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You guys have heard me talk about Beautycounter a lot and why I love it. But today I thought it’d be fun to share why others love it! I love emailing back and forth with people after they place Beautycounter orders for two reasons:

  1. Connecting with readers on a more personal level is something I love! I wish I could meet all of you in person. 🙂
  2. I get to hear why they love the products. And that is so fun and makes me so happy!

I broke it down by category so if you’re in the market for anything specific, you can go to that section. And if you have any questions or want recommendations, feel free to email me at beautycounter [at] afoodiestaysfit [dot] com!

If you’re new to Beautycounter, click here to see my previous posts about it. Click here to see my daily skincare and make-up routine. And click here to sign up for my Beautycounter newsletter (I email that group whenever there are Beautycounter promotions! It’s separate from my main blog newsletter.).

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  •  The moisturizers make my skin feel so much less dry, which is wonderful and I just feel better about using non-toxic products that aren’t bad for me. -Agnes 
  • I’m obsessed with the Countermatch lotion. It seems like it’s just made for my face. I can’t decide what I like more, the face oil or Countermatch. -Jennifer


  •  We love the sunscreen — I think this is the third time I’ve ordered it.  We send one with my son to daycare and make sure we always have some at home! -Erica

Face Cleansers (Cleansing Balm + Charcoal Bar)

  • I am absolutely in love with the cleansing balm! I’ve been using it for two weeks now and my skin is softer, smoother, and dare I say it…younger looking? I typically have dry skin with the occasional breakout and used dermatologist-recommended face products for years. I decided to give the cleansing balm a try, and I’m glad I did! And I can’t wait to order more BC skin care products once my current stash runs out. All the other products from this order are super great too. However, the cleansing balm is my new skin care BFF. -Sara
  • I decided to try the cleansing balm and I fell in love with it. I’m so guilty of not washing my face so this was really a big deal for me. I look forward to using it everyday. -Victoria
  • I first ordered the charcoal bar and #1 brightening face oil and fell in LOVE with how they made my skin look and feel!  -Alyssa

Radiance Serum:

  • The Radiance Serum really evened out my skin tone, so much so that I’ve been going makeup less during the week now! -Alanna

Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer

  • I LOVED the light and moisturizing feeling of the Dew Skin makeup!! My skin felt so soft. I will not be going back to my old foundation anytime soon. To me, it’s worth the extra money to have safer things on my skin 🙂 -Theresa
  • I was wearing the Dew Skin yesterday and my friend asked me if I got a facial, that my skin was glowing and looked really good. -Tasha
  • I love the Dew Skin – it feels effortless and really stays skin all day long. -Kristina
  • I’ve been using the Dew Skin for a while and I really love it. Tinted moisturizer is the main part of my makeup routine and I always look for one that is natural and has sunscreen. This one has been the best and I’ve tried quite a few. -Leslie
  • I also purchased the Dew Skin moisturizer which I LOVE. I have very rosy cheeks so foundation, powders, etc. are really hard for me to wear. The Dew Skin is just as amazing as you said it is. My skin is clear, even and something I’m actually proud of now. I’m hooked. -Victoria

Tint Skin Foundation

  • I had the Beautycounter foundation tested for purity and it is in fact clean as the company claims. I see this woman that owns this super expensive machine that does bio energetic testing for health concerns and it can also test products! Pretty cool right?!? So now I can take anything from a good supplement to a bottle of lotion and see how toxic it is. You can rest assured that it’s clean. -Angela


  • I ordered the mascara and I love it! It seems to be waterproof, but also washes off. It is my new favorite. – Christina

If you’ve tried Beautycounter, I’d love to hear why you love it! (And I’m sure other Beautycounter junkies always like hearing recommendations from others too. 🙂 ) Leave a comment and share!

I’ve also been getting a lot of questions about what it’s like being a Beautycounter consultant, so I’m working on an FAQ post about that too. If you have questions you’d like me to address, feel free to leave a comment or email them to me! beautycounter [at] afoodiestaysfit [dot] com!

Have a great weekend!!



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    2 responses to “Why people are obsessed with Beautycounter”

    1. This is perfect timing! I just signed up for your email list last week and I’ve been trying to decide what to get. Since I’m out of my tinted moisturizer I am going to start with that and the cleansing balm.

      Random question about the charcoal bar, I have the charcoal mask and it’s super messy when I rinse it off in the sink is the bar similar? This is silly but I know you mentioned using it with your sonicare do you just rub the bar on your face and then scrub with the brush?

      • oh good timing! 🙂

        For your mask, what I do, is wet a wash cloth and let is sit on my face and wipe the mask off. Then, I rinse anything that’s left. Maybe try that to help with the mess? The charcoal bar isn’t messy at all – acts like a soap! I wet my clarisonic, rub the soap directly on the brush, and then also put the soap on my face directly (just anything that’s on my hands from holding the bar). Then I use the clarisonic! It doesn’t get super foamy so sometimes I have to use a little more soap midway through to keep it lathering, if that makes sense!

        Hope that helps!

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