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Yay! It’s Thanksgiving week! I’m lucky that I already had an amazing Thanksgiving meal earlier this month with Cookbook Book Club.  Impressive right??

Trader Joe’s roses have been SO amazing this year! I’ve been buying a dozen every week. I love these red and yellow ones that Anna had.

For our cookbook book club this month, the theme was a trial run for Thanksgiving so we knew in advance if new recipes were going to be keepers for the big day. And, it was pretty amazing to have such an incredible meal with not a lot of effort since we all pitched in. Our hostess this time, Anna, was the real winner since she roasted an entire turkey the day of book club. (And she made cranberry sauce AND a homemade pecan pie!)

Below are all the recipes we made with few notes if you’re still working on your menu!

Tried & Loved Thanksgiving Recipes

  • Cranberry Compote – I LOVED this cranberry recipe! Perfectly sweet and tart. Anna used 1 cup of sugar instead of 1 3/4, and she cooked it until most but not all the cranberries burst. (I’m torn between making this or my usual crockpot bourbon cranberry sauce!)
  • Sweet Potato Roast – This was my second favorite dish of the spread, second only to the cranberry compote. It calls for 6 lbs of sweet potatoes but Meg scaled it down for 2 lbs to fit in a pie dish. So pretty.
  • Fall Shredded Brussels Sprouts Salad –  This was SO good that night, but Alise said that leftovers weren’t great.
  • Autumn Millet Bake  – This had amazing texture and was so pretty!
  • Paleo Carrot Cake – This is what I brought and it was so easy, healthy and delicious. I ate the leftovers for breakfast – it’s great with coffee! 🙂 Tommy loved it too.

So what is a Cookbook Book Club?

This club started when my friends Meg and Anne tried to start a bookclub but we (ahem, I), never finished the book on time. Then we somehow started talking about sharing cookbooks instead. So one night, we got together, had a meal (I made this minestrone soup!) and flipped through cookbooks and chatted about our favorite recipes in them. Then, we all swapped a cookbook at the end of the night and met again the next month after we’d had time to try a recipe from the cookbooks. And now it’s evolved into a bigger group where we rotate who hosts and we all pitch in to make dinner around a theme –  e.g. Mediterranean, Thanksgiving.
After dinner, while we eat dessert, we bring out the cookbooks that we’ve brought to swap and take home new ones. We write notes in the cookbooks of what we try and any alterations we made to the recipe. Then we swap again! It’s so much fun and it’s awesome to see what others make! It’s like having a hand-me-down cookbook — and we all know the best part of those are the notes within. 🙂


Are you in a book club? If so, what are you reading right now?


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