6 Pumpkin Purchases – 4 wins, 2 fails

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I”m one who LOVES all things pumpkin (I’m a total sucker) and I’ve bought way too many pumpkin spice items in the past week. I’m 4 for 6! Here’s what I’ve loved and two misses.

The Trader Joe’s pumpkin butter is way too sweet. I wouldn’t buy it again. I can tolerate it again mixed into oatmeal but if I can’t spread it on toast, I don’t want it. 

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This Quest pumpkin pie protein bar was blah. Just not much flavor and was so hard to bite into and chew. 

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The Trader Joe’s gluten-free pumpkin pancakes were great!! Super quick to mix up and not cloyingly sweet. Big fan! I need to stock up before they’re out of season.

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I saw this Bigelow Pumpkin Spice tea and had to have it. I was bummed when I got home and realized it had caffeine (black tea is the base). But, I’ve actually really enjoyed it in the morning. I wouldn’t say in place of my coffee, but I did have a little less coffee yesterday and had a cup of this instead. 

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Of course when I saw this decaf pumpkin tea, I had to buy it. It’s AWESOME. I’ve been enjoying it before bed when my sweet tooth hits. (Sometimes I just give into some ice cream though–lately I’ve been loving Arctic Zero and Ciao Bella Raspberry Sorbets.)

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Or, I give into my sweet tooth with one of these little bites of heaven. These mini pumpkin ice cream ginger cookie sandwiches are freaking delicious. I never would have bought a box because I don’t tolerate gluten and dairy well but after the Trader Joe’s employee let me try one (he opened a box after I asked him what his favorite pumpkin thing in the store was – TJ’s is the best), I HAD to buy a box to take home. Seriously guys, go find them. They are small so having just one at a time doesn’t cause too much digestive distress and it’s toooootally worth it. 

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What pumpkin things have you been loving lately? Any fails? 

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    21 responses to “6 Pumpkin Purchases – 4 wins, 2 fails”

    1. Ahhh just bought that pumpkin butter for oatmeals. Bummed to hear it’s really sweet! I haven’t tried anything else pumpkin yet- but I am on the hunt for the best pumpkin candle though!

    2. That pumpkin butter I don’t care for as well! Too sweet. I’m glad you have your honest opinion about the quest bar! Now I don’t need to go find it 😉 I actually haven’t had much pumpkin besides a quick bread pumpkin recipe that Ashley posted (food & fitness diaries) that was delicious! But tonight it’s turkey pumpkin chili!

      • I love pumpkin bread!! I need to check her recipe out. My recipe is a pumpkin gingerbread which is great, but sometimes I crave a traditional pumpkin bread.

        Turkey pumpkin chili?? recipe please!!

        Oh, check out RJR’s comment below for a tip to use up the pumpkin butter!

    3. I mostly whip up my own pumpkin treats, but tried the TJ’s pumpkin butter and agree on the far-too-sweet factor. However, I did not see that GF pumpkin pancake mix. I must go back to TJ’s ASAP!

      • If you still have pumpkin butter to use up, check out RJR’s comment about using it with meatballs. Sounds so good!

        I’d love to see links to any of your favorite pumpkin treats! I tend to make the same things over and over! I need to branch out.

    4. You can mix a jar of pumpkin butter and a bottle of Carolina Gold BBQ sauce (also from TJ’s) and use that as a sauce for meatballs. So good! It’s a Trader Joe’s recipe (you can get regular or mini meatballs there, too). They’re a good party snack, but I also send a few in a thermos as part of my kids’ lunch if we have some leftover.

    5. That TJ’s pumpkin tea is so delicious! I discovered it a few years ago and get so excited every year when it comes back out. With some almond milk, it is the perfect sweet treat before bed! Also I’ve been loooving Dunkin Donuts pumpkin spice coffee in the morning! I also tried pumpkin spice latte m&ms and loved them, but then again I live pretty much anything with chocolate!

      • I love the tea with a little honey and almond milk too! PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE M&Ms EXIST?!!? Must find. 🙂

        I haven’t tried DD’s pumpkin spice coffee! Do you get it at their store or do you buy beans for home?

    6. I am so obsessed with those mini pumpkin ice cream sandwiches too! I bought them on a whim and can’t get enough. And, I’ve been on the lookout for a good pumpkin tea, thanks for the suggestions 🙂

    7. Ohh those little sandwiches look dangerous! I just picked up the Bigelow tea a few weeks ago in a different store and I love it. I’m also a fan of the decaf tea you mentioned. I still need to make it to TJ’s for my pumpkin fix… I can’t wait to try that pancake mix!

    8. Ok now I need to go to Trader Joes! I don’t go often because it’s not near my normal grocery store and ain’t nobody got time for that…but those mini ice cream sandwiches are calling my name!! Also, I just looked up that Arctic Zero “ice cream” – I’m like what is in it?? Haha. No sugar, no lactose, no fat…is it actually good?? If it’s true I’m buying some tomorrow 🙂

      • Um, yes you HAVE to get those mini ice cream sandwiches!

        I was SO skeptical of Arctic Zero and the first time I bought it, I thought it was terrible and tasted like science. Then I learned the trick – you HAVE to let it soften about 10 minutes so it’s super creamy. Then it’s amazing. Try it and let me know what you think!!

    9. I’m a pumpkin fanatic, too! I purposely stayed out of Trader Joe’s this year the past couple years I bought a ton of pumpkin stuff there and ended up not being impressed with a lot of it. I actually had that pumpkin butter and chickened out on trying it, so I gave it to a food bank. I’ve been wanting to try that Bigelow tea, but I can never find it anywhere! I bought some pumpkin pasta sauce from Fresh Market last year when it was on sale at the end of the season, but it’s still in my pantry! I need to try it, but just haven’t figured out what to do with it!

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