Five Favorites Finds at Trader Joe’s

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I love Trader Joe’s. Unless I go there hungry (ahem, yesterday’s run-in with plantain chips) or unless it’s super crowded and I’m playing bumper carts. But, I’ve learned the trick is to go on Tuesday nights, Friday nights, or early on Saturday or Sunday morning. These are a few of my recent favorite finds.

Gluten Free Whole Grain Bread

Trader Joe’s used to carry Udi’s gluten-free bread (maybe some still do?), but the Charlotte store at the Met now carries at TJ’s brand. And (dare I say it?) it’s better than Udi’s. I especially love it toasted (but really, almost all bread is better toasted). It’s perfectly crispy but still chewy. SAM_1624

Peach Salsa

This is so good I sometimes eat it straight from the jar.SAM_1625

Sweet Potato Tortilla Chip Rounds

The peach salsa is especially good with these sweet potato chips which, unfortunately, my store doesn’t always have in stock.SAM_1627

Milk Chocolate Jumbles

My coworker Erica introduced me to these. And now I’m gonna apologize for introducing you to them. SERIOUSLY SO GOOD AND SO ADDICTING. When she brought me a container, I ate the entire thing in one night. It was a proud night. (I had such a belly ache.) You know how they talk about engineering food to be addicting? This is a perfect case study for that. Crispy, salty, sweet, chewy. The. Best. Now I only buy them if I know I’ll have people over (e.g. book club) since I have no self control with them.SAM_1652

Cold Brew Coffee

I just recently tried cold brew coffee for this first time (from Central Coffee, for you local folks). And although I didn’t believe everyone who told me so until I tried it, it IS so different than iced coffee. It’s smoother, richer, and apparently way more caffeinated. I thought I was having a panic attack and couldn’t figure out what I was having anxiety about until a friend mentioned cold brew has way more caffeine than normal iced coffee. And considering I had it on an empty stomach after a hot yoga class, it was a perfect storm for the jitters and heart flutters. Anyway, cold brew is expensive and I don’t have the tools to make it at home (YET), so I thought I’d give this a try. SAMSUNG CSC

It gets two thumbs up! I fill a whole glass with ice, add an almost equal portion of filtered ater as coffee concentrate, and then throw in some coconut milk or almond milk. It’s great when it’s one billion degrees outside.

What are your favorite things at Trader Joe’s these days?

I feel like there are soooo many good things at TJ’s, but I never take the time to browse slowly. I love going there with a friend to see what they buy (Hilary and I did this Monday night!). I feel like finding great things from TJs is a a total word of mouth thing (or, you know, I could read that newsletter they mail out).

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    45 responses to “Five Favorites Finds at Trader Joe’s”

    1. You can make cold brew coffee in your French press! Just grind the beans as you would for hot French press, and let 2/3 cup grinds steep in 3 cups water for 12-24 hours. Then press.

    2. I love their fully cooked grass fed roast. Saves so much time and energy. Great atop salads or on it’s own. I imagine you could use the bread and make a sandwich with it.

    3. I love the plain dried mango slices, roasted Oregon hazelnuts and almost anything in the cheese section. 🙂 We also really like the roasted peppers and onions and the cowboy black bean burgers in the freezer section.

    4. I love Tj’s… sadly the closest one is about 2.5 hours away. (maybe this is a good thing for the wallet) since I have no control when we visit! Favs… cashew butter & blueberry goat cheese

    5. I was so excited to see the bread! I had to snag some right away! I am in love! I think it may be the best GF bread I’ve ever found 🙂
      And the cold brew is amazing!!!
      (Have you tried the GF bagels yet? I haven’t, but they look so perfect too!)

    6. Great list???? I definitely agree with you on the Cold Brew; it’s so tasty! My other favorites are shredded Brussels sprouts, frozen figs, and red curry sauce. Delicious!

    7. Oh my God, I want to try those jumbles so badly…. but at the same time, I’m mad at you for bringing them to my attention.

      ALSO, I’ve been wondering about that bread! I always go for Ezekiel, but I’ve heard great things about the GF.

      I’m a huge fan of their smoked salmon, their pre-cut butternut squash and sweet potatos (so perfect for quick, no-chop prep roasting), and their shrimp stir fry mix for a super fast dinner. And obviously, the cookie butter goes without saying. 😉

      • haha sorry about the jumbles! 😉

        Give the GF bread a try and if you don’t like it, take it back! I love their return policy!

        ooh I didn’t know they had smoked salmon! So good to know! I love their precut butternut squash and sweet potatoes too (chopping those myself is the worst!). Gotta find that shrimp stir fry mix next time too!

    8. SO. MANY. FAVORITES. TJ’s is where I do most of my grocery shopping. I love the variety of cheeses – especially goat’s and sheep’s milk cheeses! I like the Calimyrna Figs (found with the dried fruit) with chevre’ and crackers for a great party/appetizer tray.
      We just got the TJ’s GF bread here – but I had it a few weeks ago when my MIL picked some up when we were visiting one weekend. I also think it’s better than Udi’s – in fact, I might even be able to sway my wheat-loving kiddos over the GF with the TJ’s bread. I haven’t tried the jumbles yet – too busy enjoying the dark chocolate PB cups! – but now I might have to buy a package.

    9. The unsweetened dried cherries! My least favorite things are the “customer in training” carts for little kids to push around (and into people). Guess I’m just grumpy! Not fond of most of their wine, either. They do have a good selection of cheeses.

    10. We just got a Trader Joe’s in Orlando and I LOVE IT. I love their coconut oil and nut butters. Their frozen oatmeal is the bomb. You just stick it in the microwave for a few minutes and you’re done! I also like their truffle cheese, especially in stuffed mushrooms or risotto… holy yum!

    11. The sea salt dark chocolate almonds are like crack! The tangerine juice is really, really good and I love the freezer tamales 🙂

    12. my favorites are the white bean and basil hummus, chocolate almonds with turbinado sugar and their salt/pepper pistachios! So good!

    13. If you want to make your own cold crew you should try the Toddy Cold Brew system. I swear by it. Got mine off amazon. Super easy to use and honestly makes the worst coffees taste amazing because of how pure it is!

    14. So those sweet potato Chips and peach salsa are ALWAYS on my list!! Last month though I couldn’t find any and the employee said they were being “reformukated”?!? Soooo fingers crossed they come back just the same, hahaha!
      Also the maple leaf cookies have changed my life. Like I can’t stop ever. Soooo good.
      And their pear salad dressing?!? Mmmm…
      And their cinnamon grinder. So fancy. ????
      Love their Brussel sprouts and mine always has way better arugula than anywhere else!!
      And their Lacey’s cookies (macadamia nut) …why are there so many treats on my list?!?
      And obviously the kids like the rocket crackers hahah!

    15. I love their GF chocolate cupcakes! They are seriously so freakin good. I also buy their chicken sausages a lot. There’s a good variety and it’s a quick and easy lunch or dinner. The only flavor that’s not gf is the korean bbq one.

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