Blogger’s Favorite Healthy & Homemade Recipes to Whip Up This Year with Bosch

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I partnered with Bosch a few months ago on a holiday dish feature and was so excited since that brand has a special place in my heart. I was even more excited when they asked about partnering again, this time featuring one of my bread recipes.

I’ve reposted the article from their website below and you can also read my full interview over on the Bosch blog! I was SO excited (and honored) to see my name listed next to Monique from Ambitious Kitchen since I’m a huge fan of her blog and recipes! I never know what other bloggers they are partnering with, so it was fun to see one of my favorites in the same article!

Blogger’s Favorite Healthy & Homemade Recipes

Cooking at home is a growing trend and we’re wondering when it even went out of style in the first place! Bosch and a handful of culinary bloggers have crafted a fresh list of healthy, homemade recipes to whip up in your kitchen this year as you and your loved ones reach for goals of healthier living.

Finding time in our busy schedules to cook for ourselves and others is a daily challenge. But the benefits of preparing our meals at home are well worth the effort. Fresh ingredients, wholesome foods, a lack of preservatives, and the customization of taste are just a few reasons why Bosch and every other foodie out there have channeled their efforts into spreading the good word.

You’ll find a summary of our interviews with different bloggers below as we pick apart the highlights of their wise advice. To read their uncensored insights, travel over to their full interview in a separate article.

Bon Appetit!

Monique Volz – Ambitious Kitchen

“…putting in the work of chopping, prepping and cooking makes the end results of the meal worth it because you know how much love went into the dish.”

Monique blogs for Ambitious Kitchen and her world revolves around healthy eating. Since 2011, she has been in the trenches, digging through popular recipes to uncover delicious clean-eating entrees for all to enjoy. Monique explains in her interview that she enjoys “the learning aspect of cooking”. As she experiments with flavors, she learns what works together and what doesn’t. Monique shares with us her favorite Yellow Curry Chicken recipe.

“It’s a healthy, satisfying meal made with protein, nutrient dense veggies, healthy fats and global flavors.” Though curry might sound intimidating, have no fear. This one-pan-dish is stress-free and makes for excellent leftovers. Get the recipe and read Monique’s full interview here.

Teri Hutcheon – A Foodie Stays Fit

“Making meals from scratch is a great way for me to relax and take time away from devices.”

A Foodie Stays Fit has an incredible blog packed with great recipes, CrossFit-style workouts, and more. Teri Hutcheon, blogger, and mastermind behind this great website is a huge advocate for homemade whole wheat bread. She reminds us that bread is simple – even the whole wheat kind. It’s made of flour, yeast, and water. But if you scan the ingredients list of store-bought bread, the ingredient list is much longer (and basically foreign).

Try her Whole Wheat Flax Bread which she shares on her blog. “…it’s my go-to housewarming gift or “I’m thinking of you” gift when friends are going through a hard time.” Read more about Teri’s struggles with dietary restrictions and the relief she’s found from home cooking in her full interview here.

Maryea Flaherty – Happy Healthy Mama

“… incorporating a wide variety of vegetables into our diets is one of the best investments we can make in our health!”

Maryea of Happy Healthy Mama enjoys making meals from scratch for her family. Visit her blog to find mouth-watering recipes that are incredibly guilt-free thanks to her obsession with veggies.

Try her highly-recommended Spinach Artichoke Stuffed Spaghetti Squash; we did, and we loved it. A big complaint we often hear about meals made primarily of vegetables is that they lack that feeling of being full or satiated. Well, you won’t have that problem with this dish. Read Maryea’s full interview here, and don’t forget to explore the wealth of veggie-full recipes she has on her site.

Camille Walker – My Mommy Style

“…cooked meals and time spent around the table is where the magic happens.”

As mortgage broker Camille turned into a mother of four little humans, she was on the hunt for practical mothering tips – especially when it came to meal times. She and her cousin now co-write the blog My Mommy Style. She overcame her fear of cooking once she realized her meals weren’t required to be culinary masterpieces.

Camille shares with us a simple recipe her family loves: a low-carb Keto Spaghetti. As Camille has gravitated towards a low-carb diet in general, she shares the benefits she has reaped from a Keto meal plan. “It keeps me fueled and makes we have a more stable blood sugar throughout the day by starting the morning off right.”

Read Camille’s full interview (and find out how she’s gotten her kids to lay off the carbs as well) read her full interview here.

Martha Greene – Marmee Dear

“…the time spent in the kitchen together with my children doesn’t have a price tag.”

Martha has raised 11 children and knows what it means to spend time in the kitchen. To save money and hand-pick ingredients in her family’s diet, Martha has mastered home cooking with her Bosch mixer. You can read all of her experience-gained wisdom at her blog MarmeeDear.

For a quick and simple breakfast, Martha shares with us her Breakfast In Bed Oat Cereal. Instead of waking up early with her husband to make him a heart-healthy breakfast, she preps this simple meal before going to bed at night. Martha adds a new Bosch attachment to her kitchen every year because she loves how simple it’s made her job of preparing meals for her huge family every day.

For more insights from MarmeeDear, read her full interview here.

Working with these spectacular bloggers has been a treat for the Bosch team. Our eyes have been opened to more food possibilities and our must-try recipe lists have doubled in size! We appreciate the input we’ve received from these blogger queens and hope you get as much out of our research as we have.

Go explore their blogs for excellent recipes, lifestyle tips, and more. Then be sure to check out the Bosch Universal Plus Mixer and attachments for tools that can simplify your kitchen life and add huge value to your personal health.

Thank YOU, Bosch, for the partnership! I’m so honored!

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