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Happy July! I can’t believe we’re already half way through the year – it’s been a big year for me with lots of change and new experiences, and one of my favorites ever so I can’t wait to see what the remainder of 2015 has in store! My day started out great with a deadlift PR…195 for 1 rep!! I really want to break 200 and that seems attainable now! (Speaking of deadlifts – Tommy also got a PR on his deadlifts today: 405 for 3 reps. HOLY. MOLY.)

Alright, onto the post! I stole this post idea from Christina (who just celebrated a birthday! Happy birthday friend!).

Current Celebration // Tommy started an new job this week and I’m so happy for him!

Current Product Find // I’m newly hooked on a lot of Arbonne products. I’ve been using a random assortment products, including a lot of Origins stuff, but I’m slowly transitioning to Arbonne. I’ve loved everything so far. I know I owe you guys a post on my skin care so I’ll go into more detail about what I’m using in that post. (Keep those reader requests coming – I don’t ignore them! I’m just a little slow – sorry!)

Current Plan // I’ve been dreaming about a fall beach vacation. I really need some downtime. All my time off work this year has been for fun, but busy, things. I need some time to slow down and just relax. I love the beach in September and October when it’s not as hot and not as crowded.

Current Book // All the Light We Cannot See and Crazy Love. I also just finished Girl on the Train.

Current Purchase // Ciao Bella Sorbetto. My AC is out and this is a complete necessity. The White Peach Sangria flavor is ahhhhmazing. I need to get my hands on the Sicilian Blood Orange Sorbetto next.

ciao bella sorbetto

Current Drink // At the moment, nothing because I have a face mask on and I certainly can’t drink when I’ve got clay on my face. But, I’m loving Trader Joe’s cold brew coffee in the mornings. (See above – hot coffee cannot happen.)

Current Holy Moly // It’s 84* in my house right now. It’s cooler outside than inside, but I still can’t get it to cool down in here, even with windows open – I’m blaming the humidity. I’m miserable but I’m more worried about poor Maizey. She’s just moping around panting and lying on the floor. 🙁


Current Show // I couldn’t even tell you the last time I sat down to watch TV!

Current Want // AIR CONDITIONING. And some new sandals and new shorts. I only have two pairs of shorts and they are both YEARS old, i.e. faded and just look terrible.

Current Obsession // Mastering double unders. I am not very good. And by not very good, I mean I’m terrible. Don’t believe me? Lashes don’t lie.

unnamed (1)

Alright, time for me to go lay down and act like I’ll be able to sleep in this sauna of a house. Gah!

Pick a question above and answer below!

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    16 responses to “Currently”

    1. Oh no! Sorry to hear your A/C is out! That’s miserable, especially when it’s this hot! I can’t believe the year is halfway over, either! So glad you’ve had a great one so far with some exciting changes! 🙂

    2. I HATE DUBS. Did them this morning… may or may not have threw my jump rope across the gym. Good times lol. I’m currently trying to connect my pull ups.

      My current show is Orange is the New Black! My current want is for it to be noon so I can leave work and head to the beach!

      Congrats on your PR!

      • bahaha i love that you threw your jump rope! Connecting pull-ups is awesome! I’m still working towards a single strict!

        I keep forgetting OITNB is back!! How is the new season??

    3. Current purchase TOMS
      I am in love. First timer

      Have you heard of NERIUM. Its an anti aging night cream. I have recently gotten involved with the business but LOVE the product. Wash and apply. So easy. There is also a day cream and a body contouring lotion. Check out my website-
      If you would like more info let me know. People are having amazing results with skin tone, texture, fine lines.

    4. So sorry to hear your AC is out! No fun 🙁

      Current plan- heading to Charleston twice before Labor Day and heading to Maryland for vacation/a conference in August. Can’t wait!

    5. Current celebration: my little girl is turning 9 tomorrow!
      I struggle with straight up jumping rope, double unders would leave me bloody.

      • aw happy birthday to your little girl!

        hahaha oh my gosh, that’s so funny you’d say that because I did a workout where I just did regular jumps instead of doubles and I couldn’t do it that day for some reason! I kept tripping!

    6. I can totally relate to the lashing picture! I have a similar picture except the bruising had set in already and my entire arm was pretty much some shad of black, blue or red. I wish I had a way to upload it! I’m also bad about whipping my legs during double unders. I’m still not sure how that happens, but it hurts! Hope you get your A/C back soon!

      Current Show: The Bachelorette…I just can’t stop it!

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