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First of all: I LOVE reading all your entries for the SPIbelt giveaway and hearing why you love being a runner! It’s so inspiring to hear why you run and it makes me even more grateful to be a part of the running community. Seriously, if you need some inspiration, motivation or just a little boost of happiness in your day, go check out the comments on that post!

Thank you all so much for your comments – I’ve been surprised by just how much I’ve enjoyed reading your comments on the topic…it’s been kind of touching, really. It’s hard to explain but it’s reminded me how much I have to be grateful for as a runner and all it adds to my life. So thanks for the reminder friends.

Second: you know how I said I was trying to back off Teeter Thai? Well…this happened the past two nights.IMG_0204But I SWEAR it wasn’t my idea! Both nights the friends I dined with suggested it without any prompting from me. I also swear the guy who works there knows who I am by now. And I think he’s starting to judge me.

Third: I took Maizey for a walk tonight and I nearly froze my fingers off. WHY can’t I ever remember to wear gloves? At least I’m making progress in other stay-warm efforts: I finally invested in a long down coat this year (I previously had a waist-length one) and I’m obsessed. It’s so warm! It’s “packable down” which I hear is all the rage these days. It’s BCBG and I got it at Nordstrom Rack.IMG_0192

Fourth: Having Krankies Coffee within walking distance from my office now that I work downtown is the best. It’s the perfect afternoon pick-me-up. IMG_0178

Fifth: I really need to get a better picture for you guys of the Christmas decoration at this house near my neighborhood, both during the day and night. I mean…that’s money. 😉 Literally…I can’t imagine their power bill.IMG_0087

Happy almost weekend!

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    11 responses to “Five Things”

    1. I remember that house!! haha. And I want to get Teeter Thai with you :'( Guess it’s time for a visit…

    2. Where is that house? I think I actually might have run by it in the Mistletoe Half, but I’d love to see it at night! I’ve been trying to figure out where the best lights are in Winston!

      • It’s on Runnymead and you did run by it on Mistletoe! You should drive or run on Runnymead on Christmas Eve if you’re in town – they line both sides of the streets with luminaries. So pretty.

        • I thought it looked familiar – going to drive by tonight! Flying to Colorado on Christmas Eve though, so maybe next year – thanks for the heads up 🙂 This is the same Caroline from Pure Barre on Saturday btw – great meeting you!

    3. I love Thai food! We just tried a place near our new house and it was so good but SO much more expensive than our old spot!

      I have a serious puffy coat that goes down to my ankles… I call it my sleeping bag coat. It is THE BEST!

      OMG that house is ridiculous haha.

      Happy Friday 😀

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