enough to try it. 😉 (Charcoal is good for detoxing. When Maizey OD’d on dark chocolate covered espresso beans this year, part of her treatment at the emergency vet was charcoal.)


Workout Top

I love this gray workout top. It looks like the perfect fit for running and CrossFit – not too tight, not too boxy. I really need to purge some nasty workout tops, so I’m trying to find some affordable ones. This is in my Nordstrom cart!


I think gray purses are just about the prettiest thing. They’re more unexpected than black or brown, but just as versatile. Plus, there is something so feminine about gray. I’m obsessed with this beauty and this beauty, but who on earth can drop $1-2K on a purse? Not me. (If you can, mad props to your success in life.) So instead, I’ve got my eye on this one and this one, which are both under $60. They’re almost as pretty, right?? Right.

Compression sleeves

I can’t get on the bright and bold compression sock trend. I just feel so…LOUD. I have a pair, but I typically only wear them around the house rather than on runs. Aside from the gray color (which really doesn’t matter), I’ve LOVED using these compression sleeves on my long runs lately. (I find sleeves a bit easier for me to put on than the full socks.)

I’d gotten out of the habit of using compression sleeves, and I now remember why I love them; they just feel so dang good, but the real perk is that they help decrease muscle fatigue and post-workout muscle soreness. I think they especially feel good AFTER my run, like they’re refreshing my legs. Even if I forget to run with them, I often put them on after a run while I’m re-fueling, and my calves have definitely felt better since I’ve been using them. (Sorry for the bad photo – it was STILL dark when I got home from my morning run so the lighting was terrible.)

compression sleeves

Hope you have a great Friday – almost the weekend!

Leave a comment and tell me something you’re loving lately that’s gray. 🙂 And tell me if you read 50 Shades of Gray. I never did and really don’t have a desire. 🙂


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    4 responses to “Friday Favorites: 50 Shades of Gray (workout gear, jeans, purses)”

      • oh interesting read! Thanks for sharing! That contradicts everything I’ve ever read. I wonder why they gave it to Maizey?

        I don’t take any medications, so luckily I should be good having charcoal once in a blue moon.

    1. I love grey! Especially a long sleeved grey tee (not the kind with the stretchy cuffs, just the hem at the bottom of the sleeve) with a fluffy scarf and jeans. It’s such a great neutral without being black, and it’s good across the seasons. And no to fifty shades. I never had any interest in it, either.

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    This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.