My skincare & makeup routine with Beautycounter products, Tarte, Ilia and more

Below are the items I use on a daily basis for my skincare and make-up routine.

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My Favorite Beautycounter Products


My simple daily routine – 5 minutes

These are some of my favorite beauty counter products!


  • This post has a video showing how I apply my makeup.
  • If you’re looking to overhaul your makeup, the Flawless in Five set has everything you need for a simple, polished look and you save 20% off by buying it as a set.
  • If you want more sheer coverage, go for Dew Skin tinted moisturizer rather than Skin Twin. I wear shade 2 or 3 – read my review here. (I use this when I want just sheer coverage.)

Makeup I use when I’m doing a little more!

beautycounter makeup

My Skin Care Routine

Products are listed in the order I use them, along with AM & PM use noted.

Morning skincare routine

I also use a lot of Beautycounter when it comes to skincare. They ban over 1,500 questionable ingredients that are regularly used in the beauty industry, so I love that I’m always using safer products. I LOVE their safety standards.

Evening Skincare Routine

You can see a quick video of my nighttime routine here.

Read my review of all Countertime products with before/after photos here.


  • iS Clinical Active Peel System – I use this 1-2x a week. The first time I used this, I could not BELIEVE how good my skin looked the next morning! It tingles when you use it, which I LOVE.
  • Charcoal Mask – I try to use this once a week but it’s really more like 1-2x a month. It’s amazing what a difference it makes to help clear my pores and gently exfoliate my skin.

Body & Hair Care




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