What’s on my race calendar – first up, Bolder Boulder!

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The Bolder Boulder 10K has been at the top of my bucket list for years – here’s why I picked that race, plus the others I’m planning to run this summer with some GORGEOUS race course views!

My build-up for the Boston Marathon was pretty intense and while I loved my training and the race day, I’m ready for a summer of fun racing, including some bucket list races. Here’s what’s on my calendar.

May 27: Bolder Boulder 10K

The Bolder Boulder is a race I’ve wanted to do for years. I’ve heard it’s such a fun race with amazing views and a challenging course run at over 5000 feet elevation. Thankfully I get practice running at elevation when I visit my family in Utah!

It brings out a TON of runners with over 50,000 participants – it’s the third largest race in the U.S. and the fifth largest in the world. There are 100 waves, with the first starting at 6:50. Oh, and there are over 100,000 spectators are out on the course cheering. HOLY MOLY.

It’s a major race for elite runners and also friendly to beginning runners or even those who want to walk the race. Runner’s World has listed the Bolder Boulder as America’s All-Time Best 10K and I’m so excited to find out for myself! It’s run on Memorial Day every year and this year, the Bolder Bolder is held on May 27. It seems like a perfect way to kick off summer. If you want to run the race too, use promo code BBTH55 for $5 off your registration! 

I’ve also heard that Boulder is my dream city with an amazing running community, easy access to the mountains, very walkable and amazing gluten-free food. I cannot WAIT to spend a view days there exploring!! I’ll be sure to share what I love after my trip!

bolder boulder race course boulder bolder 10K race start

June 8: New River Half Marathon

The New River Half is held in the Blue Ridge Mountains and the course runs along the New River in Fleetwood and Todd, NC (near Boone). Since it’s just a couple weeks after the Bolder Boulder and a few weeks before the American Fork Half, it will just be part of my training and not a goal race.

The Blue Ridge Mountains and Boone have such a special place in my heart since the Blue Ridge Mountains remind me of home (I grew up in Utah) and my husband is from Boone. I have a feeling I’ll LOVE this race! There is also a full marathon and 4-mile race so something for everyone!

June 22: American Fork Half Marathon

My best friend helped start this race and she is still the race director nine years later. It’s grown into one of the most popular races for locals and as a destination race – I’m so proud of her! I’ve never run it since my work schedule always made June a mess, and I’m SO excited that I finally get to run it this year!!

The American Fork Canyon is near my hometown and it’s one of my very favorites. It’s absolutely GORGEOUS – proof below!

My husband, Tommy is running it as his first-ever half marathon. He’s only run one race before, the Cooper River Bridge Run, and until about 3 weeks ago, I’ve never seen him run more than one mile, as part of a CrossFit WOD.

You can see how the whole “I want to run a half marathon conversation” went down with him on this Twitter thread. So far, his training is going GREAT. I’m seriously so impressed! He’s running 4-5 miles around an 8:30-9:00 min pace!!

And can we talk about these race course views?!?!?! If you want to come run the American Fork Canyon Half (yay, do it!), use promo code Foodie10 for $10 off your registration!! And you can find training plans for it here.

american fork canyon lake american fork half american fork canyon half marathon course american fork half marathon

I’ll come home from running the half in Utah and head to a running retreat a few days later. I can’t wait!! It’s gonna be the best two weeks EVER.

July 20: Beat the Heat 5K

This race is a bit (in)famous in Winston-Salem, but I’ve never run it! It’s run in the evening in the middle of July in North Carolina. Um, yes. It’s hot and HUMID. But that’s part of the experience! And immediately after the race finishes, the NC USATF 5K Championship is run, which is very cool.

August 24: High Country Half Marathon

I ran this race five years ago, and holy moly it kicked my butt. But it’s a gorgeous course and a fun one to do if you aren’t trying to PR. I love the disclaimer they have on the race website now: Organizers caution participants that this race is challenging and should not be considered for first-time half marathoners. 

Good thing Tommy will be a second time half marathoner by this point so I can make him run it with me… right??!?! I think he really needs to considering it starts in his hometown of Boone, North Carolina, and finishes in Blowing Rock!

What race you training for next?

I’d love to hear what race you’re currently training for and why you picked it!! Leave a comment and share! There are SO many good races out there and I always like adding new ones to my bucket list.

Want to join me for any of these races? Register below!


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    14 responses to “What’s on my race calendar – first up, Bolder Boulder!”

    1. I’m training for a 10 NM one (google said its 11.52 civilian miles or something like it) in August in upstate Illinois. We start at a military fort and end at a Navy base.
      For my training, I’ve been training at 6 in the morning and there’s a rapist going around in my area. Because I’m short (5 ft 3) and light, people could lift my over their shoulder, I have a whistle with me when I’m running. I was wondering if you could make a blog post about safety.

    2. Yay I love Boulder! You have to hike Chautuaqua and shop on Pearl street while you’re there 🙂 The Kitchen and Pizzeria Locale are fun restaurants on Pearl!

    3. Hi Teri! I am currently training for the Bridge of the Gods Half in Oregon/Washington. I am originally from Oregon but have lived in San Diego for the last 12 years. I have run lots of races around here but this will be the first I have ever traveled to. The views look so gorgeous! One of my faves is the Carlsbad 1/2 and full. I have done both and LOVE them both. Check it out! Good luck with your upcoming races! 🙂

    4. Bolder Boulder is great! I ran it a few years ago, and found it to be a great challenge, and so scenic and fun. I’m Boulder, I highly recommend Sherpa’s for delicious Nepalese food and incredible Mt. Everest memorabilia! Also, make sure to make the drive up Boulder Canyon to the little town of Nederland (10k elevation!), and visit Salto Coffee Works.
      My next races are the Mountains 2 Beach Marathon (Ojai to Ventura Beach, Cali), and the Pikes Peak Marathon!

      • I definitely need more time for my next Boulder trip!!! There are SO many things I wanted to do that I didn’t have time!!!! I added all those suggestions to my Boulder list – yes, I actually started one. Ha! 🙂

        I’m going to Ojai in October!!! Never been. Pikes Peak will be INCREDIBLE.

    5. Wow, the American Fork Canyon Run pictures look absolutely stunning!! What a beautiful area to run in. Good luck and lots of fun for your races!

    6. How Fun! I’m doing the New River Half also. Looks like it’ll be fun. I’ve been training for under 1:35 and am hoping to hit it this year but am not sure I’ll hit it at this race (hills). I’ll say Hi.

    7. I’m training for 2-3 more sprint triathlons! ONe of the sprints I actually did at 19 and I’m excited to see my time this year. My third ever half is the Good Life Halfsy in Lincoln, NE (I live in KC). It’s a net downhill race and I hope to PR— run by Pink gorilla events looks like a very fun peppy event! My bf and I are running the KC Zoo 4mi Run together in the fall. Every year has a theme animal and this year is the tree kangaroo (cute and unique animals lol google a pic). I’m running a trail 5K for Raptors in August. I’m hoping to race two more 10Ks this fall- ran my first this spring and I think it might be “my distance”- long enough to need to pace but not all long as a half!

      I’ve always wanted to run a marathon in: Hawaii, Montana, and do the Boulder half (Sept every year).

      • oh my gosh, that’s awesome – triathlons hold ZERO appeal to me so I’m extra impressed by people who do them!!

        The zoo run sounds SO FUN. I want to do that!!!!!!

        A race in Montana and Hawaii would be amazing! I’ve been to both states but never raced there!

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